You’ll never guess how big this new Eldar release will be, it’s BIG like Space Marine BIG!

The new Eldar book will be 160 pages, which is on par with the Space Marine book that gave us faction rules for some chapters.  Word on the street is that we will see the same treatment for select Craftworlds as well!

Via Warseer 04-13-2015

from over on Dakka
Squidmanlolz wrote:
judgedoug wrote:
Pricing leaked for first wave
codex craftworld eldar $58.00
datacards $12.50
windriders $41.00
farseer skyrunner $33.00
autarch $26.00
shining spears $50.00
autarch skyrunner $33.00
codex fancy edition $165.00
Prices are usually leaked as scans, aren’t they?
prices in U.S. dollars reportedly from a sales rep

via atia 4-13-2015 (they’ve been right with their link kung-fu for months)

Eldar Release
Minis coming:

– Codex Eldar: Craftworlds
– Codex Eldar: Craftworlds eBook
– Plastic Autarch clampack
– Windriders Jetbikes / Shining Spears combo-box
– Autarch/Warlock/Farseer Skyrunner combo-box

– Datacards: Craftworlds
– web paint bundles for: Biel-Tan, Ultwe, Saim-Hann, Iyanden and Alaitoc
– Windrider host web bundle

These are all confirmed by GW website redirects.

Full Eldar Roundup

From the picture it looks like this will be a one and done SPLOOOSH release.

Now the next big question may be will the ‘expected’ Wave Serpent nerf happen?

  • jasonsation

    Just when everyone was stoked for how cheap te Skitarii codex was.

    • deris87

      I can only hope this means the codex is huge.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Space Marine-sized according to all sources. 160pgs or something?

        • Azrell

          remember when that was the standard of a codex?

          • BT


          • Michael Shaw

            you should see all my 3rd and 4th ed codexs. they are soft cover but they have less content than these new fangled codexs

          • Avensis Astari

            I have every edition of the Imperial Guard Codex, and the one with the most content is easily the newest.

          • Anggul

            No, they used to be tiny.

            However, they also used to be about half the price.

      • Samuel Sanchez

        Honestly with the rumours of multiple decorian type detachments and special rules that each craftworld is bound to have any serpent nerf is going to be replaced by some other combo. This codex sounds massive and every elder players dream. You can play whichever craftworld you want. Makes me excited to see if gw continues this route for guard and their dofferent regiments or Orks and the different factions etc etc

        • Thomas Gardiner

          Would have been nice to have something similar for Kabals =(


          • Kevin Buesse

            While it would DE are proportionally smaller than an Eldar release. I’m site over the last year or so with the reign of Wraithknights and wave serpents that Eldar have been a significant seller.

            So it’ll be a much smaller risk to put out a large codex at a higher price. That said I think the skitarii pricing was a test for seeing if lower prices improve sales. It also whets appetites for the eventually release of ad mech.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            I know it wouldn’t make sense from a business point of view (too many filthy casuals buying Space Marines and not enough with the sophistication to appreciate the Dark Kin =P ) but it’d be totally fluffy and awesome.

            Different rules for the Kabals of the Black Heart, Poison Tongue and the Dying Sun? YES PLEASE! Hell, you could even add in rules for Duke Sliscus and his pirate fleet!

          • TweetleBeetle

            Or that’s just going to be the difference (moving forward) between “Core” factions and sub-factions.

            Eldar (duh), Tau, Orks, Tyranids, Space Marines, and Astra Militarum will see their books re-released with the detachment/formation/tables/data slates format, better internal balance, and more concise rules wording. There will also be rules for divergent clans/factions/houses/fleets within said codices, making them 120-160 pages and in the $58 range.

            Sub-factions, like Deathwatch, Genestealer Cults, Kroot, Sororitas, etc, will be the $33 books at 80 pages.

            Just a theory.

            EDIT: And before someone says, “But Gazghkull, and Fenris, and…” I did say, “moving forward.”

          • BT

            Man, one can hope. I am with you 100% on this. Heck, I would re-buy my Ork codex in a heartbeat if I could get my Blood Axes and Deathskulls back.

