Infinity: Haqqislam & Combine Unboxing


These are the awesome kits Corvus Belli released for Infinity.  Just beautiful!

Combined Starter

First up we have one that was really turning some heads, this new combined army starter pack


We have the usual six models.



Would you look at this guy? This is one of those models that gets people to jump factions – maybe even start a whole new minis game. When a Sith Inquisitor isn’t a big enough badass you need him.


You’ll see this for roughly six seconds after this dude cuts your head off and starts walking the other way.


And since sometimes it’s just easier to shoot them, here’s a Maakrep Tracker with an HMG.

005That’s a nice coat.


Nowhere on the battlefield is safe when one of these Trihedrons could come screaming out of the sky.


So are these guys like Dark Tohaa? The horns and outfits have me wondering if there might be a connection.


For the cheerleaders we have three of these batroids. Although maybe it’s mean to call them that.
Their plasma ammo is pretty nasty after all.


These aren’t the first batroids we’ve seen, although they are the first line troops.
The Ikadron has been around for awhile providing cheap orders to Morat armies.

Kasym Beg

Man why don’t any of the factions I play get cool bikes like this?


Here are all the pieces he comes in.


This guy knows what to do with that sword. You’re looking at a model with a cc value of 23.



Although if you want to kill a lot of guys at once then you’ll want to use the Chain Rifle.



And the bike. I’m sure you can spot the smoke launcher. I’ve seen lots of “ripped off of GW” comments on this site over the years, so before you go there, maybe think about googling pictures of actual military smoke launchers. There are real ones that look just like this.


And the other angle of the bike just in case you needed to see it.

~ What do you guys think of this latest batch of models. Non Infinity players, are there any in here cool enough to make you want to finally try this game out?

  • Harrower

    They are indeed Tohaa (the Trihedrons and some others in the new CA list). They are the part of the race that joined the EI instead of resisting. Fluff is in the rulebook 🙂

    • Gentle_Ben

      I’ll get around to reading it one of these days.

  • Morgrim

    The main thing holding me back from Infinity is that I couldn’t find a faction whose models I liked and whose fluff did not actively repel me.

    Apparently I need to go looking into the Combined Army fluff, because wow.

    • GulMek

      The best part is how ambiguous they make the factions… the combined army comes across as the agressive expansion force that tells new races “join us,or you’re against us.” And the concensus across the human sphere is that once you join they take away your individuality and force you to do their bidding, which is the opposite of what the .CA claims. So one of the tohaa trihedrons broke off… and nothing has really changed in their society, which make some wonder how bad they actually are.

      Combined player for about 18 months 😀
      these are some of the best models to hit the faction too… i can’t stop buying the new models these guys are producing

      • GulMek

        The other side of the coin is the last expansion book gave us a named character from another race that the combined army nanite-brainwashed