40K Rules: The Exalted Court of House Terryn Revealed


No need to spend $800 on new Knight models from Games Workshop to get this (sold out) formation, we’ve got it for you.

Love it or hate it, it looks like GW is testing the waters on exclusive content attached to pricey items.

Their Exalted court of House Terryn datasheet was recently offered to entice hobbyists to purchase the bundle of the same name.

It sold out on release weekend, leaving many interested gamers wondering what the rules were, or how they could ever get them.  Luckily there are some awesome community gamers out there:

Via Spikey Bits Reader J.K Ferrum (who purchased the bundle and loves his new knights).

The Exalted Court Datasheet:




YIKES!, they are all BS/WS5 – and don’t try to get any flyers past The Gatekeeper.  That’ll be a short flight!

Thanks J.K. for both your delicious taste in adult beverages and your benevolence.

  • Secundum

    So…HOW many points is all of that?

    • Houghten

      At a bare minimum, 1870.

      • withershadow

        Which he really should be. I’m surprised he’s not so they can push the you need one of each variant.

        • Houghten

          I think it might be a typo.

    • SamuelBuca

      1920 before upgrades, 2195 at the most if everybody has a Thunderstrike gauntlet, meltagun and a stormspear rocket pod, that’s without any heirlooms…

      • USS Daedalus

        Well and seeing as they all MUST have an Heirloom… even higher.

        • Carnelian

          Incorrect. They can chose to. There is no must.

      • Secundum

        And for that I could take 120 Necron Warriors, then fill out the rest of my points with filler….

        I wonder if this will ever actually see usage? I don’t think I’ve ever lost a game against Imperial Knights when they used more than one-they’re just too much of a points sink imo.

        • Koonitz

          Of course they’re a points sink if they’re up against an army whose standard trooper’s weapon is specifically designed to flay armor to atoms.

          Try seeing if they’re a points sink if your standard trooper can’t damage it.

          This isn’t a rant on Necron overpoweredness. Just that, of course, rock is a point sink if your army is paper.

          • Erik Setzer

            Yep. Orks aren’t going to have fun with this army. The standard Ork answer to armor is power klaws, but they’re almost exclusively on characters, and with these Knights being Characters, they can challenge the Nob/Warboss/whatever and just beat it into a paste before it can attack or force it to not attack as the unit gets destroyed. The only “counter” is using a sacrificial character, and then hoping the PK still can get the job done. There’s some shooting in the Ork army, but a lot of it’s unreliable.

            My Marines and Chaos Marines don’t fare much better, even with lots of lascannons. Still have to hit, get 4+ to do something, then hope there isn’t a 4+ to stop it. Terminators might seem like they could do something, but they’re going to have a tough time with the armor, and strike at the same Initiative as the Stomp attack. Not cheap, either. Drop Pod melta squads seem like a good response, but I’ve seen those bounce off a super-heavy and are then close enough to be murdered, and they’re not cheap, either.

            Khorne Daemonkin? Um… yeah. Hope you get the big stuff into combat. And with the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, pray your opponent isn’t lucky with his Strength D and you’re really lucky with your invulnerable saves, so you can survive to attack.

            I could go on and on. Point is… for Necrons or even Eldar (with all the stuff they have, including Titan-killing infantry units in fast transports), Knights aren’t that tough to handle. For a lot of armies, five Knights will overwhelm their anti-armor capabilities, especially if they’re not tailoring a list to fight Knights. (And remember, a lot of us like to create “all-comers” lists rather than tailor our list. Maybe that’s “old school,” but it feels right.)

          • Secundum

            True. But marines could take a lot of meltaguns for that as well.

        • Cartridge

          I was in a doubles tournament (1250 per person) last summer where one team just brought 3 knights each. They won the whole tournament, only only ever lost 2 knights throughout all their games.

          • V10_Rob

            And the 40K fanboys have the gall to talk trash about how much more epic and huge the battles are than the competition…

          • Cartridge

            Granted, they were the outlier. There was also a team that had nids and orks and probably 200 models between them.

          • Secundum

            What house rules where involved, if any?

          • Cartridge

            1250 per person, 2 people per team. All teams were treated as Battle Bros (so my tau and my partner’s Blood angels had no problems that day). Deployment styles are predetermined, but you still roll for sides. It was two normal rounds, 2.5 hours each, then a special third round where everyone gets a superheavy. If you didn’t have one, they supplied you with a Baneblade. Everyone on one table, every man for himself. Everyone you killed got your team points.