          • Da Masta Cheef

            It annoyed the crap out of me that almost ALL of the painted models in that book were Bad Moons! WTH?

          • BT

            Thomas is right though, you can do this with every main Codex if GW wanted to. Only straight Demons and probably Grey Knights couldn’t do this.
            Giving players more variety based off of paint and a couple of pages in a book while using all of the same models is awesome.

          • BT

            Orks can say the same. Guess this is a recent idea.

          • silentRaven

            Yo man, Dark Eldar are Chaos Eldar. They don’t have books for the various Legions/Warbands, they just split our Awesome Wargear across 3 books (CSM, BL, CS) and we now have an Okay-Good Khorne centric one. JuggerLords with Khorne Dogs are pretty goddamn awesome though so I got no complaints.

      • Twice as many photos of pre-painted miniatures!!!

  • generalchaos34

    I call BS, it says finecast box on the bottom

    • Nick1080

      It is wierd – the farseer skyrunner is plastic, but the autarch skyrunner is finecast? plastic windriders, but finecast shining spears? The finecast is direct sales only (route to market code ‘D’) maybe just a remarketing the old figs as alternatives? or the old finecast bits fit the new jetbikes/skyrunners

      • Definitely looks like a repackaging

      • Da Masta Cheef

        Meh, I have enough Autarchs already, I’ll skip then FAILcast repacks.

  • Full Meta Jacket

    price drop rumors immediately followed by this makes me feel like the OTHER emperor right now

    • dubhgilla

      Isn’t that the previous Pope?

    • Defenestratus

      $58 for a 160 page hardback codex is a good value for players.

      • I don’t really agree, especially not if that book gets replaced 2 years later. Especially annoying because the iPad version (the ePubs are awful) will cost the same, even though it too may well be obsolete in 2 years.

        • Secundum

          Good thing that torrents are everywhere then. =)

          • I can tolerate the ePubs for list building and supplements, but the iBook versions are the only thing I count on for in-game references. Sadly that will change as my codexes become obsolete.

          • Purple-Stater

            I’d be willing to make do with a .PDF but find e-reader versions to be practically useless for cross-referencing (just takes too long compared to a book with an index). At least with a .PDF I can print the thing out decently and pop it in a binder.

          • Defenestratus


            ePub + Android tablet is the best rules reference you can get. 20 minutes of editing the ePub for format (so rules fit on a single page) and all you have to do is upload it to Google Play Books – then whenever you need to look up a rule you just say “Ok Google Codex Eldar Bladestorm”

            And bam… even if the tablet is off, it will find it in the codex and take you to the page you want with a single click.

          • I don’t agree, I can’t stand the format where they put everything on different pages. The linked rules, gear prices, etc in the ibooks versions are the best. And you can search it all the same. I also use my laptop rather than a tablet, so there’s that

          • Defenestratus

            Well you don’t agree, but you’re wrong in both a UX and usability standpoints. Siri cannot search index iBooks because Siri is terrible. But I understand the iOS fans like doing things the hard way just to make it look like they’re affluent.

          • Did you not read my comment? I use a laptop, and I’d much rather have a keyboard than voice search. Not talking about OS, as a resource, I want all the rules and points costs on one page, pretty simple.

        • Meh, I would rather they fix a problem that has such an impact on the game after two years than leave it as a problem like it has been. Notice its not every book getting this treatment, it is the book that has caused the biggest problem for the game since it dropped.

          • Azrell

            Its the book that has created the biggest profit. Dont kid yourself GW cares nothing for how people play the game

          • I would argue otherwise. I bet the sale of many MANY kits has significantly dropped since wave serpents came out. It eliminated so many builds that many models and units were not even considered

          • An_Enemy

            Uh huh…you do realize that they’ll keep releasing books after this one right?

          • Sure, and if it keeps making the game better I wont care. Money while finite is less important to me than time, I would rather spend a little more and get more out of my time than otherwise

          • Matt

            Yeah because Necron were completely overpowered and now they have been brought in line with every other codex. /sarcasm.

