Khorne Daemonkin ARRIVE!


Khorne’s Rage is here!  Come look at all the bloody goodies from the Brass Throne – coming to butcher your budget!


Codex: Khorne Daemonkin $49.50

This 120-page hardback Codex details the forces of the Khorne Daemonkin –warbands of Khornate Chaos Space Marines who summon Daemons of Khorne to fight with them in the mortal universe. This book includes:

– Blood for the Blood God – detailing the background of Khorne’s infernal legions and their fighting structure, the history of 6 specific Daemonkin warbands, their colour schemes and iconography. A timeline of key events since the end of the Horus Heresy and background of all of the unit types that form the Daemonkin.
– Warriors of Khorne – a showcase of beautifully painted Khorne miniatures.
– Forces of the Daemonkin – detachment rules that enable you to create a battle-forged army, datasheets for all the characters and unit types in the Codex, including the Lord of Skulls and five formation datasheets for fielding specific combinations of miniatures.
– Also included are army special rules, new warlord traits, the Bloodtithe table, 6 tactical objectives and wargear specifically for Khorne Daemonkin.


Skulltaker Edition $165

Limited to only 888 individually numbered copies, this beautifully designed edition is a must for any collector. Presented in a magnetically sealed box is a copy of Codex: Khorne Daemonkin and wallet containing a specially designed set of Tactical Objective cards, a set of 6 brass-effect Tactical Objective Markers and 15 metal skull-shaped wound markers. The Codex itself features a black gilt page edging, whilst the unique number appears on the inside of the box.

eBook edition $34.99


Datacards: Khorne Daemonkin $12.50

This set of Datacards contains nine large-format cards detailing the eight Blood For The Blood God! Rewards and a further card explaining how to use them. Also included is a full set of 36 Khorne Daemonkin Tactical Objectives cards, including the 6 unique Tactical Objectives from Codex: Khorne Daemonkin.


and the bundles:



Daemonkin Warband $230

This boxed set contains 37 Citadel miniatures, including: 1 Citadel Finecast Herald of Khorne, 12 Khorne Berzerkers, 10 Chaos Space Marines, 5 Possessed, 3 Bloodcrushers of Khorne, 5 Chaos Space Marines Terminators, 1 Helbrute and 5 Chaos Space Marine Transfer Sheets.

Khorne Slaughtercult $429

This web bundle contains 92 plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 1 Khorne Bloodthirster, 36 Khorne Bezerkers, 30 Bloodletters of Khorne, 5 Possessed, 2 Chaos Spawn and 20 Cultists.


Quick Question: Do you really want to be a Chaos Cultist in an organzation that calls itself a “Slaughtercult”?


Just saying…

  • nurglespuss

    Looks fun, I see no new berserkers yet though….

    • Sonny Boy

      Because there aren’t any (and nobody outside of BoLS-fake-rumours said there would be)

      • D. B.

        Besides, why do people keep clamouring for new Berzerkers? These models can still hold their own (dynamic and fully compatible with other sprues), and there’s always the FW upgrade kit if you’re extra choosy.

        It’s the metal/Finecast cult units I’d worry about.

        • Malisteen

          Honestly, the poses and proportions are goofy, the rivets over sized, the giant hand gloves (worn over their armored gloves for some reason?) look ridiculous, and all the detail in general is just weird and chunky.

          These models, while not the worst still in the game, and certainly more serviceable than the hybrid kits, are super outdated. Honestly, I’d have a hard time justifying the time spent painting and assembling them, let alone the money buying them. Especially after the DV chosen were released and showed us all what CSMs should be.

          • An_Enemy

            Considering what GW is putting out nowadays…you really think redone Berserkers would look less goofy?

          • Malisteen

            Based on the dark vengence models and the plastic raptor box? Absolutely.

      • Jordan Cafolla

        Those fantasy khorne worshippers would work too

  • rockdeity

    I don’t grok this. What army is it? Daemons, CSM, or its own thing, or what?

    • Ryan Coggin

      I think the army is just Chaos: Khorne. So all Chaos together, specific to Khorne

      • Moik

        All 40k chaos, or ALL chaos like in 2nd Ed.?

        My minotaurs attack the landraider with their las-horns!

        • Erik Setzer

          All the 40K units in Codex: CSM and Codex: CD that were Khorne or could be marked Khorne are mashed into one book (with the Lord of Skulls tossed in from Escalation/Apocalypse).

          • Moik

            No vehicles?