        • BrianDavion

          using necrons as your yardstick is gonna make a LOT of armies come up short

      • Samuel Sanchez

        You can easily fit it in a 2000 pt list. The gauntlet is not better then the reaper sword, the melta guns are unneeded with a list of this much firepower, you can actually use the anti horde gun. At 1920 you really only need the rocket pod for the gate keeper with interceptor and you still have enough points for a relic or another rocket pod or multiple melta guns if you want that instead. The best part of the list is the king is 3++ with reroll 1 ion shield and can pass off pen hits to the paladin.

  • Carnelian

    I would hate to go up against this with a standard 2k list of my dark angels or tyranids

    • Marky

      Have the rules made knights almost immune to plasma and melta? I stopped playing a while ago (when all the flyers came out). used to run a few melta attack bikes and some lascannon dreads, as well as hvy plasma and meltagun tac squads. Would the 5 hvy plasm. & 5 meltagun + 3 meltagun bikes + 3 lascannon dreds stand any chance, or is it pointless?

      • Tesq

        Melta >plasma but no, at least melta works fine on them a luck roll with a metla could became 4 wouds

      • Koonitz

        They’re AV 13/12/12, so plasma is tricky, but can damage. Melta is perfectly effective against it like any other super heavy walker. Just bear in mind the 4++ Ion shield they have.

        • Samuel Sanchez

          4++ with reroll of 1 and the king is 3++ with reroll of 1 and can pass off pen hits to the paladin.

          • Koonitz

            He wasn’t asking about this formation specifically. Just with Knights in general.

          • Evan Miller

            Heck, give the King Sanctuary and he has a 2++ and 5++ on all other facings.

          • withershadow

            Sanctuary gives you a 6++ in uncovered facings only, it is not a +1. The +1 from the court bonuses does not apply to non ion shielded facings. So he would be 3++ on ion shield facing and 6++ on other 3.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Rules for sanctuary state sanctuary is considered an ion shield.
            The front shield is the ion shield
            And the other 3 facings are considered the sanctuary invul save.
            But you still have to go back to the first line in the rule.
            Sanctuary is considered an ion shield.
            Thus 3++ and 5++.

          • Evan Miller

            Oh, you’re right. It doesn’t give the bonus, but he gets a bonus from his formation rules. However, since Sanctuary is an Ion Shield that gives protection on other facings, it most definitely Italy will be 5++ on other facings.

          • withershadow

            Right about the 5++ on uncovered facings, that may be nicer than IWND for survivability (and give the Bullet Sponge paladin IWND).

            A 2++ reroll 1s on a Knight would be wrong lol.

  • Azhrarn

    Oddly enough, that bundle isn’t sold out on the UK version of the site… 😉

  • Majere613

    I’m pleased to see that it’s limited to a particular combination of Knights. I was concerned that it would just be a better version of the standard Exalted Court, which in some ways it is, but the extra restriction goes some way towards evening that out.

  • Haighus

    Er, not sure why the Gatekeeper is so good against Flyers.. his main weapon is a Blast firing meltagun. Drop-podding Marines and pretty much every other Deep Striking alpha strike unit should be more worried though.

    • jfl1

      I have no idea what he’s talking about honestly. It’s an intercepter blast… Maybe with a missile launcher? Even then it’s not sky fire so I’d hardly be worried

      • Koonitz

        And the Skyfire carapace weapon already has interceptor.

        The Gatekeeper is there to protect against deepstriking Terminators. After all, you don’t want to bring a 200+ point squad of Terminators in a nice, tightly bunched pack, against an intercepting large blast melta weapon that can shoot you before you can run to spread out.

        • Samuel Sanchez

          The gatekeeper is good for s missle pod to kill drop pod armies and the judgement with sky fire carapace is good for anti flyers. The reaper autocannon is still good vs flyers or anything really. But with those 2 upgrades your close to 2k pts and can likely only chose 1 more relic or 1 more shoulder mount.

      • Lewismauler

        Twin linked Icarus auto cannon sky fire

  • withershadow

    You are a terrible poster and you never know the rules.

  • georgelabour

    Tough call between this or the normal exalted court. Heck even the baronial one has its pros and cons at this level.

    One lets me tailor the knights to my personal whimsy, but this one gives some very nice bonuses.

    That should say something about how well done the base codex is I think.

  • Evan Miller

    Flyers can get past the Gatekeeper just fine. He doesn’t have Skyfire.

    • Houghten

      He does if you take the twin autocannon.