40K RUMORS: Space Marine Unit Changes



The latest round of Space Marine codex rumors are doing the rounds.  Come get the latest info out there!

via Steve the Warboss 5-5-2015

-Chapter Tactics remains
-Chapter Tactics unlock Characters and exclusive Relics
-Legion of the Damned are gone
-The Vanguard will be Fast Attack
-Black Templar are gone
(Black Templars are not “gone” in the Fluff and from the Universe, they will be only removed from the Codex Space Marines. Templars will become soon or later a own Codex again. For this Time you can use the current codex.)

Space Marine Captain
-5 points cheaper
-Chapter Master is now a upgrade for the captain

Maneus Calgar
-Is now a Lord of War

Iron Hands Character
-New Character
-Special Thunder Hammer with Area Damage
-Melta and Flamer combined Weapon

Space Marine Librarian
-Lexicanium is the base profile
-5 points cheaper
-Can be upgraded to a Codicier or a Episolary

Space Marine Command Squad
-Bike or Jump Pack option remains
-Honour Guard is gone
-Command Squads in Power Armour can be 5-9 Models large, not only 5

Terminator Command Squad
-Only when a Terminator Captain is in the Dettachment
-3 to 9 Terminators

Tactical Squad
-1 point cheaper per Marine

Land Speeder
-Can join Units with Bikes when the LS Squadron includes only one Model

-Predators, Vindicators and Whirlwinds can form Squadrons of 1-3 Tanks
-No Land Raider Squadrons in the Codex
-Land Raider Redeemer and Crusade are Fast Attack

-Three in one Codex
-Codex Astartes Battle Company
-Raven Guard Strike Squadron (can only chosen by armies with the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics)
-White Scars Hunting Party (can only chosen by armies with the White Scars Chapter Tactics)


via Steve the Warboss 5-4-2015

Chapter-specific Boxed Sets coming alongside new Space Marine Codex:-Ultramarines Sternguard Squad
-Raven Guard Assault Squad
-White Scars Bike Squad
-Salamanders Devastator Squad


Space Marine Roundup

~Hmm, it looks like GW could eventually end up with lots of chapter specific kits for the 1st founding Chapters – very cool!




  • Djbz

    “-Land Raider Redeemer and Crusade are Fast Attack”

    Nope, don’t believe it

    • Matthew

      I play Eldar… anything is possible.

    • Sh4d0wProph3t

      And if they can squadron, that’s 18 Land Raiders in one CAD. Given the examples set by Codex:Eldar – with the prevelance of D weaponry, I think it’s fair to say GW are looking to scale up the game (and so sales) without increasing the already considerable game length.

      I suggest (while far from convinced myself) it’s more plausible than you’d think.

      • Azrell

        how would they know? that would have required play testing or critical thinking skills to achieve.

        • Purple-Stater

          I’d say “by listening to player’s/customer’s comments but….

      • aurenian

        So at that point you’re playing over 4000pts and the possiblity is pointless.

    • Secundum

      It’s not as bad as it used to be a few editions ago, where you could take about 12 Land Raiders as dedicated transports…

      • Houghten

        You still can, as long as you’re using Black Templar Chapter Tactics and at least six of them are Crusaders (those ones go on the Crusader Squads, funnily enough. Then your Terminators and / or Assault Centurions can have three and your Devastator Centurions can have three more).

      • Ebsolom

        That was only Blood Angels

    • Max Knickerbocker

      No way …. they will stay under Heavy Support or as dedicated transports for Termies.

  • crevab

    Sounds like complete wishlisting. Come back when you have anything substantive.

    • Spacefrisian

      My wishlisting would be that Tact marines get 2 special or 2 heavy weapons (or a mix, eg 1 per 5) and combat weapon options, but doubt that will happen any time soon. But that seems to be to much asked for several years now.

  • Another Biased Opinion

    I get the feeling that my Blood Angels Codex is going to be completely out of date

    • Galaxy S40,000

      10 second old codex marked as obsolete

    • Sh4d0wProph3t

      Hmmm… I don’t think we (BA players) will be missing out. I play at 1500 points and a squadron of Baal predators won’t benefit me due to points being tight enough with a Stormraven and two Baals in heavy support already.

