Warhammer World: Unveiling Warlord Titan & More


This weekend’s Warhammer World grand re-opening is revealing all kinds of goodies to the masses. Come see:

Here’s the list from Forgeworld of what to expect this Saturday and Sunday:




Let’s start off with a Primarch – always a good start!whw-hh5-bnr

Book 5 of the Heresy is all about the Battle of Calth and highly anticipated!
Hmm, why would we need a Princeps Majoris model?  Oh right…


The BIG GUY arrives, stage left.  I’m thinking the Warlord may be beyond a simple “prepare your wallet” and is more of a “talk to your financial advisor” type of model.

~I’ll let you all put out your best guesses on it’s price.  Who’s going?

  • All looks rather juicy, the only thing I will fork out for though is the Heresy Book to complete the collection 🙂

  • swoods

    From the 18th May, apparently GW will be charging £7.50 per adult to enter the exhibition centre…

  • Boondox

    Is anyone going that wants to do some shopping for me? I’m a contractor in Afghanistan and don’t think I can make it…

  • quaade

    Guilliman has a nice Julius Caesar vibe about him.

    • spacemonk

      I had the same thought.
      Aswell as thinking, “They forgot to paint his eyebrows…”

      • Ebon Hand

        Guilliman is a primarch, so he is clearly in Super Saiyan 3 form.

        • spacemonk

          Hmm, whatever that is…?

    • Boondox

      I am grateful his armor doesn’t have nipples to match those abs. But if he did he’d be a BA wouldn’t he?

    • Byungwook Kim

      Caesar, as all Romans did, had dark skin and black curly hair. He looked like muslims you see on TV.

      • Samuel Sanchez

        I would say more Greek or dark skin Italian not the same as Persian.

        • Marky

          They probably looked like modern day people from Rome, rather than Scandinavians… But they were not genetically manufactured supersoldiers either.

      • Gunsheeplol

        How the hell would you know what someone who lived over two thousand years ago look like?

        • generalchaos34

          they were nice enough to leave giant preserved paintings of them boning all over Pompeii.

      • spacemonk

        Dark hair, yes, dark skin, no.

      • #define_Foo

        olive skinned is usually how people describe the skin color of the peoples indigenous to the northern Mediterranean

      • Byungwook Kim

        Do some research before you post, men. Romans and ancient greeks were Indo-europian and Egyptian origin. This is even before some blood mix. Which means that they could have been like, black in modern standards.

        • 6Cobra

          Okay, Byungwook the researcher: what are *your* sources? The Latin tribes inhabiting central Italy certainly did not have “Egyptian” origins, unless you’re referring to the fact that the entire human race originated in the African Rift Valley. Unlike much Greek or even Egyptian artwork where skin color is absent or ambiguous, we have plenty of vivid full color illustrations and frescos of Romans by Romans showing them with skin color and facial features that would be considered like, white in modern standards.

        • vlad78

          Do you know some of the oldest groups of people living in Egypt had caucasian features and dna and they lived after the indo european migration.

          Moreover Indo-european people were already probably really different by the time they reached europe, even the gauls are though to be indo-european and they certainly weren’t dark of skin. Even the armenians are not abd they are located (or were) quite further east than ancient Rome.

          Caesar, to be the politician he was, had to come from an ancient roman family which lead to believe his ethnic origin was the same of the founders of Rome which mean any shared ascendency with egyptian people had to be older.

          While the greeks had a lot of contact with africa, they differenciated themselves from africans and even from the persians and not only because of cultural differences, but their physical aspect was sufficiently different to be noted at the time.

          I don’t think there is a single piece of evidence proving Caesar was dark of skin even according to modern standarts. (and even if in the end this topic is totally pointless imho)

          • Byungwook Kim

            I see your point. Sorry for bringing this topic up – I was startled by the common misconception of Romans being white.

            Like you said, there is not much of a point discussing how romans looked like.

            Like you all do, I love Roman legions and gladius and how they were good in battle.

            Here is something i’ve found in case anyone is really interested.


            Have a nice day.

          • Mike Siegmund

            Dailymail is barely more than a tabloid

          • Byungwook Kim
          • Erik Setzer

            Oh, you mean an artist’s rendition of what a guy *might* have looked like based on what was left of his skeleton, using reasonably ambiguous skin color so as to be “close enough” to whatever the actual tone was?

            Seriously, try at least reading the caption, if not the entire article.

          • Byungwook Kim

            Ugh. They are experts. they are alot more accurate than your wishful thinking that the Romans were white. Just live with the fact that Romans could have been brown.

          • Erik Setzer

            Ugh. They are not really much more accurate than your wishful thinking that the Romans were brown. Just live with the fact that Romans could have been white.