          • I am guessing you have not played against the new necrons with a tac list? I have yet to lose to them but that is because I bring assault elements and play in a variety of mission formats.

          • Matt

            I am guessing you haven’t played a good necron player. 😉

            See what making wild assumptions does?

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            You forgot the nerf to Wraiths. But yes overall the new Necron codex is stronger than the old one, though the 2 strongest builds got hurt (Cronair, AV13 wall). There is no at the casual level as it lacks weak choices. evidence that the new Crondex is stronger than other codexes as it is not dominating the tournament scene. It is more balanced than other codexes which makes it appear much stronger at the casual level as it lacks weak choices. I just hope they do as good a job with the Eldar book. Though I expect Banshees to stay terrible and Wave Serpents to get better based on past experience with Eldar codexes.,,

        • TweetleBeetle

          There’s nothing to suggest that this one will also be gone in 2 years.

          If you don’t think the $33 books for sub-factions is a trend after 1, you can’t assume 2 year cycles for codices is a trend after 1 either.

          • What I’m saying is that after this precedent, I’m not buying codexes anymore, because 2 years is crazy short. I’d rather play Necromunda.

          • Pascalnz

            especially if they fix problems and make the game better… curse them for tryin! ;P

          • davepak

            Which could have been done via a faq, two weeks after the book????

          • OldHat

            The problem with FAQs is they can only do so much. Also, the goal seems to get everything up to 7th ed. After that, I don’t think we will see new stuff for a long while (I hope!).

          • Azrell

            nothing suggests that they will.

          • If a book you wrote 2 years ago is not working, you FAQ it.

          • Houghten

            Now FAQ it
            Into shape
            Shape it up
            Get straight
            Go forward
            Move ahead
            Try to detect it
            It’s not too late
            To FAQ it
            FAQ it good

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I agree with CrimsonOracle, 2 years is far too short, its barely time for me to start a new army and get it painted before its made obsolete by the new codex.

            A £30 book that is only current for two years is terrible value and makes me feel ripped off.

            Lastly there is a method to fix problems that doesn’t alienate players, its called an FAQ.

          • Nameless

            FAQ is frequently asked questions, meant to clarify rather than to rebalance. An Errata is a change or changes, but in itself leads to complications: not everyone will keep a printed sheet of the errata with their codex, especially if it is considered a nerf, new players won’t know to look for it and older players moan about the good old days and how serpent shields and slaughter masters with 1+ armour hardly needed an errata.

            and god forbid if Games Workshop printed codex eldar updated edition with the errata included. then all the eldar players would be moaning that they had to by a new codex and it wouldn’t have anything new in it. (although you could probably argue that the 7th ed grey knights was just 5th ed grey knights with a few bits of errata)

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I know the difference, but historically Gw have used FAQs to change points values and change game balance, nerfing the Heldrake when people complained about it for instance. They chose not to nerf the wave serpent, presumably because they were selling well and were direct only so a big cash cow. Has annoyed loads of people though…

            It would be easy to spread errata around, GW have an email list, White Dwarf, Warhammer Visions, a network of stores, parcels sent out to people etc etc, easy to include/hand out a couple of sheets every six months to answer the most obvious issues, would do lots to put them in people’s good books. They can’t be bothered though which sends the message, true or false, that they really don’t care about their customers.

          • Nameless

            in fairness, the Heldrake started as it currently is (45 degree angles) and the faq in 6th changed it to say it could fire in any direction. the only time I know of them changing points values was on the hellbrute, but that was due to a printing error meaning that different language’s had different points costs for it. (there might be other examples, I am too lazy to go and look)

            the only true errata that I know of is the power scroll in Warhammer Fantasy and even that I have to point out semi regularly to other players. (I know there are other errata based on out of date codexs and army books)

          • SirisLeOsiris

            Yes, Curse them!

          • Da Masta Cheef

            Fix? Uhh…remember how they fixed the Wave Serpent? Yeah, that made the game soooo much better.

