Mantic: Welcome to Deadzone!


Today we bring you up to speed with Mantic Game’s ever expanding Deadzone universe and series of games:  Let’s go Soldier!

Take it away Nottingham:

Deadzone is the science fiction miniatures game where two Strike Teams do battle in a war-torn urban battlezone.

In Deadzone, you will build your force from deadly soldiers and powerful heroes. Across one-off games or a linked campaign, your squad will grow in number and experience, earning special abilities and new equipment.

Deadzone is played on an interactive 3D gaming board built using the innovative hard plastic Battlezones Terrain Tiles. These tiles are fully modular, simply use the connectors and click the pieces together. No glue required.



The Deadzone: Infestation kickstarter has given rise to an updated edition of the rules and plenty of great miniatures. In the first of our focuses on what’s being made, first up, we tackle the Hardback Deadzone Core Rulebook.

What is it?

The Deadzone Hardback Core Rulebook is the ultimate guide to playing Deadzone. It features an in-depth background section, Core and Advanced Rules, a new campaign section and army lists.

It will include a new Force Organisation chart, and all the essential core rules, abilities and equipment from the previous Deadzone expansions.


This book will be written and laid out in a logical order for learning the game and for quick reference. It will means that with Deadzone, you’ll be able play rapid-fire one-off games with forces of around 5-15 miniatures or a deep campaign across a weekend or several weeks.

We’ve put all of this into a glorious hardback form, making it a genuine collector’s piece and a hardcore hobby product that fans can be proud of owning.

Deadzone: Infestation Mission Pack

The Hardback Deadzone Core Rulebook is all about playing games of Deadzone, whilst the Infestation Mission Pack is all about playing in the Exham IV Deadzone where the bleeding sickness outbreak and the high numbers of Veer-myn have triggered Containment Protocol.


Featuring new rules for playing on Exham IV and new campaign missions set on the industrialized red planet, this soft cover book will further expand the history and background of the Warpath universe.

The Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter is now on.

  • Jared Swenson

    I’m backing. I resisted deadzone for too long and I finally want to give it a chance. This KS is a great way to get in on it at a good price.

    • euansmith

      Mantic KS tend to be a bit crazy as more and more stuff pours in. The only thing I would caution about though is the size of the minis; the normal humans are a more in line with Infinity scale rather than GW chunky monkey scale. Their Marauders (Orkz) are a good match for GW minis and the Enforcers are a fraction taller than GW Marines; though with more realistic proportions. I’m only raising this if, like me, you struggle to paint little minis 😉

      • petrow84

        True dat, so I was especially surprised by the proportion of the Plague Stage 1. That thing’s like the size of an old Daemon Prince, and could easily ‘eadbutt a Conteptor dread. Heck, even Stage 2s are as big as a broodlord!

        I’m really curious about the size of the Veer-Myn minis.

  • Zethnar

    It really feels like they’ve released this at the wrong time. The Myth kickstarter is still going (and going strong), we’ve just had the Conan kickstarter and they held their Kings of War kickstarter not all that long ago (and very recently opened up the pledge manager for it). Compared to their previous efforts, and to other recent kickstarters, Infestation seems to be doing rather poorly. We’ve barely passed the now standard “Content intentionally removed from the box so we can have a bunch of early stretch goals” stage and we’re almost half way through the funding period.

    Of course, all this could be by intent. It’s possible they don’t want another monster kickstarter in their backlog, not when they have yet to deliver on Dungeon Saga and Kings of War (not to mention finish up the last few parts of Dreadball Xtreme). Plus they did only give this one two weeks to fund in, rather than the usual 30 days.

    • euansmith

      I think that blitzstarters (two week kickstarters) are kind of the new black on kickstarer. I guess they get rid of a couple of weeks of slow to moderate growth in the middle of the campaign and focus of the faster funding in the opening and closing hours of the pledge period.

      • Zethnar

        Hm, I didn’t think of that, but its a good point. Plus, even with the larger starting and ending funding it won’t blow ridiculously overbudget like a full length kickstarter could.

        Still, it would have been nice to see something other than more Enforcers in the core box.

  • Blackhide77

    I can’t express how much fun I have with this game, it’s scenery and its models!! Please back this project: believe me, you won’t regret it!