X-Wing: FAQ & Tournament Rules


FFG rolls out organized play support for their hottest STAR WARS game – X-Wing.  Grab em today!


X-Wing FAQ

X-Wing Tournament Rules


Here’s the word from FFG’s Dev team:

“The latest FAQ addresses a number of rules questions presented by the faction’s many devious tricks and traps. It also introduces a couple of subtle — but significant — rules changes. These changes have been rigorously playtested and analyzed, and they represent a small, important rebalancing of two key game mechanics.

The first is a change to huge ship weapons. When a huge ship is attacking with its primary weapon at Range “3” and beyond, the defender will now roll a single bonus defense die instead of two extra dice at Range “4” and three extra dice at Range “5.” Huge ships were having difficulty handling the overwhelming numbers of three-agility targets they were facing, and this improvement to their primary weapons gives them the firepower they need to bring down their more elusive enemies.

The second change moves Decloaking to a different timing window — pushing it forward to the start of the Activation phase. This serves two functions: it clears up a number of problematic interactions with the “when you reveal your dial” timing window, and it tempers the extreme positional advantage of high pilot skill ships with access to Cloak tokens. Overall, this change helps bring the TIE phantom to parity with other ships without taking away what makes it special.”

and Organized Play updates:

“Finally, the tournament rules have received a number of minor tweaks. Players may now use Debris Cloud tokens in tournament play, and the Escalation format has been slightly revised as players are now required to field at least two ships in their opening 60-point squads. This is to help curtail the dominance of highly defensive single-ship lists in the opening round.”

Let the X-Wing tourneys begin! 


  • withershadow

    All good changes.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The nerf to cloaking is massive.

    • ForgottenLore

      Not as massive as it first appears. The Phantom is still just as maneuverable as ever, it still has 4 attack dice, with ACD it can still cloak after attacking. This just means that a phantom player has to put more thought into how they fly and try and guess where the opponent is likely going to end up, in other words, they have to do the same thing all the other ships in the game have to do, but they still have the same tools to put themselves in a good position if they guess right.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        You do not have control over absolute positioning any more. It is a massive nerf. There is no way you can spin it as not being a nerf.

        Are the Phantoms as good as they once were – no, absolutely and unequivocally not.

        What this nerf does do is open up the door for other factions to get cloaking ships with out the fear of such ships becoming as powerful and omnipresent as Phantoms had been.

        It is a good thing. I welcome the change, honestly. I’m just calling a spade, a spade.

        • ForgottenLore

          Didn’t say it wasn’t a nerf, just said that it wasn’t as big of a nerf as it looks like at first. When the new FAQ first hit there was a lot of “sky is falling”, “phantoms are now totally useless”, “I just wasted money buying phantoms”, and it simply isn’t that massive of a nerf. They are less powerful than they were, no doubt, but that doesn’t make them bad ships now. In fact, they are probably still good ships, just not insanely overpowered.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            It really opened the door for the unnamed pilots to shine, since the named pilots are not longer as overbearingly powerful as before.

            It might be fun to run a list wit three of these guys:

            Shadow Squadron Pilot — TIE Phantom: 27
            Accuracy Corrector: 3
            Intelligence Agent: 1
            Stygium Particle Accelerator: 2

    • Paul Mehaffey

      Unlearn what they have learned, phantom pilots must.

  • Joshua Clark

    Links aren’t working for me. Says access denied.