      The rumoured price drop will annoy me slightly but it’s not the end of the world. My only concern will be ‘boring marines’ getting access to weapons that instantly remove units if the Eldar precedent is anything to go by.

      • lol. He just said his two Baals were in heavy support. I swear I’m not normally that immature, but today it just struck me. Don’t judge.

        • Houghten

          Two weeks, iso-cubes.

          • Tynskel

            that movie is so awesome.

        • Sh4d0wProph3t

          Hahaha! I wish I could give you more than +1 for that!

      • A squadron of baals won’t benefit you when everyone else already brings a sicarin to the fight

    • Luke Wratten

      My Adepta Sororitas weep for you.

  • moonshadow101

    Iron Hands character? Now’s the moment of truth, whether they roll back the Raukaan Retcons or double-down on that awful garbage.

    • crevab

      I never really went through it. What did they change? I’d heard they switched which hand gets cut. What else?

      • Nathaniel Wright

        A lot of people are complaining that Raukaan were being treated as thugs for the Mechanicus. Personally, I was fine with it, playing up the connection to Mars felt right to me.

      • Sh4d0wProph3t

        I think it was that they’re codex astartes compliant and have chaplains. Cant remember for sure. I only read the fluff once and just remember being annoyed by it.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        according to the old fluff each company was more or less independent with their own scouts etc living on their own massive tracked land leviathon, occasionally different companies might even come to blows. There is no chapter master just a loose committee (the Iron Council), they maintained a private army of pdf (can’t remember the name, its in WD 252). They used to have sergeants who could wear Terminator armour instead of terminator squads and techmarines were integrated into squads.

      • moonshadow101

        Knight’s reply has the bulk of it. The main issue is the company structure: previously, every clan-company effectively functioned as a miniature chapter. Raukaan swept all of that unique structure away and replaced it with standard codex structure.

        The hand thing, incidentally, isn’t a big deal, since they’ve never actually been very consistent about that.

  • I really want alot of this to be true…

  • Jared van Kell

    Steve the Warboss has a poor record when it comes to rumours. Add a lot of salt to anything he posts.

    • amaximus167

      What are you talking about, this totally happened…

      “Chaos release coming in MARCH

      -New Khorne Berzerker Box
      -Khorne Berzerker on Juggers Box
      -Chaos Lord of Khorne Clam Pack”

      • Jared van Kell

        Yes, but what you do not realise is that when he had released that information, the fact that a Chaos release focused on Khorne was due out in March had already been hinted at by more reliable rumour-mongers. No new Khorne Beserkers, no new Berserkers on Juggernauts and no new Chaos Lord of Khorne clam pack.

        As it stands his track record remains pretty poor in terms of reliability of information.

        • amaximus167

          Yes, but what you do not realize is that my post was total sarcasm. I am not sure how you didn’t see it since none of the things I copy and pasted happened…

          • Jared van Kell

            Probably because my sarcasm detector (brain) is broken right now due to being exceptionally tired and not having my twin angels of caffeine and glucose nearby to remedy that situation (sob).

          • amaximus167

            I feel your pain.

            I have had to learn the hard way to never go to the comments section with out caffeine…

          • LOL yahhh. Its lack of caffeine…

  • ieyke

    “Maneus Calgar
    -Is now a Lord of War”

    Damn right he is.

    • Djbz

      Well every other Chapter Master has been made into a Lord of War in 7th edition.
      Now if the one that is basically a 4 wound Captain isn’t also made a LOW…..

      • nurglitch

        A W4 Captain? Have you even read Calgar’s rules?

        • Djbz

          I meant the “Generic” Chapter master not Calgar (I probably could have worded it better)

          • An_Enemy

            You mean every Chapter doesn’t have two or three Chapter Masters? Whaaaaat?

          • Houghten

            I use “Chapter Masters” as my Captains and “Captains” as my Lieutenants.

          • Djbz

            Now I’m missing the old Lieutenant type HQ’s. (And questioning why Space-wolves got to keep theirs)

      • Eric

        And Azrael is just sitting here not GAF in his 40 man Guard blob

    • generalchaos34

      ahem, according to his abilities Marneus Calgar is a “God of War” *pushes up glasses*

    • Azrell

      So now he can punch a Wraith Knight to death instead of a Avatar?

      Also why are chapter masters LOW choices when phoenix lords are not?

