EvilCraft Release Chaos Sorcerer


Looking for a cool mini to spice up your collection?  If you’re hunting for a spikey villiain – this dude should do nicely!


Chaos Sorcerer $29.03

“Kit contains 27 high quality resin parts for one complete Chaos Sorcerer model. Designed to fit 28mm “heroic” tabletop wargames scale.
Recommended for experienced modelers or collectors.”


Chaos Sorcerer


Chaos Sorcerer


Chaos Sorcerer


Chaos Sorcerer


Chaos Sorcerer


Chaos Sorcerer


Chaos Sorcerer

My favorite bit is the screaming face book – what’s yours?


  • Awesome model! They’ll probably receive a C&D from GW though.

    • linacostaa


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      • Dan

        Fascinating. Do continue…

    • Jake Nolan

      Who are they to say this is THEIR chaos sorcerer though. Screw GW.

    • andrewbeater

      I wonder if this falls into one of the loop holes the Chapterhouse lawsuit opened.

  • iguana1981

    Yeah pretty sweet, 28 pieces though, the backpack alone looks like 5 pieces. i’m crap with greenstuff.

  • WestFargo Dave

    Too busy. Tone it down a bit. He’s dressed to the 9s and has it turned up to 11.

    • Erik Setzer

      Have you seen GW’s latest releases? Some models I just feel like giving up on trying to get everything painted (but I don’t, because I like finished models).

      • WestFargo Dave

        Right. No I hear you.

      • iancmtaylor

        When it takes thirty minutes to trim the mold lines from a Bloodletter’s head…

    • spacemonk

      Best thing is you Can tone it down if you want. Shoulders, backpack, heads, weapons, etc. all look interchangeable with GW parts.
      It has options, and that is what I would want.

  • Mundini

    -Four weapons
    -two heads
    -additional bits
    -lots of detail
    -still cheaper then skaar wrathstorm (or whatever his stupid name was)

    Every day the gap between GW and other miniature producers gets smaller.

    • Necky


  • euansmith

    The Sorcerer’s open hand is a great bit of work.

  • Andrew

    Without getting bogged down in whether or not a company should piggy back on another company’s IP like this, can someone give us a bit of insight as to the legality of producing a model like this. If(when) GW sues what is their case? It seems like Evil Craft believes they will get away with it or else why would they go to all the trouble of designing and selling their product.

    • Arthfael

      I think it also depends where a company is based. A lot of these companies come from Poland, so possibly there is a loophole in Polish legislation (although they are part of the EU so this is strange). At least another is Ukrainian and one Kazakh, which would place them at least partially beyond the reach of GW.

    • Lutharr

      GW dont have a legal leg to stand on. The chapterhouse case showed everyone exactly what can and can not be done before GW can do a C&D or bother with any legal avenues.

    • spacemonk

      I think the only risk is in calling it a ‘Chaos’ Sorcerer.
      The model and bits are safe but he could just call it ‘Evil’ Sorceror to avoid the All-Seeing Eye…

      • theirkin

        I don’t know man, the plasma pistol and backpack seem like they’re a little too similar to GW’s stuff

      • Necky

        Chaos sorcerers were first envisioned by Michael Moorcock, and GW ripped him off.

        • spacemonk

          Aha, that doesn’t surprise me either.

          • Necky

            yep, he came up with the eight pointed star as chaos’ symbol. and he came up with the idea that if you didn’t control the power of chaos, you turned into a mindless beast(chaos spawn)

          • spacemonk

            lol, how do they get away with it?

  • Orodruin

    LOVE THIS! IMO EvilCraft always comes up short on close combat weapons, but the other aspects/components are always top notch.

  • spacemonk

    Brilliant kit, and style, looks like it could be used just for a Lord /Champion aswell.

  • David Leimbach

    Why is this $30???

    • Necky

      the GW equivalent has no options and is $30. I am a GW purist, and I’m buying this for the options. He looks great

      • David Leimbach

        Not sure who told you that. The most expensive GW one is $19.25. By options you mean you’re interested in the axe instead of a staff?

        • Necky

          i guess i was exagerrating, since most single models for characters seem to be pushing into the $30 range, but the knock-off model has different pistols, heads, and staff/axe options are what i was talking about

  • Alexander Slizewski

    Will go great in my Chosen list

  • Rhaen

    Love the option to have him wear a/the Necronomicon!