Warhammer 9th – Faction Descriptions Continue


WFB 9th is creeping closer and the rumor drip drip drip continues.  Here’s today’s round, straight from the rumormill!


via warseer’s silveralen 5-14-2015

I have more stuff about factions. Usual disclaimer, this is second hand stuff take with a grain of salt etc.

1. Empire Remmanents: Mainly humans, with some dwarfs, ogres, and vampires. Humans units tend towards elite holy warriors (focus on priests, Knights, and witch hunters). The dwarves are mainly steampunk flavored, some of which bleeds into the rest of the faction. Vampires tend towards the human aesthetic, ogres have elements of both.

2. Chaos: all three chaos armies mixed together.

The warriors/humans have the same general design as now, except more obvious demonic gifts. Winged units of warriors was mentioned as an example.

Beastmen will come in more flavors, for example reptilian and avian variations. Also a variety of more animalistic units.

3. Orks/Goblins: More or less the same. They get ogres as per end times.

Also, possible mention of dwarf slaves either as units or as justifcation for some steampunk elements in the army. So possibly a bit more 40kification of the army overall, including more squigs.

4. Skaven: two major changes. First, more warptech, notably more apparent in modeling if not in rules.

Second, lizardmen slaves apparently bound using magic/warptech and mutated.

5. Undead: End times undead. More feral in feel. Beyond that, nothing.

6. Elves: End times elves, slightly more unified in appearence, takes cues from all 3 armies. Nothing much else known.

The last two are possibly due to ignorance rather than an actual lack of changes.

I don’t know if any of this is really new besides a couple orc and skaven bits, some of it I read in the round up already but I just put it all down.

There is a lack of specificity in either individual miniature descriptions, or even Faction/Unit names which lowers the believability of this set.  On the other hand, these faction descriptions are all roughly in line with previous rumblings we have been hearing from many other (including reliable) rumormongers over the last couple of months.

WFB 9th Roundup

~Have at it.

  • deris87

    Never heard of this guy before. I also sincerely doubt the winnowing of the faction pool would entail all new models for everything (like reptilian beastmen and steampunk ogres).

  • TimW

    This is such BS…

    • Spacefrisian

      The Chaos version does make sense but Vampires and humans combined with the holy theme doesnt.

      • miteyheroes

        Especially not with Undead not being listed as a separate faction.

      • spacemonk

        Blood Angels…

    • Retconned Legion

      Yup. Someone has looked at the End Times books and assumed that those are the factions going forward and then shoved in some stuff about slaves.
      Of course since the entire planet died, there is no reason for said End Times groupings to continue. Vampires might have allied with the Empire for a bit, but there is no Empire left to ally with now.

  • Graham Bartram

    Well lizardmen players have got thrown out the cart already, why not add insult to injury and make the lizardmen slaves to the skaven. Oh well, it’s all good news for Mantic and the updated Kings of war game.

    • Aezeal

      Nah, just go 9th.

  • OrksIsMadeFerRockin


  • Hagbard

    Wow, not playing this

    • TimW

      Don’t worry, its a total BS rumor. Don’t believe it.

  • Jay

    vampires on the same army as holy warriors?

    • WestFargo Dave

      Yeah, I thought the same. Hopefully he got that wrong.

      • SacTownBrian

        This is straight out of the end times books where the Vampires did fight on the side of the Empire. So not new in the least. Perfectly valid justification for it and it makes sense too. That’s not saying that they didn’t keep their distance… Read the books.

        • Retconned Legion

          Except none of those people survived. There is no Empire remnant, because the entire planet died. So why would Vampires still be allied to them?

        • Matt

          No desire to read the books. I like the fluff and I love the game. The GW books selection is average literature at best. There’s a reason there’s no NYT top 10 billings on the list and they don’t win any industry prizes. If I want a good read I go elsewhere and now it seems that if I want a good game I may need to go elsewhere as well. It’s a shame my lizzies seem to have no place where this game is headed.

        • WestFargo Dave

          LOL.. Hey man are you all right? Do you need a break? Need to sit down for a few? Maybe have a cup of tea or some juice? LOL..

          • Nameless

            I do have to agree to some degree with Matt, the writing of Games workshop books is no where near good enough to justify £225 for the end times books. added to the fact that several armies did not see any new rules, I would not be surprised to discover a lot of fantasy players haven’t read the end times books

          • Aezeal

            End times was not a new edition but a campaign you do not need to buy.No NEED to buy anything.
            9th is different though.

        • Chris. K Cook

          A minority of Vamps did, Vlad and his buddies and the Shadow King are the exception NOT the RUle

    • georgelabour

      It wouldn’t be the first time vampires were presented in a more empire friendly light.