      • Mr_Pickles

        because Ghazkull Thraka is a LOW as well…

      • Jet Voidweller

        It might be because like 10 lords of war would be very silly.

  • crevab

    Hmm, but if… IF… Space Marines got a crazy boost I’d wonder how much the Eldar/Necron complaints would drop.

    See how many folks are annoyed on the principle or just that their own toys aren’t as good

  • CMAngelos

    I dunno all of this sounds like utter bollocks to me.

    • John Bower

      MC being a lord of war I can believe; it is coming next codex for sure.

      • Kevin Buesse

        I’d honestly be surprised if Pedro Cantor and any other “chapter master” didn’t all become LoW. It’s been the trend. I mean if Gabriel Seth merits LoW then even the generic Chapter Master choice does too.

        • Shiwan8

          You honestly think that they will be in it? DE, remember DE.

          • Matthew Everhart

            The only reason they removed DE characters that didn’t have models. Since Pedro Cantor has a model, I doubt they will remove him.

          • Shiwan8

            That’s the theory. GW is also in theory supposed to know what it is doing.

          • An_Enemy

            Only codex without a LoW(could be wrong)…removed a character that had a model. Nerfed the characters that they left in the book. Made them glorified taxi drivers for more points that a Librarian.

            Now a lot of us take a HQ thats a 10pt retinue member that’s supposed to stay out the fight at all costs.

            Do not underestimate GW.

        • Azrell

          But GW dosnt think like that. they have a marketing team designing those books now. So its one LOW choice per book.

          Example: phoenix lords.

          • Djbz

            Orks, Blood Angels and Eldar got 2 LOW’s each.

        • John Bower

          They only did it so people can say “Well if I can’t have my Baneblade you can’t take Gazghull …” And make LoW acceptable in normal games.

  • Lewis Everitt

    I really like the idea of removing things to sell back later, as a customer it’s what I would want. I’m happy to pay for the extra fluff, it’s great and hopefully I’ll get the chance to do it all again in a few months when they re-release it. Brilliant!

  • Kyle Hestand

    Sigh. A point drop for TAC marines. So they will cost the same as the blatantly inferior chaos space marines. Oh and more transport options, trollolol.

    • nurglitch

      Chaos Space Marines are blatantly inferior?

      • Djbz

        Loyalists get ATSKNF + Chapter Tactics (Chaos equivalents cost at least 3pts/model)
        How does that not make them inferior?

        • nurglitch

          ATSKNF only seems to work when you’re either losing, that is to say “failing morale tests,” or facing Fear-causing units, which is virtually never an issue. They can also swap their boltguns for close combat weapons, take two special weapons per squad, and gain additional benefits for winning challenges.

          • Kyle Hestand

            I have seen ATSKNF save units for people. It is one of the best special rules in the game. Narrow close combat results that the imperial marines lose by 1 or 2, and ATSKNF save the rest of the unit from getting swept and annihilated. Never mind all the other benefits. ATSKNF is better than fearless, as you can still go to ground, you can fall back from unwinnable combats through our weapons are useless and can always regroup.

          • petrow84

            “ou can fall back from unwinnable combats”
            Unless you’re a Dark Angel.

          • nurglitch

            With a rule like that, how could you even lose combat?

          • Mike Siegmund

            And are forced into challenges that you might lose and even if you win become a spawn tell me again how chaos is not weaker

          • Heritor

            Pfft, you have an equal chance of having that champion turned into a Daemon Prince. Seeing how you must roll a 21 or 22 via 2 D6 while you must roll a 65-66 the daemon prince. Either way it must really suck to have an army with drawbacks.. you know because all armies should have zero weaknesses whatsoever. Especially, Chaos.. lets just all go back to 3rd edition with champions that generated 8 powerfist attacks and give chaos a special rule so your champions cannot get picked out. That would be cool right?!

          • Shiwan8

            Or we could think big. Like REALLY big. Imagine a situation where CSM would get eaqual bang for their buck for the exact same units marines get. You know, not having to pay 100p for a 5 man squad that’s almost as good as a 70p bare bones tactical squad without chapter tactics. That’s actually what CSM does all over the codex. Pays about 30% more to get same results with marines. You think that is reasonable?

          • Azrell

            Can i get extra CC weapons on my tac squad or marks? didnt think so, CSMs are ok. Not great but ok.