          • PrimoFederalist

            Boo-hoo. Adios.

          • A healthy attitude to have in a niche hobby

          • Matt

            It’s not even two years.

          • Exactly

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          • Purple-Stater

            There was nothing to suggest that the current book would be replaced after only two years.

      • MightyOrang

        Think about what you’re really getting for that $58 — the ‘plus size’ parts of the Space Marine codex that made it so great we’re really just a couple pages of fluff (you know, when it are the Black Templars) and a few extra pages of rules.

        Don’t expect to be wowed by all the Extras.

        • TweetleBeetle

          Except this won’t look like the Space Marines codex. That was a 6th edition format book written by – what I can only assume was – an 8 year old.

          This will look more like Necrons with multiple detachment options, formation options, tables, better internal balance and rules wording, Lords of War, and a plethora of special wargear and USR’s.

          • An_Enemy

            Is the sky still blue in the future sir?

      • Purple-Stater

        $25 for a softback codex would be a decent value, even for GW since they can produce Visions for less than that. $58 for a codex that I actually need less than 50 pages for actual rules is crapola.

      • btmcrae

        You might want to look at what other companies put out. The 575 page hardcover Pathfinder RPG core rulebook, which is chock full of content (i.e. mostly text, which people actually had to put a huge amount of time and effort into) is $54.99. This codex costs more, for less than 1/3 the total content of the other. Good value?

        • Defenestratus

          Other games systems don’t represent better value to me since I don’t play any other games than 40k. In the realm of 40k purchases, $58 for 160 pages is a good deal considering my current 90 page codex was just as much IIRC.

  • Nogle

    Man, that codex takes me back to when I started my Eldar army. Don’t think they ill have anything in the codex that’s more satisfying that shooting Squats in 2nd edition with Warp spiders. Just a pile of dwarf sludge

  • Kevin Maloney

    So this confirms it, then? It’s not an Eldar re-release, but rather, rules for Craftworld-specific armies?

    If true, then me likey.

    • TweetleBeetle

      It’s absolutely a replacement for the existing codex. Store owners and managers have been told to pull Codex: Eldar and Iyanden from their shelves.

      • Kevin Maloney

        So this is it, then? All of our existing codices have only a 2-year shelf life at best?
        Sigh…I want to hope that the Eldar are an isolated example in this case, but…

        • vonDietdrich

          6th edition had a two-year shelf life, which was a huge red flag for me.

          • BT

            And 4 year editions was fine? Oh, how about playing 6th Ed with 4th Ed books, that is successful?
            Get your head out of the clouds.

          • vonDietdrich

            So suddenly GW’s terrible updating habits are a defense for GW’s terrible updating habits when it comes to codexes?

            The irony of your statement is.. hilariously awful.

            They could have easily updated the really outdated codexes without throwing out the entire core rulebook and all of 6th edition.

            They could have also updated the existing books with small tweaks and FAQs, adding a distinguishing ‘Updated Printing’ mark to the new codexes and a page in front of the table of contents saying ‘the content of these changes can also be found in the FAQ section of our website’.

            Arguing that their previous incompetence deserves more incompetence, and that incompetence is therefore justified?

            Whatever drugs you’re on, I want some.

          • BT

            No, I am pointing out that your grip has nothing really to stand on in comparison to GW’s past business practices. Also, the fact that your still playing and invested in the game means your ‘Red flag’ doesn’t mean jack and squat. I find /that/ to be hi-lariously awful.
            And no, they could not have easily updated everything. There were Errata/FAQs that were 20 pages long. And I don’t need to have that argument with a guy during a game because he forgot to print out the latest FAQ and thus was playing his list wrong.
            /YOUR/ the one complaining about the Codexes being updated, I am saying thank friggin God. Christ, are you 16 or something? You don’t even know how good you have it now, yet your still crying about it. Typical kid.

          • Da Masta Cheef

            Typical kid?

            Perhaps he’s a responsible adult who’s trying to justify to himself and his family the thought of spending $50+ on a book that might have as short of a shelf life of the last one he bought.

