No HQ choice? – Harlequin Tips & Tactics II

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No HQ Choice? No worries! Checkout some tactics for playing and allying Harlequins.

In this review we cover the Harlequin units themselves AND their formations, which seems to be the only way to ‘ally’ them because they are sans a HQ choice. But don’t get it twisted, you can always field them as their ‘Masque Detachment’ regardless too.

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  • George

    It’s not the lack of hq that hurts the ability to ally with them, it’s the absurd amount of manditory units that does it.

    • Glenn Jeffrey

      Thank you. I am glad I am not the only one you thinks that. I am very surprised that there is no Formation that is just 1 of all the units (1 Troupe, 1 Skyweaver unit, 1 Voidweaver & 1 of each of the 3 characters).
      I am also a little ticked that there is no way to run Skyweavers without a Voidweaver or vise-versa. And no way to run a Solitare without either 600+ points of other stuff, or to have a Shadowseer & Death Jester that have little purpose but to either hide, or get shot and die.

      • Chris Maile

        There is a formation for just a troupe and deathjester/shadowseer which will cost about 205+ pts ,if they had a hq you would spend over 100 points to unlock the allied detachment. Just give up on battle forged and take them unbound.

        • Glenn Jeffrey

          I will never play Unbound…ever. I’ll take a dozen detachments if it gets me what I need, but never Unbound…or Come the Apoc allies (just doesn’t feel right, ever with a good theme).
          I have no issue with my opponent playing Unbound, however. I just like structure for myself

      • flyingtam

        Or you could, ya know, play Unbound and run nothing but Solitares. Wouldn’t that be interesting? 1500 points of Solitares… LOL

        You make a good point though. Why no HQ’s? GW over sight, or some actual, inexplicable logic behind it? Only GW knows, and I’m pretty sure we will never find out.

        • The Basement Gamer

          The background does bear it out a bit. Harlequins are a collection of equals basically that somehow innately work together harmoniously without a command structured of any kind.

          • benn grimm

            Even if that were true, which it isn’t, there are 4 different profiles for infantry in this book; Solitaire, Jester, Troupe leader/Seer and the players…not so equal after all…

        • josh kendall

          Solitaires are unique. You can only have one.

          • pskontz

            really nothing to do with the conversation but having unique solitairs than I noticed GWs big harliquin deal has 2. thought it was a bit funny

        • venomoushydra

          They used no HQ for the Legion of the Damned mini-dex as well.

        • Glenn Jeffrey

          Solitare is Unique, so even in Unbound you can only ever field 1

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        Hide? Get the Shadow seer wearing the mask of secrets within twelve inches of a unit then psychic shriek them into oblivion (I took out a full Ork bike squad with this) and if there are any left shoot the DJ at them so they take a test with -4.

      • benn grimm

        It’s just dumb, money grab shenanigans, where it was really unnecessary. You could run way of heroes or path of heroes or whatever its dumb name is, looks pretty cool (as long as you arent playing tau/IG or Eldar) best way to include the ‘characters’ without a massive tacked on load of stuff you don’t want imo.

        • endbuster

          Why doesn’t it look cool if you’re playing Tau or Eldar? Too Cheesy?

          • benn grimm

            Mainly the massive amounts of ignore cover, kind of renders the formation somewhat useless, 300 ish points for 3 models which will die in one volley from a serpent, guard under orders, or anything with marker light support and can’t hide in units.

        • Glenn Jeffrey

          Oh I will definetly play the Character formation as it looks fun. I just want my Shadowseer in a unit. Even with steath, shroud & Veil (which is a waste of Warp charge for just the Shadowseer, but necessary), she is pretty vulnerable.
          I do want to try out a “Eldar Super Friends” list with the Harlie character formation plus an Autach on jetbike with Mantle and an Archon w/ Shadowfield in Venom

          • benn grimm

            For me, using them with Craftworld or DE allies is the only real way to go, I’ve been wracking my brain to think of combos where Harlies only would be viable, but the lack of ob seq, plus the total lack of decent reliable AT kind of means they have to bring friends. Bit of a shame, but hey I can still paint the allies in bright colours and diamonds… 😉

    • Chris Maile

      I believe this will be the trend with mini dexes. No easy allying for a single powerful unit or hq. I’d imagine this should cut out much cheese and provide a more balanced game with allies. Look to the inquision to be more restricted in the future, so you can’t just take coteaz and a few servo skulls

    • Bergs

      im newer to 7thed can you explain why the lack of HQ effects the ability to Allie with them or theorritically does? I am able to fit the 3 Troops, 2 Fast 1 Heavy mandatory in about 1200pts with transports and solid wargear, that leavings 650ish points (local norm is 1850) for an allied detachment.