          • Shiwan8

            Do I get them for free like ATSKNF, combat squads, access to drop pods and not being forced to kill of my characters? Nope. If I did then things would be roughly equal.

          • Heritor

            That is an outright lie. A tac squad of Salamanders for example only only get a benefit of their chapter tactics if they take flamers. Black Templars chapter tactics make them lose Librarians and since Adamantium Will was made with 6th ed in mind they go from having a passive +5 against psyker attacks to getting +1 with their little dice pool against psyker maledictions.

            Bolter Drill is probably the best for tac squads and that doesn’t make up for the cost disparity. A Chaos Space Marines has the exact same stats and load out a space marine. If you compare Space Marine Tac Squad vs CSM squad this is what you get. A 10 man squad of SMs is 140 and must pay 10pts more for a Vet Sergeant to get leadership 9 making them 150pts for the Vet. CSMs a full 10 man is 130pts and gets a Champion for free.. So a SM squad right there is 20pts more expensive if they want leadership 9. You can have a bare bones CSM 10 man squad with 2 melta guns for the price of a marine squad with just a Vet sergeant..

            Again the stats of a CSM is the exact same as a SM so your absurd statements are just that absurd. You can pump out more damage for less pts. The only issue here is ATSKNF and Combat squads which means the Space Marines can take losses easier than CSMs… thats is about it. Offensively, the CSMs are better for the pts. They do more damage and are just as tough, and get the same armor save.

          • Shiwan8

            Really? A lie? Is it now? Let me enlighten your ignorant mind

            Bare bones tactical squad is 70p. CSM squad with IoV is 100p. The difference between these 2 is that ATSKNF is infinitely better than Fearless and the IoV can be sniped out, marine sergeant does not have to commit suicide unlike CSM and marines can combat squad. The same difference is present consistently over the codex. For CSM to be comparable to loyalists, the IoV is mandatory and that’s not counting the chapter tactics. Oh, and then there is the fact that loyalists can not be sweeping advanced after losing the combat by 1.

            I suggest you learn the things you are about to speak of before you start speaking.

          • Heritor

            One, you do not have to give them LoV. It isn’t needed and the fact that you act like Fearless is such a needed thing when most armies outside of SMs are at the mercy of Ld speaks volumes for your inability to play. Last I have seen the top tier armies in Tourney are not Space Marines and infact are armies that at the mercy of their leadership results. This fact blows away any argument you can make about Space Marines being better as Leadership only comes into play when you are LOSING.

            Second, the 5 man cost of a CSM squad is 75pts and they get ld 9 while the cost of a SM squad is 70pts but would need a Vet for the cost of 10pts extra points to have Ld9. Its funny that you are arguing 5 man instead of ten man, which means you are attempting to blind the reader from the fact at 10 man the cost of Space Marines is more expensive than CSM. Who cares about having LoV or fearless. Who does more damage output? The CSMs.. they have more offensive capabilities and that is what you are trying to play down.

            Also to your Marine Sergeant excuse. The Marine sergeant doesn’t have the opportunity to gain buffs for winning a challenge , he cannot become a Daemon Prince on a good roll, he cannot gain anything but his own death. Also, your opponent doesn’t have to accept the challenge, your champions have to issue it (OH CRY ME RIVER), but then if you don’t want to issue challenges in CC than you are a fool. Any character that declines the challenge cannot participate in CC because they suffer from REFUSING TO ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. I am guessing you did not know that rule because it means anyone who decides not to accept literally loses that characters ability to fight in that combat scene. The character that issues the challenge then can attack the squad with no fear of the Character who refused to fight.

            I suggest you learn about what you are talking about before you post such ignorance.

          • Shiwan8

            Yes you do. The comparison is not possible if we do not make them as equal to one another as possible. It has nothing to do with my skills, though I understand that you see that you are wrong, can not admit it and think that if you insult me your arbitrary claim somehow gains merit.

            The other armies have troops without fearless, sure, but most of them are also a lot cheaper while being mostly better. Even those get the fearless more often than not and usually in an infinitely better form. An example of this would be the priest with AM.

            Those armies that are without fearless that were on top before the new eldar came along were nids (synapse = fearless) and eldar (tanks do not have an LD stat, WK was fearless). So, essentially fearless across the board. But hey, you are free to ignore the facts. It’s not a crime.

