Wyrd Weekly Tease: Along Came a Spider…


This week Wyrd takes the covers off an 8-legged Malifaux monstosity.  Arachnophobes be warned!

” Hey Wyrdos,

For today’s preview, we have the mighty jorogumo! Hope no one has any problems with spiders…  You had a chance to see the beta rules for this monstrosity during the testing for book 3, and now you have a chance to see what it looks like. Let us know what you think!”



That is super creepy – in that Malifaux way we love!

  • Luciferiel


    • vonevilstein

      The preferred method of terminating anything that walks, scuttles or crawls with it’s knees above it’s a*se.

  • Giant arachnid monster…. 30mm base.

    • Ricardo Valadares

      actually it’s a 50mm base.

      • ANevskyUSA

        I am not sure how this comment is supposed to rebut, “Kill it with fire.”

        • It isn’t.

        • Ricardo Valadares

          I wasnt responding to the comment Kill it with Fire!
          Kill it with fire is an absolute truth and is not to be rebated.

          2015-05-06 1:14 GMT+01:00 Disqus :

      • I know. That was a crack at the Brass Arachnid:


        • Ricardo Valadares

          you’re right!
          I mean, I Iove the models from Malifaux and it is quickly becoming my favourite game, after 40K. But some of the sizes of bases dont take into account the size or scale of the models that are supposed to fit on it, and they DO have a specific base size they are allowed to stand on, so you are rulling out the model if you place them on a larger base.
          I am sure it is a matter of scale, more than anything.

          2015-05-06 1:34 GMT+01:00 Disqus :

          • In the specific case of the Brass Arachnid, the mismatch is actually an artifact of the game’s first edition. Here is the original Brass Arachnid sculpt, which fits on its 30mm just fine:


            Wyrd went a tad crazy when they made the move to CAD sculpting and injection-molded plastic, and that created most of the bizarre artifacts that exist within the game, such as this one. These, however, are relatively few and far between, all considered.

            Now if only they could figure out how to sculpt a face and a head that weren’t two separate pieces…

          • Coltcabunny

            Question is, why didn’t they just increase the base size like they did with the Ice Golem for example?

          • I assume it’s to keep consistency for people who had the older model already, but as you say, they didn’t do that every time.

            But Wyrd is… kind of an odd company sometimes. Never let it be said they don’t live up to their name.

  • Chumbalaya

    Hello, big beefy minion. BLACK FLASH!

  • moonshadow101

    This isn’t a sexy drider at all

  • zeno666

    I haven’t kept up with Malifaux beta-stuff.
    Which factions can use him?

    • Chumbalaya

      Ten Thunders