THE END? – End Times Archaon Review


The Old World is dead, but it sure goes out with a bang. Come see!

Sigmar has returned, the incarnates are assembled, and the world is drawing to a close.

Book Five of the End Times is here, and Games Workshop definitely saved the best for last!

Archaon comes in the standard two book slipcase format, in hard cover, with book one containing 260 pages of fluff, and book two presenting 70 some pages of rules for playing in Fantasy’s final days.

Included in the rulebook are not only rules for new characters and incarnates, but also those ‘Battlescrolls’ formations that we had heard about earlier in the week.

end times army

I’m not sure how this figures into things, but judging by this paragraph the whole ruleset for Fantasy may have just been updated?

Rules aside, this collection was the close to an amazing story that’s been developing since late last year, and I’m very interested to see where they go from here with Fantasy.


But don’t worry, there is still hope, as there are secrets yet to be revealed about the death of the old world.

Take a closer look at End Times Archaon in our ‘First Look’ Video review below!

What do you hope to see next for Fantasy? -MBG

  • ClockworkZion

    Really guys? You have the book and used that tiny picture out of context regarding the unbound rules instead of showing the full section so people could see that it’s in a section called “ARMIES OF THE END TIMES” and on the next page the book clearly says that you and your opponent should agree to use those rules or the standard rules for army comp.

    Oh, and and let’s not forget that it’s in an optional supplement book too, so unless we get an errata (which didn’t happen to Khaine’s army building method) it doesn’t change the core rules.

    Nothing personal, but the internet has spent enough time flipping out over that without thinking it all the way through.

    • Malisteen

      Note that there’s a designers note tacked to the ‘armies of the end times’ rules outright stating that the rules are optional, while encouraging players to try them out. There’s a similar note at the front of the formations, saying they’re intended for use with ‘armies of the end times’, but presents a rule modification for if you’re using them without those rules, which again makes clear that these are optional rules and not intended to be retroactive the way Nagash’s rules became.

      • Spiritof69

        Yeah, but…

        The real question is whether these rules carry over in to 9th. If they remain optional, cool, I would love to run that Grimgor battlescroll just for laughs. If it becomes part of the ruleset of the living game, then not so much. Because of GW’s asinine secrecy policy, we won’t know until we know, so until then all my WFB is on the shelf whilst I work on other games.

        • ClockworkZion

          I rather hope that they don’t. One of the things that makes fantasy work so well is the strict army building rules.

          That said there needs to be some kind of way to scale it down to below 2k which is where the current rules fall apart.

          • Aezeal

            I think unbound and formations are the thing for 9th.
            I kinda hope they keep unbound within order and destruction sides though. I want allies again like in the old times.. I want my deamonslayer charging ahead of my woodelves.

          • ClockworkZion

            Formations don’t bother me. They usually have a good number of restrictions (even if it’s just the strict model choice you have to work with) that -usually- keep them pretty well balanced.

            Unbound in Fantasy could be a train wreck though. I’d rather see the % go away below 2k and it go to a flat FOC system at that level than see Unbound.

      • Erik Setzer

        Here’s how it actually reads, paraphrasing:

        “These are the new rules. Use them. They replace ALL existing rules.

        HOWEVER… If you want to use house rules to play the way things were, that’s cool, too, because, y’know, it’s your games to play and this is the end of this game as you know it anyway. But seriously, try the new rules before you house rule things.”

        It is not, “Here’s some optional rules,” any more than the current army comp rules were already optional. And they are optional, because you’re free to agree with the person you’re playing with to change any rules you want to. If you want to upgrade a Bloodthirster to be S8 and T8, you can do that, too.

        So, yeah, these rules are optional, in the sense that every rule or statline in the game is optional.

  • Mason Carroll

    This isn’t the best for last…the writing is contrived and ham fisted at best. Has been most of the series. Seriously, what was the point? A really crappy way to end a world/setting.

    • Liam

      It’s corporate fantasy: you need to be realistic about your expectations here. The ET books were – by and large – on the level with any other fiction we’ve had out of the setting, with the Horus Heresy books, and with Star Wars expanded universe books or the Forgotten Realms novels.

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but know that it is your own and that a great many people do not share it with you.

      • EndreFodstad

        I have to admit that what I read was inferior to most established universe fiction, in large part due to all the needless filler. Descriptions of Battle #16 are page-flipping fodder, as are the endless sheets describing individual “character units” of a particular battle.

        And seldom have I seen quite the same amount of “and then they rolled out an ├╝berbattlewinner” as in the End Times books. Plus, how many nukes can you fit into Middenheim? The Skaven built one in Storm of Chaos and now they find a literal planetkiller there, according to what I’ve read.

        • Bobsyouruncle

          Well said , the numbers of skaven troops deployed became ridiculous . I get they are a horde race but the way they rolled over so many nations , races and continents as a plot device for squatting various armies was just insane . Any species raising such numbers would have starved itself to death long before they got the chance to unleash them .