            5 man CSM squad has LD8, it’s the suicidal champion that has LD9. Since he is the first one to die anyway his LD means nothing. The 10 man CSM squad is still 165 points (with the mandatory IoV) and that’s 25 points less than same size loyalist squad that has better morale rules, combat squads and better weapon options, oh, and transports that CSM have none of (rhino is a free first blood, not a transport).
            I’m pretty sure that shooting terminators with grav weapons and plasmacannon is more efficient than shooting them with 3 meltas.
            The fact is that a CSM has exactly equal combat capability as a tactical marine. There is no difference at all. The difference comes from tactical marines costing less and getting more tools than CSM. This is a fact. You can deny it all you want, but it is still a fact.

            Sure, the sergeant can not get buffs from winning, but that is hardly a meaningful point since the champion will not win. It’s just as hard to kill as a marine sergeant and we both know those die to a light breeze. The chance of becoming a daemon prince is 1/18. You seem to think it’s a choice that can be made every time. It is not. If it was, your point would be valid.
            Why would I want to issue a challenge that is harder to win than a lottery. That is the average situation. It could be the “smashf*ker”, hive tyrant or something like that, but there is no way the opponent is stupid enough to feed the champion with something even more squishy than it is. At least my opponents are not.
            What you seem to not know is that when the champion dies in that challenge the rest of the attacks bleed over to the squad, so, essentially the lone challenger that just pushed over the champion essentially kills another 1-2 CSM, then they run and get killed.

            It’s hilarious how you still try to insult me when I’ve just proven that you have serious gaps in your knowledge and tactical thinking. Go, learn and lets talk more after that.

          • Mike Siegmund

            I never claimed that I was pointing out that the challenge rule is not an advantage and CSM are one of the weaker codex

          • Heritor

            except, if your CSM wins a challenge than he is more likely to get extra buffs. The only time you have to fear losing a challenge is against what? Dark Eldar and Grey Knights? Its a 50/50 against other marines, its almost assured against Imp Guard, Tau, and Necrons, and Eldar it depends on which aspect you slam into. Also, we aren’t even talking about HQ units who can generate more attacks than their Space Marine equivalent.

          • nurglitch

            Because you should challenge anyways, and you might become a Daemon Prince.

          • Kevin Buesse

            ATSKNF is the reason people laugh and laugh at the Fear rule. Most armies in the game outright ignore fear. It also prevents numerous negative leadership issues, and saves marines from sweeping advances.

            More importantly marines also get chapter tactics, how much would a chaos marine pay to get a 6+ FNP on all his models? Or even just furious charge.

            Instead they are saddled with a rule that offer minimal tangible benefits, and a huge downside. Yes you might win that challenge, and might get a useful skill, or you might not. You also might be forced into a lopsided fight that no one outside of a Khornate would think was a good idea.

            Yes in terms of rules and options the Chaos Marines fall behind their loyalist counterparts pretty badly. Also Why are they saddled with codex like limitations of only a special and heavy weapon per unit when they can take up to twenty marines? Why can’t they have up to two of each or four of one type when you take all 20?

          • Kyle Hestand

            Yeah, imagine if marks were free like chapter tactics. I mean we know they won’t be when the codex is updated but imagine.

          • Kevin Buesse

            More importnatly if GW would just stop clinging to legacy pricing of units. CSM are not the same value as SM they just aren’t. So unless you’re offering a free USR and a small points drop they will never be the same. ALso you’d never see marks for free as they aren’t equally valuable. I’d almost always take Nurgle over the others especially Tzeentch on any basic marine.

            But if CSM were costed at 10-11 points they’d be about right, also allow up to 4 heavy or special weapons for every 5 you take, and I’d bet we’d see more.

          • crevab

            10 points? No

          • Shiwan8

            That’s their legitimate worth. They have no transports, they run away easily, they can’t combat squad and have no chapter tactics. 10p is pretty accurate.

          • An_Enemy

            They can’t take Rhinos anymore?

            Making them 10 pts would make them 2 pts more than a DE Warrior that’s S3/T3/5+ and LD 8. Get real. Wouldn’t it make them cheaper than a sister of battle too? How much is an Ork boy nowadays?

