Dark Angels HQ Rumors


Here comes the HQ leaks. Checkout who the winner and losers are in the new Dark Angels Codex!

Supposedly one of our readers has the book, and wants to share rules and photos. Come see part one of the new rules leaks.  So far it looks like he has the goods, but buyer beware!

Via Spikey Bits Reader a true son of The Lion 

Grim Resolve now gives stubborn and bs2 overwatch.

Inner Circle replaced by Deathwing rule. Grants Fearless and Hatred (Chaos Space Marines)

Azrael is now LoW. Gives his 4++ to any transport he’s in. Adds +1 to any seize the
initiative rolls. No longer counts Ravenwing or Deathwing as troops

Sammael on Corvex can now fire both weapons. Sammael on Sableclaw can now vector strike,
D3+1 str 4 ap 2 hits.

Belial gained an attack. Lost precision shots. Now reroll hits in challenges. No longer
takes Deathwing as troops.

Ezekiel now just has a master crafted force sword. No longer stuck with Mind Worm.

Asmodai grants D3 victory points if he slays the enemy warlord in a challenge.


They lost the Power Field Generator, but Azrael gives helm saves in a vehicle, that’s cool!

Dark Angels Roundup

  • euansmith

    I’m assuming there will be Deathwing and Ravenwing Formations with “counts as troops”.

    • SYSTem050

      there looks to be the redemption force detachment. They dont “count as troops” though as they dont have objective secured. The days of “count as troops” methodology are (i think) now behind us

      • GaryT

        Yes, I agree. I think it comes about since the 7th edition rule of every unit can score whereas in 6th it was objective secured or nothing. Still, would be nice to have objective secured terminators…

        • BrianDavion

          if yiou want OS termies I guess you’ll need to run grey knights

      • John Bower

        Not quite, Space Marine HQ on bike allows bikes to be troops; not sure if that’s just Captain or Chapter Master or if it’s Libby’s/Chaplains too.

        • TweetleBeetle

          Yes, but that’s it. Thankfully we are getting more creative list building options than, “take [HQ] with [wargear] to unlock [unit] as Troops…” in every army. It’s fine to have that unique option for Marines.

          Besides, there are Ravenwing and Deathwing formations. The new Detachment/Formation system basically renders the unit slot irrelevant; though you still have the option of taking a traditional CAD.

          • deuce1984

            except CAD won’t get you ObSec Termies (termies as troops) like it has for ohhhh every DA codex ever. I’m not getting salty just yet. I just need to see the formations with explanations beyond these grainy photos in german lol

          • The Basement Gamer

            Deathwing can still capture objectives, so no real reason to get salty.

      • Except bikes in vanilla sm. Take any character on one and you get T5 troops

    • GaryT

      Yes, I reckon so too. Either White Dwarf exclusive or data slates that you have to buy separately to the main codex. Maybe GW want to also be known as the ‘Unforgiven’. I say it in jest, but know it is likely to be true…

      • GaryT

        The final secret known only to a very select few is that, buried even deeper within the dungeons of Games Workshop Headquarters in Nottingham, Tom Kirby lies sleeping, waiting with the Watchers in the Dark for the time when he will be needed again, to lead Games Workshop in a new crusade…

    • Stefan MArinkovic

      I don’t think they will the only reason they would keep it is if they keep the a standard tactical object deck. Which does not seem to be the case, and based on the other faction decks, objective 11-16 (secure objectives) are going to the replace with fuffy tasks. As formations provide a greater flexible of unit choices with better rules, I don’t see myself make DW and RW as troops just to bring them.

    • flyingtam

      Force Organization is meaningless in the face of Formations and Detachments. Anything can score now, and Objective Secured is a nice plus, but it hardly makes or breaks armies now.

      • jhjhjhjh

        Objective Secured more than makes or breaks tournament armies, its probably one of the strongest competitive special rules.

        • flyingtam

          Did you just say competitive in reference to 40K? LOL

          • Stormxlr

            Friendly games can be competitive, Friendly rivalry between my DA and my best friends Chaos Marines. I have won the game more than a few times based on objective secured on my DWT. and furthermore competitiveness has nothing on solid rules.

          • Labia Majoris

            i am in the exact same situation and my b hole puckers every time i see these DA rumors.

  • MycroftHolmes

    “Belial … No longer takes Deathwing as troops.”


    There has got to be more to this set of changes.

    • Jeremy Haugen

      Not really… you don’t need troops if you have a Deathwing formation. They probably won’t even get Objective Secured.

      • Markus Beckers

        You don’t even need a formation to play a pure Deathwing army.

        • Stormxlr

          You dont need anything to play anything.

          • jonathon

            Mind. Blown.

            Like, far out man

    • Stefan MArinkovic

      Yea but I think he can be in the DW formation, I have yet to see Sammel in one for the RW or black knights

    • shawnlowrey

      Take Death Wing Strike Force. 1 HQ, 16 Elites, it is fine.

    • UberTek

      just take this

      • Charon

        No objective secured… that is why you want them as troops in the first place.

        • Koen Cambré

          That reasoning was scrapped for almost every single army out there… Why would DA be the exception.

