WFB 9th: “Age of Sigmar” Emerges



One  intrepid gamer brings confirmation of the future of Warhammer Fantasy. Get ready for what lay beyond the End Times!

via Atia 5-28-2015 

Regarding the new “Age of Sigmar” product for WFB 9th:

ladys and gentlemen

i confirm the upcoming release of Age of Sigmar

age of sigmar

That image indicates a product page for “Age of Sigmar” exists on the GW website, but is currently not redirecting to another placeholder page until it is used.

Warhammer 9th Roundup


There have been hints of “Age of Sigmar” from rumormonger extraordinaire Harry for a bit, but now it all makes sense with Atia’s confirmation via the GW site.  There is scattered talk that “Age of Sigmar” is the skirmish level game for WFB 9th, with the full game coming quickly on it’s heels.

~ More as it comes in… (won’t be long, WFB is starting to heat up FAST)

  • Scott Kidwell

    So will Brettonians be a viable army and maybe even get a new codex?

    • Adam Murray

      Who knows mate hopefully. They are a really nice army but even if they are rolled into a ‘humans’ style force I’m sure you’ll be able to have a knight heavy force with Pegasus knights etc. Or just use Pegasus knights as individuals hero’s riding Pegasus.

      • Aezeal

        I’ve always found they should be part of a human list but the with specific cavalry formations. If you take that formation you get access to their lance (or whatever) formation for cav troops.

        Looking at bret warfare they are about a 100-400 years behind empire in what would be our history.. they shouldn’t be able to compete really.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          being a few hundred years ahead doesn’t always help, just ask the Italians about Ethiopia or the British about Rorkes Drift…

          • Solos Shot First

            Americans about Viet Nam 😉

          • Dain Q. Gore

            Asymmetrical warfare effed it up for the by the numbers rank-and-file British during the American Revolutionary war, too. But I’ll just sip my Lipton tea.

          • Marky

            One man’s revolutionary is another man’s terrorist.

          • Benjamin E

            Not that the British lost at Rorke’s Drift. And if the Italians lost in 1895, they paid the Ethiopians back a hundred fold in 1935.

          • Locke

            At Rorke’s Drift the British army held off 3000+ Zulus with 150 men which was 100% due to the weapons technology they had. The incident your thinking of was the Battle of Isandlwana which was essentially an anomaly due to massive tactical failures of the British army that completely negated their technological advantage (open formations, poor logistics etc).

            Most other major battles in the Anglo-Zulu war were basically total massacres in favour of the British (Kambula & Ulundi) as the Zulus were unable to do anything against the firepower arrayed against them.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            thanks for the correction.

        • EndreFodstad

          I think magical knights with arcane missile shielding sort of messes up that logic. Also, the Empire doesn’t use pikemen much in later revisions for some reason….

          • Aezeal

            Anyway.. imho bretonnia isn’t different ENOUGH to be a seperate race (in a game with a shrinking market). I think a few good cavalry formations with a bonus in that direction would be enough. It would allow brets to play with (most of) their current models and a somewhat similar playstyle anyway.

            I’ve always found the knightly chapters from the empire nice too so putting them together might be fun.

          • Phillip Bloodgod

            I don’t know, they are two different Kingdoms.
            It is pretty simillar to how medival europe looked like, nobody wants to give up power and stuff.

            In the end in whf there are several human factions which don’t belong to the empire.

          • Nameless

            Actually there are a lot of differences in terms of lore between the Feudal Bretonnian’s and the imperialistic Empire. unfortunately this has to some degree been eroded not because both factions are humans but because there have been three! THREE empire books since the last Brettonian book.

            if Space Wolves went without an update from now till the end of 40k 10th edd, then they would be in a very similar position when compared with Space Marines. (Different approach, but codex creep and lots of new toys means that Space Marines would just do everything better anyway)

            on the note of the shirking market: do you have any idea how many rules releases Games workshop has released for 40k since 6th ed landed? around 40 in 3 years. how many releases for fantasy since 8th ed landed (including end times)? 18, in 5 years.

            40K has received over 3 times the number of releases! of course fantasy is shrinking it has barely been supported, the solution to that isn’t to offer even less support.

          • RexScarlet

            remember 40k is 52% of GW overall revenue, which means all other combined is the other 48%; whfb, hobbit, paints, tools, license, books, etc.
            so, yep, 40k is the top horse, and whfb is trying to keep out of the glue factory like specialist games…

          • Nameless

            certainly 40k is the major part of their revenue. however it accounts for close to 70% of their releases, so if anything it is under performing.

          • RexScarlet

            lol, exactly

          • Dain Q. Gore

            Wow, excellent point!

          • vonevilstein

            I’m not taking any sides here but I’m just going to point out that the Empire in WHFB is still a feudal social hierarchy. Having an Emperor and an Empire doesn’t necessarily exclude feudalism.

          • Nameless

            certainly an interesting topic for discussion. my counter point would be upward mobility, in a feudal society people are born live and die in their social classes (Lord, Vassel, Surf) as seen in Bretonnia. in an imperialistically society, upward mobility is possible if difficult. there have been several times this has occured in the empire Valten rising from a mere blacksmith to lead armies for example.

          • vonevilstein

            Fair point…;).

          • Johannes Dingle

            I think bretonnia, empire, tilea, border princes, kislev.. could be presented with one armylist. Each faction have then different focus on units they can use. Problem with human armies is that there really isn’t enough diversity in units to justify separate army books.
            Bretonnia was basically an all cavalry army. With added infantry options it would have looked like empire. With one armylist for humans I hope there’s enough options to field any flavors of human factions.