            Loyalist Marines get too many rules for free. Fixing that doesn’t involve making a slightly weaker variant cost as much as other vastly weaker factions.

          • Shiwan8

            Since when was Rhino a viable transport for melee troops? Make no mistake, that is what the CSM are. In a world where shots are so nomerous that armor does not matter or they just ignore it, 3+ is not enough for assault troops and that leaves assault vehicles/drop pods which CSM does not get = no transports.

            Most marines are bad. They were even before the eldar came out. It’s not that marines are too cheap for what they get. It’s that despite that they are still one of the worst infantry units in the game because of their cost. CSM would be the worst, costing more than marines, getting less and having rules that only hinder them.

            Boyz are 5 or 6 points.

          • Mr_Pickles

            Ork slugga boy is 6 points per model, and an Ork Shoota boy is 7 points per model… Mob rule also got changed, so Orks are not Fearless. They just have an extra roll and table to consider when making Morale and Pinning.

          • An_Enemy

            You’re a funny guy.

          • Shiwan8

            The thing is, they could in theory challenge the marines at that point and GW will never let that happen. Look at Daemonkin. (Almost) no-one ever played regular marines. They suck at everything compared to their cost. Now you are forced to use them because you can not use the last 2 tithe abilites with daemons. In stead of making them valid, they are just as bad as before and cost 2p more per model than before. Also they run every time thanks to not being able to use IoV.
            Their cost is impossible to justify. Still people at GW think that they are so good they are viable, which everyone knows is not true.

          • John Bower

            Such is the price of following that scumbag Abaddon. 🙂

          • silentRaven

            I’m ready to Goatboy my armies over to the Loyalists and get some of that Loyalist Battlebrother Ally cheese on.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Chaos, hmmm can’t afford losses on the way in, can’t win at range, no viable transport options. Genius.

          • silentRaven

            If ATSKNF was tied directly to the sargent, so that when he died-say in a challenge-the Fear rules might find themselves more effective.

          • nurglitch

            With astute strategic assessment like that, it’s no wonder you blame your tools rather than your own skill.

          • An_Enemy

            Check your Astartes privilege dude.

          • Clifton Jackson

            i signed in just to upvote this.

          • nurglitch

            I’m Chaos Space Marines all the way.

          • Brettila

            Being forced to challenge sucks big, floppy, donkey schuff. And yes, Chaos marines are decidedly inferior. That is why they never see the table any more. Plague Marines, yes. And They Shall Know No Rules is the best rule in the game. Chapter Tactics isn’t far behind. They SHOULD NOT be the same cast as Chaos.

          • David Seed

            hahaha. you guys are out of your minds! my GUARDSMEN are 5pts each. so when my books come, i want 3 pt models? cause right now a guardsmen with a grenadelauncher is the price of you super soldier

          • nurglitch

            I guess we’ll have to disagree.

  • Marek Gackiewicz

    No honour guards? Come on! I’ve made a whole squad of these guys 🙁

    • nurglitch

      Like everything else the content being removed will be added back later with extra fancy stuff, or already exists elsewhere…with extra fancy stuff.

    • Cary Gould

      I have also made up an honor guard for my Imperial Fists out of various kits.

    • petrow84

      My Sword Brethren are acting now as honour guards… Ehh, now I’ll need 5 Crusader Squads to have place for all of ’em… Oh, wait…

  • Rob Turnbull

    Unsubstantiated fantasy!

    • Houghten

      No, no, this is 40k.

      • Rob Turnbull


  • Chris. K Cook

    I think I just had a salt overdose.

  • ElGigante

    Not buying the return of Templars as a separate codex.

    • D. B.

      Why? I mean, virtually everything remotely popular seems to either get their own Codex, Dataslate, or Formation.

      • jonathon

        because just like dark and blood angels, the templar are represented perfectly fine by Codex: Space Marines & there is no need to have an extra book. (Note that Need doesn’t necessarily mean they wont sell you an extra 60CAD book…)

        • Kevin Buesse

          The real shame of the BA book, besides the bull with them losing jump troops as troop choices, was that there wasn’t more effort put into differentiating the chapter tactics. They seem to have two semi distinct factions of the blood angels in the book with BA and Flesh Tearers, but they did nothing to really differentiate them.

          It was pointless and lazy, but i guess that was in keeping with the blandizing of codicies. But sales were down drop the scheme and pump out Necrons and Eldar.