            Personally I’m finding that difficult as well when my spouse is unemployed, money’s tight and yet not buying this book effectively renders a many years old collection unusable for most pick-up games at the FLGS.

            bah, I’m forgetting how good I have it! What’s this expecting a reasonably long term use for my well spent money nonsense, right? Keep cheering GW on and who knows, in another few years it just may be $50+ book purchase is needed EVERY year to play with your toys…

        • PrimoFederalist

          Why does rebalancing everything to the new direction they took 7th (formations, streamlined rules WRT relics, etc) now mean that “every codex from now until the end of time will only be for for two years or less and therefore I am butthurt”?

          The rumors since 7th edition dropped have been that once the 7th rebalance is complete, they’ll leave the game as-is for a while and focus on supplements and campaigns. So far that is panning out.

          • Kevin Maloney

            I’m not butthurt, I’m just annoyed that every 2 years I’ll have to shell out more money for the next version of a book I may only get a few games in with anyway, due to my conflicting schedule.

        • BT

          Not necessarily true.
          Look at the difference between 6th and 7th alone. The new Psychic phase, maelstrom missions, Lords of War, and formations/detachments… this all required the 6th Ed Codexes to be updated.
          Dude, I was using a 4th ed Codex in 6th ed, that was made in 2004, and they had a new edition every 4 years at that point anyways.
          Be happy you are getting a Codex that is released in the Game edition your actually playing.

        • Eric

          You dont want an update every two years? Play sisters, no update in sight.

  • MightyOrang

    $58 For a codex? $26 for an Autarch clamshell?

    Well so much for those falling prices.

    • Considering it is going to be space marine sized, combined with the new detachment style rules, as well as most likely a nerf to the wave serpent. I am looking forward to getting the update,

      • Azrell

        what suggests that they are going to nerf the wave serpent?

        • John Bower

          They’d better; as it is it was just idiotically OP.

    • TweetleBeetle

      It’s 160+ pages with boatloads of new rules, the new format, detachments, formations, tables, and Craftworld specific stuff. It’s worth every penny.

      If you can’t afford it, stop being poor.

      Skitarii was 80 pages with a whopping 7 units; THAT’S why it was $33.

      • vonDietdrich

        Codex: Militarum Tempestus, Codex: Imperial Knights, and every hardback supplement GW’s released lately.. they all want a word with you about Skitarii’s price.

        If you have to go through the comment’s thread and apologize to every single person who’s ragging on this, you might be wrong.

        • BT

          Really, the Clown codex is a better example. Same edition even.

          • Nameless

            it would be nice if they updated prices rather than keeping the release price until they discontinue the codex/box

          • BT

            I know what your saying, but you also have to look at it from their point of view. As soon as players find out that there is going to be a new codex, they will stop buying the old one, because there is no point. The money they make on those finial sales would be more than what they would make at a discounted price. Those people are buying it anyways, right?Heck, any left they can scrap from recycling and still make some money back. After that, the only people who want them are the collectors, and that is a pretty small fraction.

      • Hadrian

        “stop being poor”

        Beat that chest.

      • Azrell

        you might want to look at it first and make sure its not 150 pages of painting guides

      • Dr Bored

        Haha, the ‘stop being poor’ thing is so non-PC it’s hilarious, but this IS an expensive hobby, for people with disposable income.

        • An_Enemy

          It’s a game. A game where it’s better to have lots of people to play with than none at all.

          Pretty sure Tweetle’s used to the latter by now so it doesn’t bother him.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            he sounds like a man used to playing with himself…

      • MightyOrang

        Stop being so poor?!?

        So your response to high prices is “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”?

        GW loves customers like you.

  • silashand

    $58 for a codex? Ummm… just no.

    • TweetleBeetle

      For 160+ pages, detachments, formations, tables, Lords of War, rules for 5 Craftworlds?

      Ummmm…just yes.