            There, you see how stupid your argument sounds? Yes, it is stupid. You’ve grown irritating, I’m calling it out. I have no dog in this race as far as skin color goes, I couldn’t care less, I’m not interested at all in what skin color people might have been in the past or are now. But you sought to bring an article in without even bothering to check it, claiming it as some kind of trump card, when the dimmest fool could have read the article and realized the odd skin color used was in order to hedge the artist’s bets (and it’s not even that brown… it also looks kind of sickly for a human being). If you’re going to use poor sources, you should be properly called out. If you’re going to get insulting because you can’t form a proper argument, that’s rather annoying.

            Play your troll games elsewhere. Maybe other trolls will be similarly lacking in intelligence and take an artists’ rendition with inhuman skin tone (Persians would likely be offended if you suggested they had skin like that) as indisputable proof that you are 100% right about the skin tone of a people who lived 2000 years ago.

          • Marky

            you can’t trust them either. Didn’t click the link tho

          • nurglitch

            Fool, everyone knows that the Romans were British, and British is Best.

          • withershadow

            Erhm, okay, you must be one of these “everything and everyone is black”.

      • BarneyRaptor

        I study Latin (I’m italian) and in a text from Svetonio is written that Caesar was pale and we don’t know the colour of his hair, because he shave since he was almost completly bold

        • nurglitch

          The funny part is that you see all these busts of Roman notables with heads of thick, curly hair, but that was because that was the hair attributed to Alexander the Great; It was the photoshop of the time.

      • D. B.

        Actually – nope. The Romans AND Greeks were racially very diverse, but blonde/red hair and pale skin were the accepted standard of beauty (that much we know). We also know that quite a few Romans of the swarthier persuasion wore tons of makeup, dyed their hair, or even wore wigs.

        • generalchaos34

          That I do recall. There are several instances of slave hair being extremely popular for wigs, blonde and red being the most desirable, even though it was often a color attributed to prostitution. If I recall the popularity of those hair colors often represented their conquering of the germanic peoples, kinda like wearing the fur of an animal you killed.

        • Byungwook Kim

          I was referring to the ‘founding’ Romans..I recall two thirds of founding Romans were greek descent?
          And blond hair and blue eyes were features of some of their gods(correct me if I am wrong)

      • nurglitch

        Nope. That came later during the Roman Empire. Same with the Greeks.

      • Warrior_of_Sound

        Im not a scholar in Attic History but I do know enough to contribute something here. I want to point out to everyone that Alexander was not a greek by birth but a Macedonian/Thracian who are of slightly different genetic background, sadly contrary to the “Olive Skinned” discussion down a few posts these people were not as dark as other Aegeans and (here comes the big hint as to why) were often depicted with Red Beards and Blue Eyes, they had a lot more background from European tribes and the scythians, a people residing next to the future turkish tribes above the black sea.
        Incidentally if you follow the news in arachaeology recently you may have heard how a tomb previously more ambiguously attributed to Alex’s father Philip has been narrowed down in terms of its comfiramtion of identity, and lo and behold, who else do they find in this tomb? A scythian princess, Alexander’s mom was from Eprius.

        Daddy liked “fairly” white meat

    • generalchaos34

      I agree, theres something about the face that gives off the “Hi, im a Roman, would you like some conquering?” vibe.

      • Mud_Duck

        More like “Can I borrow a cup of sugar? Oh, and I’m annexing the neighbor, ah and so, the tax man will be around next Friday.”

  • Nogle

    beyond the cost of the Warlord. I wonder what % of the people that can afford it will actually assemble and paint it themselves. I would think that a lot of people that could somehow afford it would send it right to a painting service.

    • 6Cobra

      For me the issue is when would I actually use it in a game. A Warlord would actually be too big and nasty for even most of the Apocalypse games I’ve played in. I owned a Reaver for several years and ended up selling it because it was literally collecting dust on a shelf. I’m not sure I want to shell out this much money, and the wrath of my lovely wife, for what will essentially be a really nerdy sculpture standing on an end table in the basement for all time.

      • joshua jury

        Line of sight blocking terrain! 😀

        • Erik Setzer

          A. Not as effective as you’d think.
          B. Makes for a very clunky Apoc game as people try to figure out where they can actually put their models, and where they can move them.
          C. “LOS-blocking terrain” doesn’t exist in the quantities it used to, thanks to rules changes in recent editions.

          You’re talking games with large armies with a lot of massive armies on the board… and Titans are enormous models who look over much of the terrain.

          We did an Apoc match last weekend, 3K per player, ended up about 15K per side. On three tables. It was rough to find places to set things up at times, until things started getting blown up. The city board in the center did make it hard to draw LOS from one end of the board to the other… but so did the large models stomping through the city.

          And Reavers *are* disgustingly nasty with their firepower. We had two on our side. The other side had a company of Black Templars… literally a battle company, with Dreadnoughts and tanks! Those poor saps got killed, then they used a special rule or something to bring them back on. They were completely obliterated (again) on the same turn they showed back up, mostly due to the Reavers’ weapons (with a big of help from a fortification, a Defiler, and a Knight Errant). It was sad to see Marines going off the table faster than they set up.