          • Cary Gould

            I think BA vehicles should have gotten “fast” for free in addition to furious charge as their chapter tactic.

  • benn grimm

    I predict multi meltas and heavy bolters available to all bikers, every marine gets a special weapon for free if you take terminators in a special formation; ‘terminatus extremist prejudisticus?’ and grav becomes D….less rules to remember y’know…;)

  • EwanPorteous

    I would just like too see three things change:
    1. Any rhino hull based vehicle be available to take in squadrons.
    2. Be able to take up to ten heavy weapons in a devastator squad. (This one has always annoyed me that you couldn’t)
    3. Landspeeder and attack bikes squadrons can take 5 models.

    • Andrew Thomas

      1 & 2 are a little silly, 3, in light of the DA codex, should be a given, at least for the Land Speeders.

  • Koszka

    “Jump pack command squad remain”…. What codex are you reading?

    Also, can we get some new article writers for this site? I feel like we’ve been wish listed and regurgitated news on a daily basis.

    Maybe if BoLS catered to more than just 40k they could could broader audience. Also, being a 40k centric individual, can we see more tactics articles ( not just the new hotness), hobby related articles, and more fleshed out tournament coverage?

    • They do what they want. Dont waste yer time bud

    • Enlightened Sons

      Maybe “Bike or Jump Pack option remains” means that Jump pack Command squads are now a thing.

  • silentRaven

    Damn, so a tac marine costs the same as a CSM (before buying marks, their army-wide special rule, or close combat weapons)?

    That’s cold GeeDub. If they can take two specials…why do I play chaos?

    • G Ullrich

      For the Emperor you heretic!

  • Francois Sanchez

    Tac point drop…
    *Looks at his CSM… cries and goes hide in a cave*

  • withershadow

    How about a 10-point discount on Terminators? Or W2?

    • An_Enemy

      Is this sarcasm? I honestly can’t tell.

      • withershadow

        Serious as a heart attack.

      • petrow84

        Considering the point values of the WolfGuard and GK termies, I would not rule out a 6-8 point drop upon the standard terminator squad.

        • Stormxlr

          Alll 40+ point models have either T6 or 2 Wounds. I would be fine if Terminator armor provided an extra wound for current price. Would actually make sense.

  • Phillip Bloodgod

    Let`s see how much is true.
    BT’s own Codex is nice, however I just finished my BT Honourguard, I’ll be mad if I loose those Drop Pod riders of Doom

  • Max Knickerbocker

    I am looking forward to the White Scars bike squad. I already have a White Scars army built around bikes, speeders and dedicated transports. Ko’saro Khan is my warlord. The White Scars “Hunting Party” might be very interesting as well.

  • Shawn

    It will be just another bland Codex with nothing impressive except maybe the possibility of limited squadron choices. I see nothing in these rumors that will make Space Marine any better really. I don’t see any “D” weapon choices of any type. My only hope is that 95% of this rumor is garbage.

    • Brettila

      Yeah, because those 75 shots-per-dude grav weapons aren’t deadly or anything…

      • David Seed

        get all the D you want outa Fworld

  • Renegades

    Salt please… by the truck load.

  • Rufus Noris

    and in other news: stocks in Santa’s Village PLC reached a record high today. Whilst the Easter bunny continues discussions about a possible merging with Valentines day INC.

  • Joshua Overbeck

    Honestly sounds like Wish Listing…

    Ideally they’ll keep Chapter Tactics, and have Formations like the Warhost/Decurion as the ‘Astartes Strike Force’ and let you choose between a Scout/Tactical/Bike formation for your ‘core’ choice, with a Captain and something fluffy that fits with the other three. Probably a land speeder squadron or something.

    But who knows what the Force Org will look like, since they are pushing Formations so hard.

  • JP

    Vindicator Line Breaker Squadrons. Nuff said.

  • Boondox

    Does the Chapter Masters command squad get the option for terminator armor?

    • Andrew Thomas

      Uh, separate squad, not dependent on the kind of IC they’re attached to, beyond needing Terminator Armor?

      • Boondox

        I’m not sure what you’re asking and I’m not familiar with the acronym IC. (Sorry, I’m in Afghanistan and all my books are at home)

        • Andrew Thomas

          IC=Independent Character. Rhetorical question, attempting to reiterate the rumor in the above article.