      • vonDietdrich

        How ungrateful is this guy, right? Gee Dubs decided to put the $50 hardback supplement into the proper codex instead of releasing it separately, and they’re only charging a few bucks extra! They even lowered the price $40 from the combined $100 they were previously charging for the extra 50 pages in the supplement! How generous of them.

        It’s almost like they realized same-day supplements were a complete and total scam for material that should have been in the main book in the first place.

        Apologize harder, dude.

      • silashand

        Ummm… no.

      • Azrell

        none of that is confirmed until you have the book.

  • Sam Burke

    Incredibly suspicious about finecast autach and shining spears.

    It strikes me as very odd that they aren’t part of the plastic jetbikes and farseer that are also being released

    • vonDietdrich

      They’re probably trying to get rid of their existing stores of Finecast by repackaging them and drawing attention to them with the publicity that the codex drop will bring.

      • Sam Burke

        If that’s the case I wonder how different the new bike models are if they can fit the late 90s shining spear riders.

  • PrimoFederalist

    The rumors from a year ago were that GW intended to rebalance all the remaining codices from each faction to fit into the 7th edition with it’s streamlined (some say bland) special rules, war gear, and relics.

    Additionally, the scryers told us, GW was looking to leave 7th as-is for a while and focus on campaigns and sub-faction supplements. So far this seems to be panning out just so.

    I hope it continues (the Eldar codex needed rebalanced and it sounds like they’re getting much, much more than a Wave Serpent nerf – 4th edition anyone?).

    I look forward to a day in the not-to-distant future when the holy grail of the grimdark science fiction/space opera is finally released: Exodites. After the Mechanicus bombshell, space elves riding dinosaurs with lasers may well be a twinkle in some game designer’s eye right now. Be still my heart…

    • Azrell

      So what is it are they re-balancing everything or leaving it as is?

      • khegrow

        oh they balance everything..their own “economical” balance in the 1st place .. 😉

      • PrimoFederalist

        I imagine the pre-7th edition codices will be rewritten – DA, SM, Tau, AM, CSM, Daemons.

        Basically, everything written pre-Orks has a laundry list of war gear and relics and no formations included, so I would expect to see everything pre-Orks retouched – hopefully in a meaningful way that has a lot of the flavor of the current SM codex (i.e. Chapter Tactics) which is what it sounds like Eldar are getting.

  • Hadrian

    The Mechanicus release was sweet, but this is off putting. Whether or not the increased price of the book is worth it is debatable, but a new book two years later when an FAQ could have sufficed for balancing purposes is a red flag. Should I be expecting to pick up another $58 DE codex in only a years time?

    Not only that, but everyone will invariably have to change their forces to match the new “hot build” that the codex will have. Assuming it is not a nerf into the ground.

    • vonDietdrich

      It’d be really helpful if GW could make a statement about the future of their really rapid release cycle and what they intend to do once everything is updated.

      ..but they won’t. In the meantime, at least they’ve given up on releasing supplements on the same day as new codexes.

      • Chris. K Cook

        Thats because they don’t release everything in the same week anymore.

        • vonDietdrich

          No, it’s because paying $50 for a small hardcover containing materials that should have been in the other $50 hardcover that was released simultaneously is a rip-off and anyone with half a brain can see that.

    • An_Enemy

      I’d pay $58 for a new DE codex right now if they promised that it wouldn’t be as crappy and boring as the one we’re using now.

      • Jacob


  • Eric

    this is what amounts to a rumor “tidal wave”? This a barely a trickle

  • crevab

    It’ll be funny if this is like the Necron book. Nerfing most of the crazy things but making the army more powerful overall.

    Well, not “ha ha ” funny

    • Chris. K Cook

      Thats good, I’d rather codexes have every option a good option rather than every option a bad one. But even the later is better than 1 or 2 good options that make every army the same

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The funny thing is that GW is going to need to update almost every pre-Necron 7th edition army because they lack the formation upon formation format that Necrons and Daemonkin have (which, apparently, is the wave of the future).