      The novel Drachenfells has a heroine who is a known (to certain people who know things )vampire hob nobbing with the emperor and other members of their entourage.

      • Jay

        seems strange if there is a focus on witch hunters in the army.

  • Adam Murray

    This is utter garbage. Plus he spelt orcs wrong, unforgivable.

  • Warrior_of_Sound


  • The14th

    This would be ironic, as this sort of merger would make the factions start to resemble older Warcraft.

    • Emdee

      Yeah, since older Warcraft is based on older Warhammer. Lol.

      • The14th

        Did you miss the word “ironic”?

        • Emdee

          Nah, I got it…just adding to it…:)

  • standardleft

    I’d would love some less goaty beastmen.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    oh its this rumour again, but with different wordings. im gonna hit my doubt button. that list of rumoured rules seems more on the mark, even if it is a bit wishlisty

  • Retconned Legion

    Nothing new to see here. Same old vagueness from same old unreliable sources.

  • Aezeal

    Sounds nice. Not sure if this is more than baseless speculation though.

  • jokapo

    Being a beastmen player, i can only hope we do get some new units/models…though I’d rather be selerate from Chaos, I’ll take being rolled into another army for that sake(as long as ALL the BM units are carried over too) Just make a pure Beastmen list.

  • riburn3

    Not really sure why they even bothered posting this. Even if some of the army rumors pan out its all bad guess work. The last few fantasy rumors seem to be the worst to date and BOLS seems to be grasping at straws.

  • Keith Chamberlain

    This is utter garbage. GW is not going to scrap half their Fantasy miniatures range and make entirely new plastic box sets because of a campaign/book series.

    • Spinocus

      The writing is on the wall… It’s all about $$$ and consolidation. FYI the metal molds used to make plastic minis wear out, and it costs money to make new ones. With Fantasy sales in steady decline it must be harder and harder for GW to justify making new molds for old minis that are still in demand but don’t sell in numbers large enough to impress their accountants and shareholders. So GW has decided to take a huge gamble and overhaul Fantasy. By wiping the slate virtually clean and starting with a ‘condensed’ product sporting a more proprietary ‘look’ and intellectual property GW is hoping they can reignite interest in Fantasy while reaching new customers and reverse the steady decline in sales.

      So ya, they ARE scrapping half their fantasy line. Old minis go bye-bye. New minis that don’t sell well go bye-bye… all because GW doesn’t have a clue or a care about growing its customer base in a sensible fashion while keeping their existing customer base loyal and satisfied. It sucks but hey, what doesn’t GW do that doesn’t piss the average hobbyist off?

      • Keith Chamberlain

        I hear you Spinocus and you are more likely right than me. I can definitely see them cutting all the metal moulds but it just doesn’t make sense to me to ditch plastic kits that were released as little as a year ago? But I guess that is just me and I am no bean counter!

    • Aezeal

      Why not: new models is more chance of new sales. I’d not be buying any more elf archers as it is now.. in the new setting I MIGHT (probably not though but I might) buy new archers if they look good. Might > definately not buying.

      • Chris. K Cook

        New sales to all those players who will rage quit over their army being sh*tcanned?

  • Dustin Bainbridge

    The rumors have only really been worth anything about two weeks out from release, so I’m not drinking the Koolaid or joining in on the doom and gloom. This really looks like it is just somebody making an educated guess.

    My preference would be that we see the factions exist and the army books all still be legal. So you could run either your classic army or the new faction and the new models would be legal with either.

    • Chris. K Cook

      A baldly educated guess. Like the Guess was home schooled by flat earther creationists.

  • bfmusashi

    Dinosaurs and Skaven in the same army? Well, hello there new money sink.

  • crusader284

    Vampires in Empire? Hahaha, good one.

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    Just my luck – when I got into Fantasy, I picked Bretonnians. Looks like the best I’ll be able to manage with them is counts-as-Empire. Pretty much kills any desire I might have had to return to Fantasy.

    • Aezeal

      I think you could proxy the ridden Knights and archers into the new human faction.
      I THINK you’d need to get some of the new core holy warriors and some warmachines maybe.
      Later you might replace your horses for new ones too.
      MAYBE you wouldn’t even need the cannons:
      I’m pretty sure there will be formations like 40K new codixes have so a formation focussing on cav isn’t improbably (just not sure it will be the most optimal one competatively).
      I myself hope to make a shooty/mobile army like my WE are now. I’d not mind getting some armor though but I’ll be using my wild rider models for any elite cav they put in that army because I just love the models.

  • Horus Lupercal

    This Just in…The game will include dice…propably

    • Graham Bartram

      I doubt that as dice clearly have a regular geometry and are therefore not Chaos enough. I’m sure the game will go over to throwing matchsticks into a cup instead. I have that from a reliable source. 😉