Warhammer 40k: Form(ation) up, troops!

Today I’d like to pile a little bit onto that Wargaming toolbox you’ve all got piling up. That is, an organized list of all of the Formations available to all 40k armies at the moment.

Hello Folks! NoName1 here, back after a long hiatus,

I sat down the other day to whip up a Chaos Warband list (because I felt the hankering to tinker with another army’s lists) and thought up the idea of tracking down and organizing all of the Formations out there, for all armies.

Many of you have been around the block enough to have found this, but when I set out to put my list together, I found someone had already done it – and better than I ever could have!

So, many thanks to the Blood of Kittens social network for putting THIS bad boy together for all of us!

I’m still looking for something similar for Dataslates, but it looks like the only complete list (after only a quick search) is still the Black Library’s own list.

That’s it for now, short and sweet, just wanted to share what I’ve found to be a very handy tool.

 I hope it’s helpful! Please let me know if there are better versions out there, and/or if anyone’s seen anything like this for Dataslates!

  • Anggul

    Good call. I really like formations, but it can be hard to keep track of the sources and new ones as they come out.

  • denzark

    YOU sat down to make a formation and now you’re thanking BoK ‘social networking’ Well done. You can use copy paste.

    • copy and pasting? On this site…never!

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      It’s a weak article, for sure, but I hadn’t known that BoK had put something like this together, since I don’t usually visit that site. So it’s at least useful for people like me!

  • gwensdad

    Then there’s the discussion as to if formations from Apocalypse are “40k formations” or not. One member of our group says “yes” I think it’s case by case that GW hasn’t addressed.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      I’m pretty sure the apoc books address this by stating the following unir entries can be used in 40k games of apocalypse. It doesn’t have any rules stating standard games of 40k. It’s like trying to use an apoc only unit in standard 40k it’s not allowed in any publication yet

    • Hummm. That would be interesting. two different Green tides. One more brutal then the other.

      • pskontz

        ones brutal but kunnin the others kunning but brutal

        • I’d be very interested to use the Apoc Green tide in a “normal” 40K game. Imagine WD8 boys…. Hur Hur Hur..

    • Djbz

      Most of them are Ok and wouldn’t be any more powerful than any of the more recent formations.
      Most have outdated rules though that would require some decisions as a group on how/what to replace the outdated rue with (Such as anything that gives pain tokens to Dark Eldar)

    • CMAngelos

      One thing that people around here seem to have come to a consensus on is the apoc formations are good as gravy for escalation games (when and if people unbunch their collective panties to play them) as a way to balance the use of superheavies for those that don’t have them. But fear the power of change when it comes to “normal” 40k

    • Kyle Goguen

      You are only given permission to use Apoc Formations while you are using the Apoc Rulebook to play