    So Orks, DE, GK, BA and SW all need new codexes. Then everything from 6E and before…


    Blood Angels
    Dark Eldar
    Grey Knights
    Space Wolves
    Astra Militarum (Scions will be folded back in, probably)
    Imperial Knights (Maybe folded in with a Mechanicum codex?)
    Sisters of Battle
    Space Marines (Legion of the Damned included, probably)
    Dark Angels
    Chaos Space Marines

    So basically we only have 4 “real” codexes right now and two of those are more supplement-oriented than actual army-like.

    • Djbz

      They change the format pretty much every 3rd codex (and have done as long as I can remember).
      I wish they’d just stick with one already…

    • vonDietdrich

      That’s why I’m not buying any GW products for a while in a nutshell.

      • Aezeal

        Yeah shame on them for updating and improving their product. Terrible

        • An_Enemy

          Most companies manage to “update and improve” without invalidating the products they produced a month prior in the process.

          GW is a joke in this regards.

    • LHP Louchy

      Um i play Blood Angels exclusively… We are fine. Baal Strike Force is great. And the formations presented in Shield Of Baal Exterminatus are more than enough. No update needed here. Move Along.

  • Shiwan8

    So, we have hope for a better tomorrow.

  • StingrayP226

    I thought they were trying to get rid of Finecast because GW isn’t good with resin…

  • Albino_42

    So far as I can tell the only new piece of information here that yourself or Larry haven’t already posted is that the codex will be 160 pages. Hardly what I’d describe as a

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      You missed out a few BOOM!s there…

  • Cameron McCowan

    I still want plastic aspect warriors, praying for a second wave rn

  • James Waller

    Anyone notice at the bottom of the release schedule the dreaded works “finecast box

    • lantern G

      I actually feel sick to the stomach thinking of that stuff. I have a feeling most of this is just repackaging except for the plastic clam packs.

  • euansmith

    I think that the correct technical term for a Rumour Tidal Wave is a Rumournami.

  • Da Masta Cheef

    Craftworlds get the SM chapter trait treatment? Well I would personally like to thank GW for ignoring the Ork Klans when they got their 10 year update…

    Oh well, doesn’t matter too much I suppose as I have more Eldar than Orks, or…well any other army at this point.

  • Da Masta Cheef

    So, considering a lot of the retro-ideas GW has been recycling, do ya think will Guardians get lasguns/blasters back? I have a bucket load of them who are operating as FW Corsairs right now (luckily those jet packs are optional), but they’d like to return to their home craftworlds…lol.

  • Victor Hartmann

    The new Eldar codex proves GW has decided to bite the bullet and bring everything into semi-coherence with 7th Edition. Because Eldar is one of the two most controversial codexes to redo. There are three main factions. Well, four in a way but three legitimate ones.

    1. The Eldar Guard (Old Guard). Those who are quite happy with the Eldar as is and don’t want to risk their best models being nerfed. I can understand their point and the new codex might actually give them exactly what they want. Or crush their dreams of Wave Serpent spam. But the new codex is coming regardless.

    2. FAQ the Eldar. Those who would prefer an FAQ which just tweaked a few details. Most commonly, reducing the effectiveness of the Wave Serpent. If only one or two things were going to change, this would be the way to go. But I expect there will be a lot of changes and FAQs would be far too unwieldy a method to address them all.

    3. Future Eldar. Those who are open to change, even if it costs them the price of a new codex earlier than usual. Mostly this faction has resigned themselves to the nerfing of the Wave Serpent (which might not even happen) but are optimistic about the possibilities Craftworld specific tactics or formations. They might even harbor secret dreams that hidden combos (or obvious ones) will maintain the might of the Eldar on the table top.

    4. Die GW Die faction. I wish I were joking but BoLS has a small but very vocal faction who’s rallying cry seems to be anything GW does is wrong and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a delusional fanboy. Complete with built in sock puppet echo choir. As I’ve said elsewhere, criticism can be helpful. But that’s not the actual goal of the DGWD faction.

