New Mechanicus Codex Unveiled



The new book is out there today, already int he hands of some lucky gamers. Checkout the new Cult Mechanicus Codex!

Via 5-28-2015

Get our your German to English translators, the Cult Mechanicus is HERE!

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Cult Mechanicus Roundup

  • BT

    I don’t know German. 🙁

    • Commissar Molotov

      It’s still fun to yell out in an angry-sounding voice.


      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


    • Porky_Poster

      It’s easy enough to learn. Work a few minutes a day into your routine and this time next edition you might be fluent. Come for the leaky dex snippets, stay for the centuries of written culture, fuller contact with millions of people and better connections with an economic powerhouse or two.

      • LordKrungharr

        dies ist kein silikongummi….as I pointed to the Battle Sister’s boobs.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      I know a little german.

  • Odsox


    Wasn’t he an ork special character…?

  • moonshadow101

    I suspect the chart in the third image is going to be expanded at some point.

  • Jacob

    Real rough google translation of command benefit: “Holy Choir: If your army one or more quotas with this contains special rule , you can once per game a hymn of Omnissiah that your army has previously been used in the game , use again.” – So a reuse of one of the mechanicus abilities is neat.

    • Jacob

      second piece is a mechanicus warlord trait reroll. Pretty standard.

  • Crablezworth

    They have an HQ, there may be hope

  • am1t

    No Lord of War option … so can only ally with Imperial Knights rather include within a detachment … hmm interesting

    • georgelabour

      So like every other army in the game now.

      • am1t

        Well I mistakenly thought that given the close ties between Admech and IK – as in the fluff; there would be a LOW option (in the form of IK)

        • georgelabour

          Fortunately they covered that eventuality in the new IK codex.

          The oathsworn detachment lets you take one to three of any knight with the imperial knight faction. Effectively it’s the same thing as having a LOW slot in a CAD but you can use it with other formations and detachments.

          So in some ways the potential lists are way more flexible than if GW had gone with making the mechanicus book focus on the standard Combined Arms detachment instead of its own unique variants.

          It also means that any potential LOW slots are saved for something more ‘worthy’. Things like Astartes Chapter Masters, or the Ordinatus that FW is working on.

          Incidentally this also means ALL armies can now easily access Imperial Knights without need for a lord of War slot.

          • An_Enemy

            By ALL you mean SOME right?

            Must be nice to actually have a LoW in your book…

          • georgelabour

            No I mean all.

            All armies of all factions can ally in an oathsworn detachment barring a codex specific rule forbidding the use of detachments that have a different faction from the primary.

            Pages 118 to 121, and pages 126 to 127 of the core rule book if you wish to familiarize yourself with the specifics.

  • Blightstar
    The whole new codex (units)

    • Azhrarn

      very cool, thanks for the link. Much more complete than the stuff posted here, and it’s in English. 😀

  • DreadPirateLynx

    Anyone else wondering why they didn’t just combine this with Skitarii? It really seems to me like these two books are each half of one complete army…

    • withershadow

      Well, if nothing else, the various formations and separate detachment from the Skitarii book are very welcome to me. It would be nice to have all of that in one big book, but at least in this case both books are full of solid options and formations, unlike say the Stormtroopers or IG books.

      • DreadPirateLynx

        Full of solid options? Each book has 7 units (half of which are just repeated units with slightly different loadouts), and the composition of the detachments means there is very little variety in the types of armies each book can field on its own.

        I want some of whatever you’re smoking.

        • georgelabour

          Still 4 times the options Necrons had when they were introduced, and plenty of people wanted to make a list of those back in the day.

          Considering that we didn’t even have the very liberal army building methods we have in the current edition that says something about people wanting to enjoy new options.

          • DreadPirateLynx

            It’s less than twice the options actually (Lord, Warriors, Destroyers, Scarabs). You also overlook the fact that when Necrons were introduced, their list was available in a $5 issue of White Dwarf…

          • georgelabour

            Actually they just had warriors and scarabs when they were first introduced.

            The lord, destroyers, and then immortals were all later additions done around the time of the Kroot Mercenaries list.

          • DreadPirateLynx

            You’re correct when you say that Immortals weren’t added until later. You’re only “technically” correct about them only having Warriors and Scarabs initially. Warriors and Scarabs were introduced in WD216, with the Lord and Destroyer appearing in the expanded list in the very next month in WD217. Models weren’t even available before that. I view 216 as more of a pre-release teaser than an actual release.