          Getting the run move to avoid plasmacannon annihilation is good enough for this. As is the great synergy with ravenwing to auto-pass reserve rolls as you see fit. Losing to DS turn 1 is a bit of a blow however

          • Charon

            Probably because GWs pet armies gotta keep the cool rules in most cases. But I can see…. clearly the famous Ultramarine Bikers are more worthy of beeing troops with ObSec than the puny and relatively unknown Ravenwing newcomers.

        • Pete McGwire

          12 Dreads in drop pods coming right up!

          • nurglitch

            Dreadnought army!

      • Nice, they got the gk ability. Gives more survival off the Ds at least.

      • Julien Huguenin

        hmm…so if you build an army only with that, you instantly lose turn 1 since you have nothing on the board.


        • Izzy reggie

          not if you take Venerable Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods (which half of arrive on turn 1)

          • deris87

            That is one angle I hadn’t thought about, though unless you’re taking 3 or 4 Venerable Dreads you (in order to get 2 in on turn 1) you still stand a decent chance of getting blown up and losing.

        • jonathon

          Do we know what the Deathwing special rule does? It may provide the ability to DS turn one…

      • deris87

        I would, but I’d like to play a Battleforged pure Deathwing force and not auto-lose the game. And honestly, considering the drawback of automatic Deep Striking, that’s a pretty mediocre benefit. Definitely nowhere near as good as Objective Secured.


    Im More interested in hearing did Azreal get Eternal Warrior since he is now a LOW ?

    • petrow84

      Imotekh is also a LOW, however, he’s not EW, so my guess would be Nope.

      • Mathieu Chantigny

        But Imotekh is T5 so he’s harder to insta-kill.

        • petrow84

          I guess, in his case the artificer armour with 6+ FNP and the unit-wide 4++ ought to compensate that, but yeah, I could live with the fact if he could go toe-to-toe with the hardest opponents.

    • Brettila

      No. He lost stuff though.

  • Jake Nolan

    Formations…. Take our armies the way we want you to or you get no toys. Fk that GW…

    • SYSTem050

      Eh this is the most flexible way of creating armies since 2nd edition If in doubt just run unbound

      • Muninwing

        with Deathwing not getting ObSec, it’s not all too different…

        • deris87

          It seems like Unbound is going to be the easiest way to play them, since the DW Detachment rules are pretty unimpressive, and I’d much rather have people start on the board and possibly take a Land Raider. The only thing you’re really missing out on is re-rolling the Warlord trait.

    • Getting bonuses for playing ball vs not getting bonuses for doing whatever you like . . . GW laying down life lessons and us nerds complaining about it.

      • Chardun

        You can take formations in an unbound game. You can also run Imperial Knights with Wraith Knights…. ::shudder::

  • Martijn Hannenberg

    This seems to imply that Sammael still counts Ravenwing as troops, which makes no sense, so I am assuming that he lost that just as Belial lost his ability to make Deathwing troops?

    • Stormxlr

      I assume DA codex will have a rule that any IC in terminator armor
      unlock DW Terminators as Troops, same as SM codex has any IC mounted on a
      bike unlocks bikers as troops(will probably also exist in DA book.)

  • riburn3

    My guess is just like the SM book, an IC HQ choice on a bike will allow other bikers to count as troop choices. It would be pretty crazy if this wasn’t the case, but GW has done stranger things.

    • shawnlowrey

      He doesn’t, but there is a Ravenwing Strike Force FOC that is q HW and all ravenwing, and no troops are in it.

      • jhjhjhjh

        Which means no objective secured which is a massive massive nerf. Unless going for fluff, you’re better off running them as marine bikes again.

        • riburn3

          Marine bikes aren’t going to be getting rerollable jinks which can be improved further with a dark shroud.

          Obj secured is nice but not the be all end all.

          • deris87

            I don’t find the Deathwing benefits to be very impressive so far, but the Ravenwing definitely have a powerful niche. Especially if you include a Dark Shroud, as you mentioned. Plus the Dark Talon looks pretty sweet now.

  • flyingtam

    Is there an army in the game right now that when you take a special character, it unlocks elites/FA/Heavies as troops? I can’t think of any. It’s all about the formations now.

    • John Bower

      Space Marine Captains on bikes….

      • ThorOdinson

        He said “special character”, not generic character.

        • It is any SM independent character, so Khan does.

          • flyingtam

            Hmm. I’m looking at pg. 121 of my C:SM under “Kor’Sarro Kahn” and it says nothing about bikes as Troops. Looking at pg. 190 at the White Scars Chapter Tactics, it says nothing about bikes as Troops. Am I missing the rule somewhere that says “If you take Kahn, then your bikes are Troops in a White Scars army”?

          • joshua jury

            Look at the bike entry, any space marine character on a bike unlocks them as troops. Khan is a character, moondrakken is a bike

          • flyingtam

            Very good then! It’s not a rule unique to Khan or White Scars then, but ANY independent character mounted on a bike makes all bikes troops choices. Captains, Librarians, Chaplains… LOL Funny that GW didn’t give a similar rule to Assault Squads or Terminators. I guess GW really, really wants you to run Bikes and Grav weapons, eh?

