Hawk Wargames – Salute 2015

General Header Art

Hawk Wargames is set to expand in a very big way, moving from the dropzone to the orbital fleet!

For those of us who play Dropzone Commander, the past couple of years have been a flurry of new releases and rules redesigns as the game grew continually to become what it is now. More releases are on the near horizon, adding to an ever-growing system that has been rewarding throughout the process. Next, it seems that we’re heading into space!

For those paying much attention to Hawk Wargames online, we’ve had a good idea that this game system was on the way. Add into the mix the fact that the venerable Andy Chambers was working on the game system, and it only added to the excitement. With Salute in the books, we have a much better grasp now of what is to come.

UCM Ship

Dave truly outdid himself with this fantastic piece, and the detail is absolutely fantastic. His crazy pursuit of this project has done wonders to draw eyes to the project, and help build hype for the coming system.

In addition to this piece, there were many works in progress to excite the Dropzone Commander enthusiast. UCM Mortarmen, PHR Longreach Sniper Squads, and a Shaltari “slave” race are all in the works to add more diversity to the infantry range.

Finally, we were treated to our first visuals of the new spaceships, and they did not disappoint! I only wish that there had been more on display than just the UCM fleet, but even these models will whet the appetite of humanity’s enemies. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game system!

UCM Fleet

The rules are progressing toward the end stage, with the game system most likely dropping toward the end of this year. Look for more on this game system as it develops; I will most definitely be jumping headfirst into this new game from Hawk Wargames.

It looks like Hawk is set to deliver another fantastic game. What are you hoping to see in this system?

  • Robomummy

    those models look amazing, I can’t wait until this game is released. So far Hawk Wargames has a great track record with rulesets.

  • Kako

    at least the models are gorgeous and full of detail on the contrary of DZC models.

    • Gridloc

      Do you really think DZC models lack detail? I find them to have amazing detail for a 10mm game vs other systems. I will not say they are the top of the list but they are far from the bottom.

      • sleeplessknight

        The plastics, especially the infantry suck. I was very disapointed with them. They look like misshapen stick figures with barely any detail.

        The metal and resin however is very good.

        • Robomummy

          Really? I thought for 10mm scale they were pretty fairly detailed.

          • sleeplessknight

            Are you looking at the same models from the plastic starter? Heads are perfect spheres with a few bumps in them to indicate features, arms and legs are different lengths. Instead of a joint at the knee or at the ankle, some of the legs break in the middle of the shin.

            GW had better sculpts in their 6mm scale plastic Epic figs in the 90’s! I expected a modern company to come up with something better than that at almost twice the scale!

            Hawk Wargames’ metal and pewter infantry are fine but they should’ve spent a bit more time on the cad programs for the plastic infantry.

          • Robomummy

            yeah the heads don’t have a lot of detail but the other armies in plastic (apart from the UCM) don’t have that problem. Apart from that the rest of the infantry looks fine to me, you may have just gotten a bad sculpt.

    • Jeffrey Portalski

      I second that, fot a 10mm game I think they are pretty damn kewl.

  • Sean Ireland

    Two pictures? I need more for my fix.

  • StingrayP226

    I am a huge fan of Firestorm Armada, but I love the look of the UCM ships. I definitely plan to pick up a fleet of them… plus the Halo game… Looks like I will be a warship fanatic :p

    Game sounds very interesting. Will be interested in how it pans out game play wise.