New Imperial Knights On the Way!?


You find the darndest things when you dig around the GW webstore.  Look what one enterprising gamer found:

It looks like Codex Cult Mechanicus may come with some “Big Hitters”…

B&C’s Atia found: 4-20-2015

it looks like two new Knights will be part of this release:Knight Warden:
Knight Crusader:


For those of you who don’t remember, the Wardens (aka Castellans), and Crusaders were the large slow, and heavily armored and armed versions of Knight Armors.  Basically the polar opposite of the light and speedy Knight Lancers.  They hail from waaaaaaaaay back in the days EPIC, and people have been wanting to see them make the jump to 40K since the first Knights were announced.

WD181-Imperial-Knights-2 WD180-Imperial-Knights

Full Cult Mechanicus Roundup

~I’ve been dreaming of a full Knight Household for a while now…

  • Daniel Sundblad

    Now, I must go have a look through old Epic material, but IIRC Wardens were not “a.k.a Castellans”, they were just the characters (not with that term, but ‘leaders’).

    • Wardens were retired Knights who defended the knight worlds. Castellans and Crusaders were quake cannon toting Knights with either a twin lascannon or Gatling autocannon.

    • Houghten

      Epic Wardens certainly didn’t look like Castellans. They were squat, armless shells with the gun on top.

  • But… that Knight looks exactly like the ones already released… or am I being blind? Or is the picture irrelevant and the links are the “source”?

    • lucidum

      That Knight IS the one currently released. They were just using that as a general picture for Imperial Knights.

      • I had just assumed that using a grainy cropped picture from White Dwarf would have been the last choice if you were just going to use the current models. At least I know I’m not missing much now.

  • Me

    Don’t know for sure, but I bet that these come with D strength ranged weapons – just like a certain other knight causing a lot of nerd rage at the moment.

    • Eh, the Castellan/Crusader historically has had a quake cannon, which is just a big basilisk gun; not really a Titan killing artillery piece like the volcano cannon. Wardens generally had either a Demolisher cannon or an AA missile launcher, with heavy bolter and multi-laser arms respectively. Unless GW plans to totally reimagine them, which would be surprising considering the Errant and Paladin were armed like their original counterparts, I wouldn’t suspect a D gun.

      • georgelabour

        Well the warden never got a titan legion redo like the errant/paladin did. Also worth noting the Errant was revised from its original look and role to be basically a paladin with a different gun.

        So if this is a new kit it’s likely going to be a kit that can make a crusader/castlellan AND a new chassis
        called a warden but looking remarkably different from the old adeptus titanicus versions.

        Personally I’m hoping for poseable legs compatible with the paladin kit, but a torso more like the bent over turle warden look instead of the guns on a face shaped mounting style that typified the last iteration of the Crusader/Castlellan.

        • aka_mythos

          I’m actually inclined to believe its the Crusader/Castellan that have been redesigned to have the more balanced look and weapon placement of the Warden. The Crusader/Castellan look a bit silly with a giant shoulder mounted weapon on one side and then a smaller double weapon on the other arm. The model will have a nice heavy slow look to it with one big cannon and 2 larger sponson type weapon mounts in a style similar to the Paladin’s heavy stubbers but on both side.

    • Otter

      Pretty much so the imperial army’s will have something to counter wraith knights with. Other Xenos will remain up the creek.

  • Sparti67

    No more knights! We need squat land trains and imperial guard beastmen!

    • Deathmage

      Screw Squat Trains, any trains! Alright, maybe I love the chaos dwarfs trains too much… TRAINS FOR THE TRAIN GOD! And imperial beastmen? Get on it GW, this instant! Could you tell me which edition this was in, so that I can go and pillage Ebay for the books

      • Lee D Boosey

        The very first Imperial Guard list that I know of appeared in WD 109. And the guard not only had beastmen but penal squads with exploding collars and human bombs too. Unfortunately my army used to end up with very little room to move and was often devastated by a well placed virus grenade :/

    • Gary Morrison

      Ferrus could have brought us hope as he had a leviathan as his transport….. But there was this thing with fulgrim and he kind of lost his head over it… I doubt we will see his transport now.

    • Frank O’Donnell

      I already have ig beastmen & I was using them at the weekend LOl

  • Koszka

    Ewwww. weren’t the wardens the squatty ugly knights with stubby gun arms and a big cannon on top?

  • Shawn

    More knights? Enough is enough. Just FAQ the ones in existence already to have D-Weapons. Boom. Done.

    • lucidum

      ….they DO already have D weapons.

    • Vlad

      I actually can’t wait for it ! The knights are cool and with the existing eldar D weapons we really need them improved !

      • Shawn

        Oh, don’t get me wrong Vlad, I think the knights are cool too. I just don’t want to see 10+ differing variants all on Forge World. It would be simpler just to FAQ the existing ones. If they make only one or two varients, and work well with the Skitarri, I’ll be okay with it.

  • wibbling

    Hang on. I can understand the enthusiasm, but when a page returns 404 it means, not found. Nothing there.

    It isn’t a hidden page, it’s just not there at all. I don’t really understand what you’re reading into this.

    • Artifixprime

      True, but in this case it matters what happens before you get the 404.
      If you enter the URL in your browser and you first get *redirected* to the 404 page (an initial 301 response) then it means that there’s a holding page there that hasn’t been brought live yet.
      It may have been created in their content management system (CMS) already and just needs the redirect to be removed for it to be “live”.
      Hit F12 in Firefox or Chrome and click on Network, then browse to one of these URLs. You should see a 301 redirecting you to the 404 page.

      • wibbling

        On my webserver if I try to go to a page that doesn’t exist, it 404’s me.

        It also changes the case to match that of my page style – to lowercase. This doesn’t imply new models. It just means there’s nothing there ad it redirects, performing (in my case) apache magic in the doing.

    • c0j1r0

      It’s not the 404 page that’s important, it’s the redirect. The fact that it changes the lowercase letters to uppercase means that the web server has a placeholder for the page, even if the page doesn’t exist yet.


  • georgelabour

    So this will likely be another dual kit like the paladin/errant was.

    This means i expect that we’ll see them do what they did with the errant and just make a singular chassis with slightly different weapons. E.G In Titan Legions the errant had a power fist and thermal lance but also a different body styling but its modern incarnation is a paladin with some weapon changes.

    Personally I’m hoping the legs will be more poseable and backwards compatible with the paladin kits. I’m also hoping it looks more like a Warden than the crusader/castellan.

    However I expect we’ll get a more (if not exactly the same sprues) paladin like chassis with bulkier armor but with wing style weapon mounts similar to the crusader/castellan ones from Epic.

    The Warden may dump its old adpetus titanicus concept entirely and mount something like a shield on one arm, and a gatling gun on the other…but that’s just me spewing ideas.

    • Bayne MacGregor

      i also hope for compatible legs, having the ability to swap them and so have some paladin/errants with the other leg forward would help knight armies looks on the table tremendously.

      I am worried they won’t do it, but i am hoping that they will.

  • houseofpaine

    So, just in case I missed it: for all this talk about Electro-Priests, Knights, and a new codex,…anyone have any idea as to the release window?