          • georgelabour

            Just as an aside but didn’t the original Tau Codex only have all of 8 units in it?

            Vespids, more special characters, and Pirahnas were added in the next edition, and there was also the Angor Prok special character that was in a White Dwarf plus some chapter approved additions. But for an army meant to stand on its own outside of the Imperium/Chaos/Eldar cliques it was rather sparse.

            Now consider the Skitarii Codex which was openly designed to plug into existing armies instead of being a stand alone army and its ‘mere’ 7 units, and multiple formations is remarkable.

            Though whether its remarkable as an example of the possibilities provided by the rule set, or merely progress made in GW’s production capacity is perhaps another topic for another day.

          • DreadPirateLynx

            Codex: Tau had 14. Commander, Bodyguard, Ethereal, Crisis Team, Stealth Team, Fire Warriors, Devilfish, Kroot Carnivores, Gun Drones, Pathfinders, Kroot Hounds, Broadsides, Hammerhead, and Krootox. And look at that list of units. Most are entirely unique entries, and the ones that are variants are still fairly different from each other. What’s the difference between Skitarii Vangaurd and Rangers? Their primary weapons are different, and Rangers can infiltrate. That’s it. They don’t even feel like different entries. They feel like two options for the same entry. It’s the same for all the variants in these two books.

            My point was that if they had combined Skitarii and Adeptus Mechanicus, they could have been a full-fledged army that could still be plugged into other forces just like any other. Instead we get two half armies that almost have to be used with something else. Now granted, there’s nothing stopping you from fielding a joint force, but with things like tournament limits on the number of Codices you can pull your army from, the decision to split the force feels artificially limiting.

          • georgelabour

            Ah forgot the krootox and hounds. Probably because they were just upgrades to the kroot unit itself. I suppose they count as models but hardly units on their own.

            I DID forget about gun drones. Which is a derp on my part.

            Crisis suits were crisis suits back then unless it was the commander and I don’t recall bodyguards becoming anything special until the next edition. They were just more crisis suits you could tack onto a commander.

            So 13 units whereas I said 8 so I’ll concede I chose a poor example. Fortunately It was more idle musing on a side topic.

            However as to your question aon vanguard vs rangers? What’s the difference between fire warriors and pahtfinders when they first appeared? One had pulse rifles, the other marketlights and carbines. Pahterfinders also had a special rule but were otherwise identical outside of one piece of equipment and a special rule. Oddly enough that’s the same boat you’ve placed the skitarii infantry in.

            But back to your point.

            I beleive I pointed this out in a thread a couple months back but had they gone ahead and made it one dex we’d have lost out in certain areas. Formations such as the iron strider cavaliers, war cohort, and the skitarii maniple detachment likely would not have been seen or relegated to white dwarf articles.

            Units would also likely have been rendered more generic with the skitarii infantry reduced to a single type with a few weapon upgrades rather than 2 distinct types which operate very differently on the field. Both Doctrina Imperaitves and Canticles would have been ommited or at least changed to the point they’d resemble more akin to Astartes Chapter tactics or a generic bonus picked before the game.

            Of course it’s easy enough to say they COULD have put all that content into one book but realistically with the kind of constraints a business operates under, and in the interest in not adding layer on layer of complexity to one book.

            It’d be like trying to shovel together the space wolves, grey knights, and blood angels back into the regular astartes codex. Sure it’s doable but you’d lose a lot of diversity out of sheer necessity.

            However by doing two (three if you cynically count knights) books they’ve provided more diverse options, as well as a easier plug and play options for those who just want to add something new to an extant collection.

            For example if all I wanted was to add some mechanicus allies in a battleforged list I can do so with as little as the skitarii codex, and one box of infantry. Try doing that with any of the ‘full’ books.

            SO yes, while you ‘have’ to spend money on two books that ends up making
            them cost a bit more than the current astartes codex I think that it’s
            overall not a bad thing.

            It’s also a good indicator we may get a
            third (EXODITES!!!) or even fourth (Corasirs & outcasts) Eldar book
            in the future, along with other micro faction (Kroot, Black Templars)
            codices to expand things further.