  • Master Sheol

    Having a growing CF army i would like to believe these rumors but Three things tell me they are mostly fake…
    First the LRC and LRR as fast Attack are nonsense…
    Second the thing that jumppacks For CS remaibs when they dont have this option now
    Third the BT thing: How am i supposed to start them after the new codex is out of the il Will be OOP?

    • life of adept brian

      … Unless they slide Codex: Black Templars out the door first (as they did with Militarum Tempestus)

      • Master Sheol

        Yes this would be the best thing to do… 😉

      • Stormxlr

        So you want to say they will be test marine codex instead of DA now :O!

  • Salty Ron

    Guys, hold your horses, this is from Steve the Warboss. We’ll be lucky if he gets anything right.

  • Hans Johansson

    nooo superfluff Legion of the damned gone?! 🙁 Makes me sad, I liked them to much

    • Jake Nolan

      Probably another “supplement” *cough, way to make more money off the same product, cough*

  • The Honor Guard better NOT disappear!!! I’ve got almost 20 of those buggers and I can’t think of another unit they can replace (maybe Sternguard?). That’s Pimp-master Calgar’s Entourage!!!

    • Boondox

      I would hope that if a CPT can be upgraded to a Chapter Master that means his command squad now be the equivalent to an honor guard?

      • Andrew Thomas

        Probably elements of the latter. Will likely be more like Wolf Guard or Chosen than what they are now.

  • Christopher Saldaña

    About the Librarian, what does he mean by Lexicanium is the base profile? Isn’t that a Space Hulk character?

    • Andrew Thomas

      ML 1, Sergeant-level statline, like the 1000 Sons Aspiring Sorcerer. For easier buy in when Allying.

  • Master Avoghai

    Speeders joining with bikes?

    Either it’s applying DA rules to vanilla or it’s a complete non sense!

    They want a vehicule mixing with infantry models? No way!

    The probleme is that it mixes obvious changes (like LoTD gone or Calgar LoW ) that is likely to happen, with wishlisting to give the feeling that wishlisting is true too.

  • Hazzmat

    i just wanna hear some stuff for Imperial/Crimson Fists.

    Tactical Marines need more than just a tiny points decrease.

    • Boondox

      I’m hoping Pedro Kantor gets the option for terminator armor…

      • Jake Nolan

        Would be cool, or just use Marneus Calgar as a proxy with Armor of Antiliocus. 2 Bolters, 2 Power Fists, large veteran honor guard host.

  • Tesq

    space marine – 1 point, it seems some gw legit tougth, also i bet csm troop in next codex will cost 1 point more, because we can take marks, so we should be happy to be able to actually spend to be able to spend.

  • Connor Bateman

    Current battle plan is to put my new Space Wolves and my White Scars (which were shelved for being a little boring) together into a larger army, for larger games, with potentially an Imperial Knight (i’m thinking the Crusader, not sure if I want more melee) to tie it all together. Might be interesting to join Land Speeders to bike squads, so when i start combat squadding, the Grav Bikers go one way and the Attack Bike with a multi-melta can be joined with the Speeder. Sounds quite interesting….but I’m not sure if it will actually work in any capacity. Will be interested to see if there are any changes to the White Scar chapter tactics, considering the changes to Jink in 7th ed. Will they become better, worse, or stay the same?

  • I’m surprisingly okay with these rumors. They must not be true.

  • HellBane

    I’m going to stop buying books at this rate. Rumor has it there’s this thing called the internet I can find copies of it on. This’ll be $200 I’ve spent on books that get replaced within 2 years. This is BS.

  • Swimpackus

    This makes me wonder what they are going to do to Space Wolves when their time comes armound again. (r.e. Next Year)

  • highwind

    Rofl @ 13pt tactical marines…

  • JonRobertos

    I will be seriously annoyed if they get rid of the Legion of the Damned, especially as I’ve just commissioned for a “Legion Ascendant” to be painted for me as my centre piece!! They’re so cool!!

  • Andrew Thomas

    The Platoon is dead. LONG LIVE THE PLATOON.

  • “Hey, that Blood Angels Codex we just released a few months ago, where we changed the force org to be detrimental and harder to use. Lets crap all over that with new Space Marines”