          • Erik Setzer

            The army category on the GW site has: Land Raider; Defiler; Heldrake; Forgefiend; Maulerfiend; Soul Grinder; Skull Cannon; Helbrute; Blood Throne; Rhino. So pretty much all the ones you’d expect. (Actually, I think that’s all of them except the other Daemon chariots.)

            There’s Bikers, Possessed, Terminators, basic CSM, Berzerkers, Raptors, all the Daemons you can shake a stick at. No Obliterators, but that’s not really any kind of surprise. No Mutilators, either (same point, basically).

        • Hannoveraner

          Beastmen, Kultists and Khorne-traitor guard would have beend great.

    • LordRao

      The idea is that this faction, if you will, generates counters for every unit that dies, incl. friendlies (Blood for the etc.). These can then be spent to enhance the killing power of the other units. It’s supposedly an attempt at making melee units/armies more playable in this edition.
      Yeah, I know…

      • Shawn

        melee unites/armies made more playable certainly gets my approval. Hopefully they can do some of that for Codex Marines.

        • 6Cobra

          Oh don’t worry… knowing GW all Loyalist Marines will get an even better version of it in the next Codex.

      • “Forces of the Daemonkin – detachment rules that enable you to create a battle-forged army, datasheets for all the characters and unit types in the Codex, including the Lord of Skulls and five formation datasheets for fielding specific combinations of miniatures.”

        This sounds to me like we’re going to have some actual rules and stat-lines in this book. This makes me pretty happy.

        Will they be copy/pastes of the old unit entries or will they buff them?

        I dunno if the plan here is to make melee viable, but it seems like a cool and fluffy way of making Khorne fun to play, while getting stronger as the battle progresses.

      • I can already envision the other 3 Chaos books now..

        Tzeentch: you gain a token for every unit killed with psychic powers…

        Nurgle: you gain a token for every unit you infect.

        Slaanesh, you gain a token for every unit that you “kill” in assault…

        • ZeeLobby

          I REALLY hope Khorne are the only ones who get tokens. The whole point of getting tokens is to make up for the lack of psykers and to hopefully make them playable as a CC army. Plus making combo armies with 2/3, all of whome generate different tokens, sounds like a logistical nightmare.

          • Malisteen

            Looking at the token rules, they seem neat and fluffy, but on they’re own they aren’t going to make these guys playable, as a CC army or otherwise. So I’m hoping there’s more to them then that.

          • ZeeLobby

            Of course, which is what I’m hoping the relics and/or formations/detachments do

        • TweetleBeetle

          The other three aren’t going to be like that at all.

        • Andrew Thomas

          Funny, neither Plague Marines nor Noise Marines really need a gimmick to be effective, being some of the best MEQs in the game, although a way to get more Blast Masters and Doom Sirens without getting taxed 10 bodies would be nice, as would adding those to vehicles and other units.

          • Tesq

            Plague cost too much, 10 csm are better and still have 2 heavy weapon
            Noise are good but you lack ap2 weapon, ap3 will lead you nowhere.
            ATM the only good elites are terminators

          • Andrew Thomas

            Why, apart from using Crimson Slaughter, would you run them as Elites? And AP 3 isn’t useless, especially in a unit that is Fearless, can be ObSec, and goes before most enemies in assault.

      • Andrew Thomas

        Do they grant assault grenades, or stronger invulnerable saves, ’cause that would do it. I don’t buy the implications you make, though.

        • LordRao

          I, if you read carefully, am not making any implications. Thank you for commenting.
          I’ve not read the book, so I can’t answer your questions.

      • euansmith


    • dakota5X5

      it’s the army of many tables! chaos rewards, daemonic instability, tactical objectives, and now the bloodtithe table! because nothing says chaos like rolling lots of dice each round to find out what your army is doing

      • Andrew Thomas

        If only the CSM card packs came with a deck of Chaos Rewards, it wouldn’t be so much Tablehammer.

  • Kveldulf


  • Jaidyn

    I like all the new models they released … wait uhhh i mean nvrmd lol

    • Paul Applebaum

      Like the new Bloodthirster?

  • Necky

    Who does the herald of Khorne join?

    • Erik Setzer

      If they don’t change the rule about Daemons only being able to join Daemon units, he’s likely going to be leading those Bloodletters.

  • If ever there was a sure sign that GW’s releases have outpaced their creative team’s ability to generate new content, or that they have run COMPLETELY out of ideas… this is it.