          • DreadPirateLynx

            Even though the Hounds and Krootox were attached to Carnivore squads, they were still separate entries in the list that occupied a Force Org slot (fast, and heavy respectively). You’re right that Bodyguards were basically just Crisis suits, although with a different squad size and didn’t occupy a slot. I’ll still give that to you though and call it 15 then.

            Pathfinders and Fire Warriors also had different unit sizes and occupied different slots in the Force Org chart. Also note that I did say there were a couple of variants in the Tau list that were similar. They are still more different from each other than the Skitarii and Mechanicus variants though.

            I admit that we probably would have lost one of the detachments from
            the books, but like you said, it more than likely would have ended up
            in a WD anyway. And Who knows? We might have ended up with an even
            cooler detachment, although speculating about that is pointless. I also
            don’t see any reason why the Ironstrider Cavaliers wouldn’t be around.

            As to your argument that if the Skitarii had been one unit with two options, they’d be more generic than they are now, that’s already what they are, just split into two entries. I’m not suggesting that the weapon option be on a per model basis, but on a per unit basis. They’d still have two distinct uses if the entries had been consolidated into one.

            I’m also sure that Canticles and Doctrina Imperaitves would have made it through the process just fine. Sure they’d more than likely look a bit different, but you’d have never known the difference anyway, and you’d more than likely be happy with the result.

            Also, comparing combining two separate lists into one unified army to combining several separate lists into one book while remaining separate armies is disingenuous at best.

            As to the “I can add Skitarii to my existing force with as little as a Codex and 1 box of minis” argument, it only takes the additional purchase of an HQ model to do the same with several other “full” armies if you run a CAD. Even though you’re technically correct again, it’s not a very strong argument.

            I don’t have a problem with small micro faction books in theory, and I’m not cynical enough to say Imperial Knights should have been included as well. I just don’t feel that they nailed the execution this time around. The idea shouldn’t be to divide a faction into as many micro factions as possible. I see no real thematic reason for the Skitarii and Adeptus Mechanicus to be separate factions.

          • georgelabour

            All fair points, and I will admit I do hope that this is the only faction we’ll see done in such a way.

            While they certainly could do Astra Militarum regiments and Astartes Chapters in a similar vein I think I’d just get tired of the book bloat after a while.

            Though perhaps 10 dollar micro-dexes akin to the assassins codex…

          • DreadPirateLynx

            It’s funny. After I wrote that rant about splitting Eldar up, I thought about it a little more and decided it might not necessarily be the worst idea ever assuming they were priced right. The problem is I don’t think we can trust GW that much.

          • withershadow

            The only artificial limit here is the one enforced by tournaments.

        • withershadow

          I am not sure which strain I was smoking when I posted that, but I’m smoking something different now and I still like this release. My main two beefs with this release:
          1. Collector’s editions not awesome enough/at all.
          2. How to incorporate this stuff alongside my 3000 points of Mechanicum.

  • Kyraxis

    So the previously unknown Battle Congregation for that combined Mechanicus/Skitarii/Knight formation is just the standard force organization army of 1 HQ and 2 troops? Plus the option to take the normal standard units of elites, FA, HS, and more troops? And if you take the formation, all upgrades for the entire army (except Knights) are free? Am I missing something?

    • georgelabour

      RAW:Weapons, and Wargear options, including relics are free.

      You also ignore gets hot.

      However if you’re fretting over ‘that guy sometime somewhere at some place you may or may not ever be in’ showing up to a tournament there’s one thing to fix the ‘problem’.

      Simply have TO’s declare Theatre of War articles to be not useable As they’re specifically written in WD as a for fun thing that’s an easy enough justification to make.

    • masariel

      why except knights?

      • georgelabour

        The oathsworn detachment doesn’t let any of the formation’s members use relics.

        • masariel

          but weapon options aren’t relics..hence the rule is still valid for knights..they just won’t have access to relics..

          • georgelabour

            That is correct.

    • Matthew O’Grady

      As I read it, the Cult Mechanicus element only requires 1 HQ and 2 Troops however the Skitarii element requires a Skitarii Battle Maniple, a formation containing one (and only one) of each unit in the codex. So whilst you can have up to 3 Onagers and 6 Ironstriders within a unit, you can only have 1 squad each of Vanguard, Rangers, Rust-Stalkers and Infiltrators.
      Awesome benefits but kind of restrictive if like me you would like to field several Vanguard and Ranger squads.

  • chapterhouse

    Well. Answers the age-old question: is Omnissiah der/die/das?