All The Special Rules? – Harlequin Tips & Tactics

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Need some special rules? The Harlequins got you covered. Checkout these tactics for playing and equipping the new Harlequins!


In this review we cover the Harlequin wargear and special rules. You’ll notice that some of the special pieces of wargear are restricted to specific characters you can have up to SEVEN of some of those characters in a Harlequin army regardless.

Plus these sort of restrictions may indicate some great play-testing on the part of Games Workshop themselves.

Want special rules? The Harlequins have access to Stealth, Shroud, d3 Hammer of Wraths, Hit and Run, plus fleet just to name a few. BUT their biggest boon maybe their abilities to reduce leadership values of their enemies a myriad of different ways. The combos here are still unfolding IMHO, however the missing piece to the Codex puzzle maybe weather to field them on foot, mechanized, or a combo of both.

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  • George

    You guys need to reread the rule for Adaptive Tactics for Nemesor Zahndrekh. It gives VERY specific tables that you’re able to choose from (specifically Pg 112 of the Necron codex, and any Warlord Traits table in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules (meaning the rulebook itself))

    • eMtoN

      When I heard them talking about this on their podcast I thought, “that can’t be right”. And, well, it isn’t. They are normally dead on but this is total reading comprehension failure.

      • Tynskel

        I am confused by this statement about being ‘dead on’.

        I’ve found that there’s a least 1 rules mistake every video/article.

        • nonafel

          Most of that comes from them going to tourneys that change the damn rules to make X more powerful, also some of them honestly don’t understand the game, they simply copy a list and play.

  • Zingbaby

    Mr. Tumnus and Brienne of Tarth missed a few this time…

  • Bhazakhain

    Would be interested to hear if there is a definitive answer yet instead of just majority opinion on whether the Solitaire can use the caress and still has to use 1D6 as a kiss of death attack.

    • Kaptain Badrukk

      No. The ‘Kiss of Death’ special rule is granted as part of the weapon’s profile and therefore when you are not using the weapon to attack (and the rules clearly state you have to pick when you have 2 different weapon profiles) you do no get to use the rule.
      That’s just from reading the clearly defined rules for using two weapons in the rulebook. I don’t see how it was ever a question.
      And yes, I do have a Quinns army.

      • Bhazakhain

        Ah yeah, well aware of the ‘choose which weapon’ rule and I had originally assumed that was how it worked, but then after seeing the rule leaks then the codex, the wording for the Caress states ‘attacks made by this weapon…’ but wording for the Kiss and Embrace states ‘a model equipped with this weapon…’. Majority opinion on boards like Dakka seem to point towards an ability granted to the model by being equipped with the item. They also state things like how Eldrad’s Staff of Ulthamar grants him abilities that apply to him (Spiritlink) because he is equipped by the weapon and not because he is using it. The rules for the Kiss say that a model equipped with it will have one attack as a kiss of death attack but when using the Caress but still eqipped with a Kiss it becomes a bit confusing.

        Interesting argument that requires an FAQ I think.

        • Kaptain Badrukk

          I really don’t agree. PG41 of the rulebook clearly states that you can’t mix and match the abilities of two different weapons. It’s spelled out.

          • disqus_0Df8PIDEfY

            And since the Kiss says will be, it does not give the option to choose to use the other weapon. Thank you GW for breaking your own rules, and making a required weapon on a model useless.

          • ken

            I don’t know…According to the codex, if the model has the kiss then’one’of the attacks made by the model is a special strike. I don’t/can’t believe that gw messed up that bad if it’s played according to the brb.

          • Bhazakhain

            Yeah think we need an FAQ. Most people agree that it’s always one of the model’s attacks but it would be nice if GW did a quick ruling on this or answered it in a battle report.

          • Kaptain Badrukk

            See I don’t see the issue. The only model on which it applies is the Solitaire and there you have a clear choice.
            Do I;
            A)Try for instant death with a high probability of causing a single wound. and still pump out a load of attacks
            B) Try to cause as many AP2 wounds as possible
            Given that it maxes out at 12 attacks you’re essentially trading a choice between 2AP hits or 1 AP2 hit with 1/6 instant death.
            That seems like a decent choice to me, don’t see why you should get both.

  • synapris

    that must have been the most awkward introduction ive ever seen, even from wargamers.