          • Nameless

            And I think Blood Angels and Dark Angels do and have nothing that differentiates them from space marines could not be represented by chapter tactics and could be presented with one armylist. Each faction have then different focus on units they can use. Problem
            with Space Marines is that there really isn’t enough diversity in units
            to justify separate Codexes.

            however I am willing to accept that if I actually looked into the armies I would see some differences and perhaps realise that there where other valid opinions.

          • Bobsyouruncle

            Good point , why did the empire give up pikes after 3rd edition because they fit the 16th century germanic feel of the empire really well . Plus in 3rd edition the empire had access to a knights of the realm style unit to represent local knights and nobility who weren’t full time soldiers like the Rieks guard .

          • EndreFodstad

            Because somebody at GW does so love his halberds.

        • Adam Murray

          I like to think of the Bretonnians as being Elf influenced Humans as compared to the Empire being more Dwarf influenced Humans. The Brets – similar to the Elves don’t really use a lot of technology, but rely on magic and martial prowess, or in the case of the Brets faith, and the prowess of their knights. The models are awesome and a new knight kit would be amazing. A fully painted Bretonnian force looks amazing on the tabletop it would be a real shame to see them gone.

          • Bobsyouruncle

            Never thought of it like that but it’s a good idea that the various eldar races influenced the different early human tribes in different ways , makes allot of sense .

    • withershadow

      No, first army book is all the Humans.

      • Aezeal

        + Ogre mercs + Dwarven warmachines ?

    • Bobsyouruncle

      I hope they do , they always look great on the table top when I play against them but if this is set in the age of Sigmar I don’t think Giles founded Brettonia until a few hundred years after the Empire .

      • EndreFodstad

        Almost a thousand years later, in fact.

    • Ben_S

      I hope they don’t introduce Codexes into WFB.

      • Erik Setzer

        “Codex” is just the 40K term for “army book,” and since WFB has army books already, they already have the equivalent, just without the name.

        The name *might* seem a little odd in WFB, but it wouldn’t change anything otherwise.

        • RexScarlet

          maybe Tome would be better?

          • deris87

            That’s basically what codex means. Really the term makes as much or more sense for Fantasy than in 40K.

          • Secret_Keeper

            Totally agree, like the Codex Gigas, its a medieval term

    • standardleft

      Stop trying to make Brets happen! It’s not going to happen!

    • Solos Shot First


    • Michael C Lone

      Yep. It is slated right after Codex: Squats.

    • RexScarlet

      I painted my Bretonians like Black templars, lol…
      no really, the one on the right;

      • Spit-Burn

        From Left to Right: Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice and Baby Spice.

        • RexScarlet

          lol, great times, I think I hooked up with all of them at one point during the reign of costumes at halloween…

    • Mathew G. Smith

      Last we saw the Brettonians fluff-wise the survivors were teaming up with the Blood Dragons vampire bloodline to try and hold the Grey Mountains. That would be a cool combined faction.

  • PTFO Inspector

    We’re doomed R2… DOOOMED!

  • Haemonculus

    Something something Sisters of Battle.

    • Retconned Legion

      Dont forget Chaos Space Marines need more.

    • Alexandre Comtois

      Yeah, it’s not easy being a 40K player with GW giving 90% of its attention to Fantasy and all. 🙁

      • Marky

        I love it, when they start fiddling too much with wfb it has a 2:1 ratio of worse to better.. less is more 🙂

  • D. B.

    THAT might explain the rumoured more-primitive-looking “Warriors of Order” – they don’t come AFTER the End Times, but BEFORE our classic WHFB. They’re Sigmar’s go-to-guys for fighting Evil.

    • standardleft

      I would love some of the pre empire barbarians

  • am1t

    ‘Age of Sigmar’ so is this the style of WHFB now and for subsequent releases i.e.. Age of Sigmar Age of Malekith Age of Settra etc… ??? (Following on from End Times)

    • Spacefrisian

      Age of Age, now thats the best age as it has age named after a person called Age (wich is an actuall name where i come from).

      • am1t

        There must be more than one person named ‘Age’ – then it would be ‘Age of Ages’; the sequel would be ‘Age of Ages 2: Dawn of a New Age’ … Christopher Nolan could direct short movies … Dark Age; Dark Age Rises … I could do this all day but have to go pick up my python 🙂

        • RexScarlet

          WHFB; Attack of the Clones? lol

    • The_Illusionist

      I could see that being really interesting, getting waves of models and rules for all armies at once rather than one at a time.

      The big problem with it is that some game systems already do a similar thing – Flames of War divides the World Wars into several different stages based on the sort of technology available, and we see something similar between Warhammer 30K and 40K – and that makes balancing early waves especially difficult against later ones.

      There’s already a big gulf between the statlines for the Primarchs and their personalised Terminator Honour Guards, and those of the ‘basic’ characters and their retinues in 40k. Especially given that it’s already got a smaller base of players than 40k does Fantasy really want to segregate them into yet smaller groups that are horribly mismatched if they play each other? I hope they avoid it, but I’m not sure how they would without making the game bland and tame across the board.

    • Kevin Maloney

      Age of Chaos
      Age of Nagash
      Age of the Skaven
      Age of Ultron

      • am1t

        ‘Age of Ultron’ Damn it … can’t believe I missed that gem. Well played sir!

  • RexScarlet

    time to dust off my copy of Mordheim, and open the giant bin of warriors of chaos and demons, lol…
    What players will say and do;
    Find some opponents that actually paint, do not proxy, and model wysiwyg, oh wait, this is not 40k, so that should be easy, oh wait, only a minuscule market share plays whfb, so…
    start posting those whfb groups! or 9e will be on its way to the glue factory out of the gate.

  • UltramarineFan

    Still waiting for some rumours that will actually make things clearer rather than murkier..