          • Muninwing

            “Look at the bike entry, any space marine character on a bike unlocks them as troops. Khan is a character, moondrakken is a bike”

            let’s see, then, in the Wargear section, if the same is stated as a rule for Terminator armor, or for bikes, in the DA.

            if so, then ANY HQ in those would have ObSec, and it wouldn’t need to be listed in the formation…

          • Hopefully DA get something like this in their Terminator Entry and when BA are redone, they get it in their assault squads. Not holding my breath though

          • yes, page 152 in the Space Marine Bike Entry. Mounted Assault: If a unit with this special rule is taken as part of a detachment that contains at least 1 independent character with the Space Marines faction equipped with a Space Marine bike, the unit’s battlefield role changes to Troops.
            Then look at Khan on page 121. Under his special rules he is an independent character, and under moondrakkan, it is a Space Marine bike.

    • moonshadow101

      I’m quite happy about it, honestly. A special character should be an interesting model, not a key that unlocks an entirely different force chart.

    • Stormxlr

      I assume DA codex will have a rule that any IC in terminator armor unlock DW Terminators as Troops, same as SM codex has any IC mounted on a bike unlocks bikers as troops(will probably also exist in DA book.).

    • PHlevels

      Zhadsnark da Rippa is an ork special character that unlocks warbikers as a troops. He’s a forgeworld character but you can download his rules for free on forgeworld.

      • deris87

        But how old are his current rules? Pre-7th edition? It’s FW so it’s not a guarantee, but it’s a safe bet next time he gets updated that’ll be gone.

  • moonshadow101

    Last set of rumors said full BS overwatch, which was worrying. BS2 and stubborn is much more reasonable.

    • Battel Bruba

      They can have the full bs overwatch, grim resolve gives bs2 and stubborn, and if you take the Lion´s strike force all units with grim resolve improves their overwath from 2 to full

      • Muninwing

        it looks as if you have a choice — either you can run as a more traditional company and get free vehicles and BS2 overwatch, or you can run as a strike force and get the BS4 overwatch.

        before 6th launched, i put together a whole company, so i can pretty much run them in whatever formations work best without any new models.

        i’ve found that playing defensively is usually a good way to lose to more aggressive opponent. so dual demi-company might work best. but i’m betting there are some shenanigans that we haven’t thought of yet that will make them a nastiness to be reckoned with…

    • Robert John Afton III

      We do get full BS overwatch if we take 2 battle Demi company’s 1 with CM one with Chaplin then BS for overwatch is full.

  • Stefan MArinkovic

    Grim Resolve now also gives BS 2 overwatch, so plasma cannon over watch is a thing now. It’s an improvement on what was more of a demerit (cannot escape for a hopeless fight, and not quite fearless). But this is this a reactionary trait relying on your opponents decisions to be of any use.

    • Brillow80

      Still a snap shot, so no.

    • Artifixprime

      There’s actually a piece of fluff text from a while back that has the DAs holding off wave after wave of tyranid attacks by pouring it on with bolter fire and advancing *into* the attack – in silence.
      Reactionary or not, I’m loving this rule.

      • Stefan MArinkovic

        it is an improvement on the rule, no mistake. But compared to the most SM updated chapter tacts. Being able to plan their armies to their rules (where it is making gun lines (Utlras and imperal fists), hard to kill dude (salamanders, iron hands), CQC monsters (black templaters)). Greenwing planning is please charged at me, pretty please, no not the rain hail of superior fire.

    • Drayke

      Can’t use blasts for snap shots. firing overwatch is still a snap shot DA is just more efficient at it.

      • Stefan MArinkovic

        shame, would have been fun. There is still the gav-cannon and lascannon to look forward too.

  • Battel Bruba

    So we can say that Belial is the big loser this time, Sammael, azrael and azmodai have their good and bad things and the ultimate beneficiary is Ezekiel given that he is no longer stuck with mind worm and now can take 3 powers, 4 with the primaris =), his book giving +1 attack buff to other units and his sword no longer being two-handed, this is pretty good if the rumors are true of course.

    • SYSTem050

      The two handed sword thing though depends if he is equipped with a second meele or pistol weapon. I presume he had a pistol but cant remember

      • Mathieu Chantigny

        He had a pistol but he couldn’t use it in CC since his sword was two-handed.

        • SYSTem050

          Thats what I thought. Ultimate troll by GW would be to return the sword to one handed but remove his pistol 🙂

  • Master_Toddius

    I don’t believe some of whats listed here. We’ll see though.

    • WellSpokenMan

      Pretty much everything here is confirmed. GW left the Glossary in the iTunes trial version. German pics are showing up online as well.

  • Necky

    All i see is Nerfs. Didnt they have pref enemy: Chaos before? hatred is crap.

  • I take it Bethor has been well and truly squatted by now?

  • Jim Humphries

    WE have seen Belial, but I wanna see Sableclaw!

  • Agent OfBolas

    the Codex is useless. …. you CAN’T FIELD PURE DEATHWING list!