    I get that variety is good, but… couldn’t you already run EXACTLY this by using multiple detachments from C:SM and C:CD?

    • TweetleBeetle

      No, you couldn’t. Not with the army wide benefits, formations and detachments this book will provide. Also, players are getting exactly what they wanted, which is to say, the four deity-specific Legions!

      The best part? No rumor mongers had this on the radar even a few months ago. I know several of them, and actually like it when their arrogant asses are wrong.

      • BrianDavion

        actually I had heard a rumor of this a few months back

      • Cary Gould

        Actually the Chaos God specific books were rumors over a year ago, just no specifics came out for it like the details we have now.

        • Jordan Cafolla

          Chaos god specific books were mentioned as in the works by Jervis Johnson… 10 years ago

      • Malisteen

        God-specific books have been wish-listed and fake-rumored for ages, but actual rumors of a khorne supplement didn’t show up until a month or two ago, when we started hearing more details about the bloodthirster release for end times.

        I’m happy to see alignment specific books/supplements, but really would have preferred to see them done after some serious revisions to C:CD and C:CSM, as those books have serious issues that this alignment book is now more likely to cement than it is to fix.

        • Orodruin

          Yep, agreed. What’s worse is that it seems likely that codex CSM will not be updated for 7th edition. They wouldn’t release this book if they planned to do so, in my mind.

          • Tesq

            1-2 month? it was from 1 years ago, it was even front image for the codex online.

          • Orodruin


  • dubhgilla

    Wouldn’t just be easier to get your Tzeentch mates to summon? The rate that my opponent kills my daemons this could be a really nasty combo.

  • Spacefrisian

    But the real question, does it contain Berzerkers on Juggernauts?

    • latro990

      they are promothing it with blood crushers.. i doubt it

    • Malisteen

      No. The only new model is the new Bloodthirster, and they really want you to buy a few, between new rules for it, formations that use it, summonable from the table, summonable from an axe, etc.

  • kevindancey

    do you remember in the way back when, there was a GW codex which let you have a world eater and khrone daemon army? It’s was call codex chaos space marine released back in 2002. Well done GW it’s taken 13 years to get back there to a good idea!

  • latro990

    There is something about that laminate emobsses codex cover they do these days that just makes you wanna buy and lick it… only when you open the pages and start to read the rules do you wanna punch a small child in the face.

    • latro990

      hah i’m hungover, punching small children in the face was to far even for me… maybe an elephant, they can take it.

      • spacemonk

        Small skulls for the skull throne!

      • LordRao

        Lick an elephant? Sorry dude, your mind is warped…

  • RexScarlet

    Recycle, Reuse, Repeat…
    Well the bundles were evidently decided upon MORE than a few months back ala FailCa$t Herald, lol………..

  • Aezeal

    Well at least I know I need to save cash to play WE in the 9th edition.
    – 9th edition rulebook
    – 9th edition Elves book
    -9th edition Woodelves detachement book
    And because if you want to play a bit competative you’ll need some other stuff too.
    – 9th edition Dark Elves Detachement
    -9th edition High Elves Detachement
    -9th Dwarven detachement
    -9th human warmachines detachement
    -9th magic lore cards
    -9th ADDITIONAL bonus detachements for woodelves on data slates.

    • Malisteen

      If you think Wood Elves will even be a thing in 9th edition, you’re a far more optimistic person than I.

      • Tesq

        if both of you think that woods elf will still exist in 9th …:P

  • Will Frank

    I can only hope they don’t drop the ball on this like they have the Supplements – make one, and walk away. While, Khorne is cool, I would like to see these for all four gods.

    But then, while I’m wish listing, let’s add Supplements Tanith First & Only, Speed Freaks, Samm Hain and Ulthwe there too…

  • spacemonk

    If it turns out there really are no new Berzerker models then I’ll buy some of those Evil Craft Chaos Marines and add Forgeworld parts – rather than yet more of the old plastics…

    • Malisteen

      The evilcraft marines and FW world eater conversion kits are pretty good, though you’re still stuck with oversized chaos backpacks (the backpacks, more than anything, I can’t tolerate after the DV set showed us what chaos marines should be). Puppetswar’s barbarian armors, while a little more divergent from the GW marine look, are also pretty quality.

  • Tesq

    no need deamonic instability, probably you will be able to mix units, cos it’s a codex of khorne so all unit’s will be able to join togheter ( juggy lord with bloodcrusher, it will happen finaly)