          • EndreFodstad

            Don’t get me started on what GW has done with the Skaven. They build nukes, two-way televisions, networked radios, diseases that are so virulent and deadly they surpass anything we can do in biotech by decades, dig transatlantic tunnels and recently got units that seem a better fit for 40k. In addition they get absurd numbers and for good measure have magics that can draw down the moon. Oh, and they were building a moon rocket. It was completely around the bend before the end times and got a lot worse as it progressed.

      • Mason Carroll

        A great many people also think Justin Bieber is the greatest musician of our age.
        I understand it’s my opinion. I voiced it. But I can also show you some of the fiction from the late 90’s, early ’00’s, compare it to now, and say “See the difference?” The writing has gone down hill. Mostly because it’s the “fan boyz” who’ve gotten ahold of it. I’m not saying the end times was all bad (Well, I am in some ways) but my complaint is simply this;
        You can fix the world within the world. But GW chose to “Nuke the Fridge”. (Which is a joke about the terrible Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull movie. I’m sure there’s correlation there.)

        • Liam

          The Warhammer world as it currently exists is derivative garbage. It’s an obvious rendition of Earth with a bunch of Tolkienesque fantasy races shoehorned in. The laziness of the setting detracts from the wealth of compelling narrative written for it.

          GW has also been shackled to the same fluff for decades, with the timeline stuck at 2 minutes to midnight. This change frees them of that, and gives them the ability to craft compelling new stories in a better-constructed fantasy world. I look forward to seeing what they do with it.

          Note that, if you don’t like the setting, then there’s really nothing stopping you from setting all of your games in the old one. There’s 30 years worth of back material to draw from which isn’t going anywhere, and which remains in the same stagnant, unchanging state it has all this time.

          • EndreFodstad

            The exact same can be said of the 40k setting. Do you feel the same way about it?

          • Bobsyouruncle

            Your right , 40k was the same initial mish mash of ideas but I think WHFB always benifited from having feeder games like Heroquest , Blood Bowl and Mordheim which allowed new or younger players a steady graduation into the hobby . 40k is by nature a skirmish game and so doesn’t require this kind of support . Not supporting the specialist games has I think dealt WHFB a grievious long term blow .

          • Carnage

            in a word. yes. (yes i do feel the same about 40k, but i am alone it seems with this particular opinion)

      • euansmith

        “Corporate fantasy”? So Archaon is carrying out a hostile take over and asset stripping and downsizing the Old World? ­čśë

        • Bobsyouruncle

          LOL. He’s the Gordon Gecco of Northern Wastes Solutions Plc.

          • euansmith

            World End Concepts brought to you by Omni Chaos Products

  • sps87

    God you people whine too much…. 20+ pump wagons ftw

    • Carnage

      question: do you have a snotling pump wagon built like a train? i do ­čśë

    • Benderisgreat

      They will fall before the long-range fury of 20+ halfling hot pots!

      • sps87

        Only 20 that seems a little low

        • Benderisgreat

          The other 20 were emptied by the crew before anyone knew what was happening.

  • nurglespuss

    I actually had a listen to the video, a first for me (please write a damned article! this sin’t a ‘TV’ station…)… It was awful, primarily, because of the damned HORRIBLE background music…. Did you listen to it before you published it?

    • Benderisgreat

      Never click the video. none of us do. It’s never, ever worth it.

  • Erikjust

    If they start going with everyone can ally with everyone i think we will end up with some MASSIVE overpowered armies.

    • Just as in 40k – if everyone can ally with everyone then everyone has the potential to field an overpowered army – which of course means no one has an over powered army as everyone has one.

    • Aezeal

      As long as the formation bonus are good enough it would not need to be so.

  • Not gonna lie after I finished reading I had a strong Mass Effect 3 vibe.

    Everything was so perfect, and while I understood the ending it kinda left a little bit of a hole. Warhammer is not going to have a fairy tale ending. That was never expected, and in a way I like it. While we are in love with and invested in these characters(if you want to cry multiple times read gaunts ghosts from start to finish) but in this universe they are nothing more than a spec on the map. Just another world in an endless stream of sacrificial realities for the amusement of the chaos gods. It really started to make me really take a deep look at the realm that is warhammer/40k and the life lessons I learned.

    It was kind of interesting, I was talking to my friend and trying to explain how I can handle so many bad things happening. I then explained the maelstrom.What happens to me or anyone is not the result of some “order”, that to try and impose order on chaos doomed to failure, to try and rationalize something with no rational cause is madness. Only once you have accepted that chaos exists, and cant be controlled, will you be able to separate events from yourself.

  • AircoolUK

    For the love of the game… change the core mechanics to something that doesn’t take forever to play.