Dungeon Saga by Mantic Saga


Mantic has unveiled their latest game Dungeon Saga – hitting the shelves next week.  Gather your party and prepare for adventure!

Take it away Mantic:

Over the course of the next few days we will have a look at all aspects of the upcoming ‘Dungeon Saga’ game. This week in particular we’ll have an in-depth look at ‘The Adventurers Companion’ and what that is. There are features on some new art, designer’s notes and as many photos of models as we can cram in. We hope it will be interesting to both backers – veterans of every update, and new inductees discovering Dungeon Saga for the first time.

Prepare for the adventure by familiaring yourself with these ancient texts:

Dungeon Saga: Cover Story – The Art of Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga: Becoming Legendary – Character Development

Dungeon Saga: Mighty Heroes – Production Miniatures Showcase


Before we start the week off, let’s go back to where the journey started…

Although these days most of Team Mantic live in the tabletop wargame hobby space, many of us got started with gaming in a dungeon. For the older generation it was 1st edition D&D (i.e. me – and yes I am THAT old!) for a huge proportion of the rest, their first foray into fantasy came with Heroquest, the TV-advertised game from Milton Bradley.

Mantic has always had a classic dungeon crawler on our radar. The original ‘Dwarf Kings Hold’ was a forerunner to Dungeon Saga and back then, we had to use pre-existing tooling to make the game, and had Jake writing it in his spare time. In the intervening years Mantic has progressed and learnt a lot about production quality, different forms of tooling and we now have a full time team dedicated to new products.

I also knew that if we were to do a sword and sorcery dungeon game it had to be perfect – the packaging, the art, the miniatures, the game play, the graphic design all had to be first rate. Every component had to mesh perfectly with the other – and be excellent in its own right.

box-profileThe game comes in innovative packaging designed to look like a magical tome you might find on a wizard’s shelf.

As we studied what was currently available we knew there were already several excellent adventure games – such as Descent and Super Dungeon Explore – but interestingly we thought none of them lived in the ‘classic’ space. Each had developed a unique take on the genre, be it moving out of the dungeon or using anime styling. Our plan was to go back to the roots of dungeon adventures – and take each to a new level using the technology and skills that we could access.

We wanted…

– the game to be set in a dungeon – where if you opened a chest or went through a door – you actually do ‘smash down a door’ or ‘open a chest’ – if the minis are 3D so should be the environment, right?

FurnitureThe game includes a fully interactive 3D dungeon, including plastic dungeon furniture.

– the game to come with a ‘Quick Start Guide’ that welcomes everyone by using a step-by-step process to get gaming,

– to use fantasy archetypes as the access point – the Elf, Dwarf, Wizard and Barbarian – these would make up the party, against an evil overlord.


– career progression between games – yet still be simple enough to set up and play in minutes.

– to set this within a bigger narrative that was an integral part of the Kings of War universe.

The team have aspired to create something special inside that very cool looking box.


Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest

And yet all of us veteran gamers crave depth and complexity – we want to make our own characters, and set them adventuring in our dungeons of our own creation – filled with lots of varied and fiendish monsters. Over time we want to see our own characters develop – if they don’t die on the way of course! All this and more is what ‘The Adventurers Companion’ does. It gives you the tools to create your own adventures.

So, whether you are a hard core team of gamers with level 80 half-elf paladin-bard-fighters or a father desperate to share his love of gaming with his kids, we hope you’ll enjoy great evenings of rolling dice and moving miniatures – and make some new legends with Dungeon Saga.
Enjoy the week and let us have your comments – and if you like what you see please do tell your friends, family and gaming club.

Thanks for reading and best wishes,


MGDS50-Exclusive-Legendary-MortibrisDungeon Saga is now available to pre-order from your local retailer and Mantic’s website. Order before the 31st June and get an exclusive Legendary Mortibris necromancer figure included. Discover more here.

This looks like a fantastic set, and will be particularly useful to any existing RPGers, with all those cool minis and terrain, doors, and adventure items.  I’m also a big fan of the “book” box format.

We will have more on Dungeon Saga in the days ahead.

  • Agent OfBolas

    I WANT IT !!!!

  • shawnlowrey

    Is this basically a Warhammer Quest update? I loved that game, glad to see someone has taken up a solid concept and run with it!

    • Gentle_Ben

      If I recall someone has to D/GM which is a pretty big departure from WHQ. I didn’t back the kickstarter for that reason. No one I know ever wants to DM, we all just want to kill monsters with everyone else.

      • Zethnar

        The Adventurers Companion has rules for co-op play, also the rules for creating and advancing your character between adventures. That was all added fairly early on in the kickstarter due to backer feedback.

        • Andrew

          Ooooo, that would be kind of a dealbreaker. Glad they added it in. Sad I have way too many other things going on to pick this up….

        • Gentle_Ben

          well then I will definitely check it out

      • Torkijo

        The Adventures book also has rules for solo play 🙂

    • WestFargo Dave

      Yeah WQ was and is a great game. I still got it and that’s one game I’ll never part with. Well, I won’t be buried with it or anything, but I’ll not be selling it. 🙂

  • Retconned Legion

    I don’t get Mantic. They can make decent looking dungeon furniture, but not a brick wall?

    • Benderisgreat

      Hey…. YEAH!

  • Dan

    Awesome, looking forward to this so much!

  • Benderisgreat

    Sounds more fun that Myth by Mercs. Man, did they make me regret backing that Kickstarter…..

    • WestFargo Dave

      Why, what’s the deal with the Myth by Mercs Kickstarter?

      • Benderisgreat

        While they spooned out a generous serving of miniatures, the initial draft of their game rules proved to be nearly unplayable. Then this Mantic version of pretty much the same game comes along, and the rules for it turn out to be 10 times as good. End result: severe buyer’s remorse.

        • WestFargo Dave

          Oh okay. Thanks!

          • Benderisgreat

            Yeah, it’s sad because it showed real promise.