    Based on how things are developing, I’m pretty optimistic about 7th Edition and its codexes. I wouldn’t call them perfect but generally the balance has been pretty good. I’m also optimistic that once everything is updated GW will have a solid enough base to move the narrative forward. The stroke before midnight is fun and all but if we can have 30k, I see no reason why we can’t have the bell toll 12 and enjoy a new era of apocalyptic gaming as the Empire crumbles. New heroes and new villains, strange alliances and brotherhoods broken. I think that would be great.

    • Matt

      Except the new codexes aren’t even close to balanced. The ork one is dismally inferior in the the 4th edition one it replaced and necrons have nearly unkillable combos. The rest are pretty good. I don’t know why they killed the Eldar codex before helping out Chaos Space Marines or Dark Angels. Those needed rebalancing far more. A simple FAQ for “once per game” on the wave serpent would have been just fine.

      • Victor Hartmann

        I’m going to stick with generally pretty good balance. Orks didn’t get the boost many were hoping for but enough of one for some good B tier builds. Orks were pretty much abandoned except for experimenting for fun prior to the 7th Edition codex. Now they get a bit more play and some consideration for competition. But I’d agree that so far they’re a missed opportunity. They wouldn’t need much more to lift them into the A tier without going overboard. And the self destructing units thing was a flavorful but unnecessary game mechanic which is off-putting to many players and adds more game time to an already time intensive army. An unfortunate misstep.

        I think the Necron has pretty good internal balance and got a solid boost. I would consider them tier A now. They were almost there before. Personally I think they’d be a great starter army for a new player who wanted to go xenos. A Necron army would be very forgiving to misplays, pretty easy to control (advance and shoot), and look great on the table with even a basic paint job. In the hands of an experienced player I would agree they’ll be tough to beat. But I’m not ready to call them OP at this point. I can certainly see why some other codexes would be jealous though. Grey Knights would love to have that kind of internal balance instead of weapon and unit options which make little sense now.

        I’d agree the rest are pretty good. Space Wolves and Blood Angels got some solid boosts and interesting adjustments that make them good contenders. A good player who really works their army and learns to use it can do quite well. Auto win no but should do well.

        I don’t have any basis to speculate on the order of releases. Maybe because certain sets of models were considered complete enough to ship first? I really don’t know.

        Chaos Space Marines got an indirect boost with Khorne Daemonkin which implies there are more to come for the other gods. Some of the top level players in our crew our very excited about what they can do with that codex. Maybe Legion specific ones in the future too?

        Personally I agree Dark Angels could use a boost and some points adjustments. Our DA guy is a bit nervous it’ll get messed up but we won’t really know until it happens.

        I think that once everything is brought up to date it will be a long time before there is a massive update again. And when they do, I think they’d be smart to use it as an opportunity to advance the plot and have the new codexes reflect that. For example, I half remember some fluff about each suit of Terminator armor having a fragment of the Emperor’s personal armor embedded within it. What if the Emperor died on the throne but somehow all Terminator armor was boosted to a 4++ Invulnerable save because his essence was dispersed across the universe? Possibly with a points adjustment.

        Ideally, you could continue to use 7th Edition and its attendant codexes to play any game which occurred prior to the Fall of the Empire. 8th Edition would be for any games occurring after. So, your Edition and Codex never expires. Just like you can currently play 30k and 40k.

        Besides, how many times can they keep rewriting the stroke before midnight fluff for new codexes. It’s been done and done well. Time to let the bell toll for the Empire.

        I sincerely hope GW is planning something along those lines.

        Good chatting with you!

  • Joe

    Anyone complaining about two years being short is old and antiquated.
    Two years is 104 weeks.
    With only 1 game per week for two years, you get 104 uses out of your codex.
    At $58 that means each game use of your codex costs you $0.50c.
    If you believe this is expensive, you’re very poor and should focus on fixing your life and income, not on your hobby.
    As a comparison, computer games bring out expansions roughly every 6months and sequels to games every 2 years.
    Please keep up with the times.
    Two years is not a short time at all.

    • ClownBabyROK

      Get out of here, you stinky poors!

  • bigoafno1

    58 bucks? Good thing I don’t buy codices for anything but nids/BA now.