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        It’s the Allied detachment that requires 1 troop 1 HQ and gives you access to 1 of each other choice. You have this alongside a Primary detachment that has the old Force Organisation plus Lord of War and fortification. Much better to take one of the Harlequin formations.

        • Bergs

          So I can take the Harelquin Book org (3 Troop, 2 Fast, 1 Heavy) as my Combined Arms Detachment and then take say an Eldar Allied Detachment of Avatar, Crimson Hunter, Rangers, and Wraithknight? I couldn’t find a reason why not but I have not played 40k since the middle of 5th edition.

          • Me

            It will not be a combined arms detachment (CADs come with special benefits that this won’t get), but I think it can be your primary. This would allow you to take the Eldar as an allied detachment (even an Eldar CAD). I am still newish to this stuff as well – and could be very wrong, but that is the way I understand it.

          • Bergs

            Gotcha. thanks. I cant wait to watch these videos later, ive been enjoying playing the killer clowns

          • foulestfeesh13 .

            Please don’t call harlequins clowns they are not the same thing.

          • benn grimm

            He didn’t, he called them killer clowns. Short I’m guessing for ‘killer ninja space clowns of death’…)

          • Commissar Molotov
          • benn grimm

            Wow, haha, cheers, this is my favourite thing I have seen today! 🙂

          • Brettila

            “Hello, McFly…”

          • foulestfeesh13 .

            Your right the harlequin masque detachment can be your primary. You can then take any other detachments or formations for your army and still be battle forged.

          • A.P.

            that explains the Avatar 😉

          • Adam Richard Corrigan

            You can, although it will not be a combined arms detachment it will still be your Primary detachment and has it’s own command benefits including being able to run and charge in the same turn(from turn 2) which is fantastic. As a side note I would drop the Crimson Hunter and go for a Hemlock as it combines with Harlequin abilities for some serious psychology affecting attacks.

          • Bergs

            I do not have an eldar dex. I had heard the crimson hunter is a solid armor popper. I will admit my harlequins with eldars had to trim all my elites, but i felt it was a noble sacrifice to add 3 heavy hitters.

          • Adam Richard Corrigan

            Oh it is. Tryout Battlescribe(program to download,) you can build army lists on there and it shows you the basic stats of everything.

          • Bergs

            yes i have Bscribe (thanks for all the advice). I wont be exploring allies for sometime i need to relearn 40k and paint my harlequins first.

  • Sh4d0wProph3t

    Someone needs to take MBG to one side and explain what ‘tips and tactics’ means.

  • Chris Maile

    If somebody wants just skyweavers-Take the formation of 2xskyweaver and a void Weaver. .That is a 75 point tax if you didn’t want the voidweaver as opposed to a 150ish point tax if they had a HQ for an allied detachment. It’s not entirely flexible without the HQ but im not buying its more points to get what you want. People are saying they want a solitaire, but an allied detachment would still more than the character formation of DJ;SS and solitaire unless the solitaire was a HQ which in my opinion would be wrong

  • Kevin Ryan

    One quibble I have. When there describing the ‘Jest’ formation they mention that the troupe can’t take a transport. As a dedicated transport it a squad upgrade on top of the fact the starweaver isn’t specifically mentioned in any of the formations.

  • hokiecow

    So the Holo-field is different than Eldar and the Starweaver capacity of 6 (what everyone originally thought the Venom would have and should have) and the Venom is 5; even though they are the same vehicle. Maybe changes for both armies we can expect to come or they are just trying to differentiate the armies. I hold they keep things simple and keep them inline with each other.