Khorne Daemonkin: Codex Review


Khorne demands blood, and this book is all about spilling it! Come see the newest codex up close.

Releasing this weekend is the new Daemonkin codex, and it’s a beast (literally). There is so much you can do with this book one short review and video will barely scratch the surface.


Checking in at 120 pages we have our first ‘faction’ codex for the Chaos Space Marines, chock full of new wargear and rules for that big nasty Bloodthister kit from a few weeks ago!

Nearly half of the book is fluff and showcase pictures of painted miniatures, the rest is all datasheets and new rules which is good for us.



Overall it introduces a few new mechanics such as the Blood Host detachment that works like the Necron Decurion, Fearless Daemons, and the Blood Tithe systems that lets you apply effects to your Daemonkin en masse.

There is also several ways to summon free units most notabley with the Blood Tithe, but also if the bearer of the Axe of Ruin is killed as well.

The Blood Host Detachment is very tactically flexible and includes seven different formations that you can field as part of that OR as formations separately in a Combined Arms Detachment army.

Get close enough to spill blood in my first look video review! If you love our videos, why not click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to our channel?

  • Aezeal

    Since this is a mostly text website.. could someone maybe summarize the neverending movie I’m not going to watch and put in the text?

    • It’s usually the other authors of the website who post mainly text articles. Rob’s posts usually include one of his videos and a bit of text (with several links to his own blog or forum thrown in)

      • Aezeal

        Well.. I prefer text over 12 minutes of video myself. I’m just not going to watch it. A summary would be preferable IMHO.

        • I think a text summary and a video would be pretty awesome then everyone is happy.

          • Aezeal

            If there was a text summary you’d not hear me complain about the video 😀

          • dubhgilla

            The guy goes to the trouble of making a video review and thats not good enough for you?

          • Shiwan8

            It’s 12 minutes that could have been a sentence: Codex Daemonkin is a money grab composed mainly of pictures of miniatures, maybe 20% of it are things needed in games and even that has been copy pasted from codex CSM and codex Daemons which do better at doing Codex Daemonkins job than codex daemonkin can ever do.

          • dubhgilla

            I preferred his 12 minute video to your 5 second bitchfest.

          • Shiwan8

            Dude, I feel sorry for you. You think the truth is a bitchfest, so your life is just a bitchfest unless you live a lie.

            Anyway, my 5 second “bitchfest” tells the truth about the situation. The codex holds nothing new and 90% of the changes make things worse than they were.

    • dubhgilla

      If your to lazy to watch a 12 minute movie, why should anyone want to help you?

      • Because we’re on BoLS, not youtube?

        • dubhgilla

          Yeah your right, BOLS is populated with self entitled whiners like you. Maybe one of them will help you out.

  • LordKrungharr

    It would be good the hear the special rules for each of the little formations. The decision gets the 4+ RP roll for models in it plus the special rules for each formation within it. I assume it’s the same with the daemon kin? Though the only really good things I’ve read about this book are no instability and a way to field a lord of skulls without being a lord of war.

    • Badtucker

      if you have the points – you could field 8 lord of skulls in an army… 😉

      • Aezeal

        Is that gonna win against a (balanced) army of equal points in a competative setting?

        • ZeeLobby

          I doubt any of what is in the book will win against anything… It’s a CC army. No CC army dominates right now. Even the powerhouse CC deathstars work best at just holding things up, having large footprints and not dying…

        • Shiwan8

          Will not.

      • Mr.Gold

        if not then 8 soul grinders, and 2 bloodthirsters, should do you…

        • Badtucker

          well given the points of an average game / the compulory model tax to alow you to use this option you wont see 8 LoSkulls much haha! more likely to see multiple maulerfiends and such though

  • Michael Linke

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but a few things jumped out at me as different or odd:

    Artefacts of Slaughter: A character can only pick ONE of these!

    Apotheosis: Your character keeps his Gifts of Khorne, his Artefact of Slaughter and his warlord trait when he “becomes” a daemon Prince.

    Terminator Champions: they don’t have access to Melee weapons and Ranged weapons wargear lists and therefor don’t have access to the Axe of Khorne (which allows AP 2 at Initiative). CSM Aspiring Champions, Berserker Champions, Biker Champions and Raptor Champions CAN take the axe of Khorne.

    • Mr.Gold

      just take a chaos lord in the squad of terminators and give him the Axe of Khorne, and the Skull Helm of Khorne… CHOP!!

      • Shiwan8

        Think of the cost and the real amount of benefits. That thing is killed before it reaches it’s target.

    • amaximus167

      GW really hates the CSM Terminators, I think.

    • Count Yayula

      The axe of khorne is awful anyway, AP2 sure is nice, but at S4? with only 2 attacks?, It’s a 0.5 wound statistically against a MEQ, 1 full wound if you get the charge for the rage rule. For something that is 5 pts more then a PF? Nop.

      • Jeff

        Now put him on a lord with a lightning claw and suddenly you’ve got 7 attacks on the charage, AP 2, ID on 6’s….all for 5 pts more than a normal power axe, and not deing a daemon weapon?

        • Count Yayula

          It is 15 points more than a normal power axe. But yeah on the Lord it is an ok choice because of the ID, you get 6 attaques on the charge, 7 if on a juggy which I’m assuming you considered. Comboing it with a LC maket it a really expensive wargear, since you won’t really be using the LC, 45 points is almost 50% more of the bare bones cost.

  • Shiwan8

    Has anyone else noticed that this is a 6th edition codex released now, almost a year after 7th edition?