HOBBY: Coastline Base in 3 Minutes



In this tutorial we teach you how to create a coastline base for your miniatures. This base is quick and easy to do!

To complete this base you will need: a base, playground sand, Vallejo Plastic Putty, wood glue and various paints depending on how you want to paint the base. You want to make sure you only cover half of the base with sand so that you can cover the rest with the plastic putty to act as the water. When you are spreading out the plastic putty make sure you get some on the rocks to make it more natural.

Thanks for watching! Leave tutorials about what you want us to do in the comments below!

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  • Ben_S

    Personally I’d find it a bit weird to have a seafront moving across the table with my troops, but I know some people like it – especially for something like Lothern Sea Guard or Dark Elf Corsairs.

    I’m looking to base some Space Hulk miniatures. I know you did a space ship interior with wires and pipes, but have you done anything else along those lines? I’ve seen people use some kind of wire mesh and would like to recreate something similar (though perhaps that’s too easy to need a tutorial).