40K Review: Imperial Knight Warden Kit


Lightning strikes twice – the biggest thing in plastic to happen to 40k for 7th is back. Come see the new Knight!

It’s been just over a year since Games Workshop released the Imperial Knights, they are back with a vengeance! The Knight Warden kit is here, and it’s packing some serious heat with the first full color instruction book, a new upgrade sprue, and decal sheet to boot!

The new box set contains all the parts you need to make all FIVE of the Knight Titan Variants.

Here’s the highlights via Games Workshop

This is a serious, serious bit of kit! Everything you need in order to build one Imperial Knight Warden is included in this box; one complete 147-component Imperial Knight kit and this seventy-four-component upgrade kit. It features three completely new faceplates, a new tilting plate/shield, a set of new Adeptus Mechanicus icons and a frankly insane amount of weaponry: a chest pintle Meltagun, a gatling cannon assembly (with heavy flamer), the infamous Reaper chainsword, a thunderstrike gauntlet, a thermal cannon and a rapid-fire battle cannon – on top of this there are carapace options including rocket pods, missile pods and an anti-air twin Icarus cannon.

If you’re looking for the 40k rules to for all of the new Knights, better pick up the newly revamped 120 page Knight Titan Codex that was part of the same release as well!

The new Knight Warden is currently available for $157.

Big kids love big toys, and these Knights are perfect for big 40k kids.

Get close enough to touch the new Titan models in my first look video reviews below.  If you love our videos, why not click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to our channel?

  • Benderisgreat
    • Aezeal

      AWESOME huge head.

    • Swimpackus

      I can’t wait to order mine. Anyone want to buy my reaver?

      • Benderisgreat

        I dunno, you could team it up with a squad of Knights and take down a Warlord.

        • Swimpackus

          I rarely play. I like to paint and display my work. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever really had fun playing 40k or most board games. Most places where I’ve lived those who go to a flgs or GW store aren’t the type of people I hang around. So invariably we don’t get along.

          • Benderisgreat

            Wait, so you bought a Reaver just to HAVE a Reaver to display?


          • Swimpackus

            Is that so bad? 🙂

          • Benderisgreat

            (looks at shelf full of Figmas and Valkyrie toys). Nah, not bad at all. 😉

          • Swimpackus

            hahaha. I actually want to get rid of my Reaver because I just can’t see myself completing the build any time soon. It’s been cleaned and a few things have been bonded but I can’t muster up the impetus to continue.

          • Benderisgreat

            You should finish it though! If I had one and never worked on it the thing would drive me crazy. Of course, the joy for me has always been in the building of these things, not in having a finished one on the shelf.

          • Swimpackus

            Oh I’m not trying to pitch it on here btw. I will most likely ebay it later this week.

  • Aezeal

    color instruction book = GW don’t waste my cash.

    • Nik Dixon

      It’s actually really helpful. I particularly liked the coloured shading showing the contact patches on the parts, really helpful in getting glue in the right place quickly.

    • BrianDavion

      actually it might be useful, sometimes the black and white instructions have proven annoying to decipher, if I’m spending that much on a mini kit already, clarity is good

    • JP

      Curveball – The codex entries are IN the instruction booklet. Very awesome. Got mine today and that’s very useful.

    • riburn3

      Just put one together and can say the color step by step instructions were some of the easiest to follow that they have ever produced. Plus, throwing in the model’s stats was a nice bonus. I wish i would have had instructions like this when I assembled my Ork Stompa last week.

  • Porty1119

    Is it just me, or do the leg assembly renders look like steampunk otters wearing robes?
    …I need sleep.

  • Boondox

    Are the parts from this one 100% compatible with the original knight?

    • Swimpackus

      Yes. The base knight sans arms is the same kit. Infact it is the same kit plus an extra sprue.

      • Boondox

        Thank you. That is good to know. I can pick a new one up and magnetize the new weapons to fit on my old one…

        • Swimpackus

          Exactly. The low arm from the spin joint downwards is included in the new sprue. It will be difficult to magnetize since it will require a bit of plastic cutting but I am sure it can be done.