          • joshua jury

            No no, I mean use it as LoS blocking terrain. Just battle it out around the feet of the Titan!

          • Erik Setzer

            Ah. That would work, depending on how people do LOS and model the Titan. Some folks put bases on their Titans – I’m talking wooden plaque style “bases” – and then there’s folks who treat bases as LOS blockers, which I don’t think works with walkers.

            The Warlord should have standard super-heavy movement, so 12″ a turn, which will let it stay in the front of the “formation.”

            Just gotta watch out for Wraithknights with swords. They are Titan-killers.

          • joshua jury

            I was thinking more of a random element that’s not controlled by either player. Say roll 3d6 scatter at the end of every game turn and move the Titan. Any unit it moves on to is treated as having been tank shocked/rammed.

            Game type is modified Relic where each leg/foot counts as a relic and is worth 3 points. So basically the Imperial/Chaos (depending on who’s playing/how the Titan is modeled) faction is trying to keep the other faction from swarming up the legs and blowing up joints, or climbing up inside and murdering the crew. Neither player can actually attack the Titan during the game.

      • JP

        Hmmm…. Buy a giant Warlord Titan, or scratch build a pack of Warhounds from cardstock? Decisions, decisions. Let’s see. Warlord; huge price tag, huge points cost, fvckhueg model, 625 points per weapon. Warhounds; built for free, smaller points cost, model can hide behind buildings, only 360 points per weapon, and can take them in numbers appropriate to the game size. Aside from the obvious being that materials are cheap, I’d say the Warhounds are the more efficient and effective choice.

        • Boondox

          Wouldn’t that depend on the cost of the materials and the amount of time it took to build and paint your pack of Warhounds?

          • JP

            Cardstock is $15 for 250 sheets, and can be run through the printer to make the templates. Cutting out and building the pieces involves nothing more than tape and some generic glue which is cheap as sin. Flat black spray paint for the first coat is $4 a can and can cover multiple hounds easily. After that it’s hobby paints which I have. So all told, it’s probably less than $30 for a cart load of materials that will build an entire fleet of them.
            After that it’s time. I’ve already assembled a copy paper prototype for the parts, so I know how fold and fit the cardstock pieces. I’d say 6-8 hours to fully assemble all the parts. After that it’s probably about 12-18 hours for painting depending on how complex I make it. So it’s probably around 18 – 26 hours per titan, spread across 5 – 7 days. Less if I do it on a weekend.
            So, potentially, as many as two per week.

      • Jonathan B.

        Actually, I could maybe see getting one of the big guns that will no doubt be sold separately from the body, half burying it in foam, sand, and flock, and using it as terrain or like the Imperator Titan gun in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

  • Ry

    I’m waiting for the space wolves legion for the next HH book

    • Nogle

      thought the rumors pegged that for book 7

    • Barty

      It won’t be in book 6, that’s already stated to be like the Shadow Crusade and the Underground War. Essentially Calth Part 2

  • pokemastercube .

    i will be the guy in the wheelchair drooling over the warlord there

  • Boondox

    Any chance of an inflatable Warlord Titan? Uhh, not because I’m lonely or anything…

  • Nogle

    you can see part of his “display base” behind him, not sure what it is. My guess is the grave of his mentor, I just get that feeling

  • Benderisgreat

    Kinda disappointed that the Warlord looks like a giant Knight.

    • ZeeLobby

      I am as well. It’s almost like they took the 3D model and just blew it up…

      • Benderisgreat

        They get an F for phoning it in. I hope they enjoy their giant useless hunks of resin.

    • nurglitch
    • Erik Setzer

      Yeah, it’s… weird. I was expecting something like the original Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Titans, but this looks like they took that only as extremely basic inspiration and then modeled it to look like a large Knight. Doesn’t feel that special now.

      • Benderisgreat

        Right? I was hoping for an evolution of the ole Hockey Mask helmet combined with what we saw on the cover of Titanicus, and it’s just so meh.

        • Anggul

          I think my favourite was the one on the cover of Epic: Armageddon

          That would have been cool

          At the same time though, I guess they didn’t want to spend so much time sculpting what would basically be a series of boxes and tubes when that could be scratch-built without too much trouble, so maybe they went for this new style to justify the effort.

  • Sean Ireland

    5 thousand pounds. That thing is huge.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    all hail Rowboat Girlyman, our spiritual liege!

    • Warrior_of_Sound

      Robot Kill-a-man!

  • withershadow

    Why would a princeps have a clamp hand? Someone was sculpting crap for the hell of it, clearly.

  • Ry

    I’m hearing that the price of the warlord titan is going to burn a hole in your pocket and into your flesh

  • Robert Duke Newnham

    Depending on what the warlord titan is made from will vary its cost if plastic lets put it this way it wont be as much as forge world stuff