FFG: Han Solo, Boba Fett & more Revealed for ARMADA


FFG just unveiled a whole bunch of new ships headed to Star Wars Armada for the Empire and Rebels- plus 3 MYSTERIES!

GAMA, the game manufacturer’s tradeshow is going on this last weekend in Las Vegas, and look what FFG had in their display case:

pics via figures.com

First off we get several good shots of the upcoming:

Rogues & Villains Expansion Pack $19.95

Which looks like it includes 8 ships:






Three unknowns (the three ships in the back surrounding the HWK-290)




fantasyflight11 fantasyflight12


Imperial Raider Expansion Pack $19.95

Looks to the new Raider class escort designed by FFG and approved by Disney is moving over to Armada from X-Wing.





Then (along with the above pictures we get the previously seen Imperial and Rebel big ships:

Imperial II Star Destroyer Expansino Pack $49.95

Mon Cal Home One Expansion Pack $39.95

Mon Cal MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack $29.95 




Also note that all of these models are early production models that are unpainted, so the quality should really shoot up when they get closer to release.  I also would not be surprised to see those 3 new unidentified small ships to make their way to X-Wing in future waves.  They already have the digital files…


Go see more images at Figures.com

So Star Wars fanatics – what the heck are those three mystery small ships?

  • Ross Allan

    One is ‘Punishing One’ which is Dengar’s ship. Another is ‘Hounds Tooth’ which is Bossk’s ship.

    • Hannoveraner


    • DoctorHam

      The third one, to the right of the HWK-290, is Nym’s ship, the Havoc.

  • EmpBobo

    The one in the back middle is the hwk 290 I think.

  • Hannoveraner

    While the small ships are a nice touch, I am much more glad to see the MonCals and ISDs.

    Time to put more money in the Armada bin.

  • darthpuyang

    ahhh yeah Imperial class Star Destroyer

  • Talos2

    I really want this, but I think ad mech are going to be destroying the wallet for a while, so it will have to wait

  • dup3

    Is that a Havoc in the top right?

  • Matt C

    Shipping Fiscal year 2017.

  • Ben Valle

    think the price for australia is sitting at 160 from what our retailers are saying

  • Benderisgreat

    Next to the Imperial-class, that little Victory class looks like a cheap K-Mart imitation with extra “so we don’t get sued” bits stuck onto it….

  • Deathwing

    That raider class looks fantastic. I cant wait to get a small battle fleet of this stuff.

  • Chris Colgan

    So I’m seeing the bounty hunter ships in Armada. Does that mean they’ll be showing up in X-Wing soon? I really really REALLY want to be able to field a bunch of the bounty hunters together in one list for an epic game.