FORGE WORLD – Volcano Cannon Unboxed


It’s currently the biggest, baddest gun in the Titan model arsenal. Come see the mighty Volcano Cannon!

Aptly named ‘Volcano’ for it’s ability to turn any chunks of rock it hits into red hot liquid magma, the Volcano Cannon is the main destructive armament for both the Reaver and Warlord Titan classes.

For just a single arm of a model, this is ONE big kit!  The Forge World Volcano Cannon sells for about $83 here in the states, but for some it’s a must have for their Reaver, (and soon to be Warlord) titan?

Overall it’s a very nicely designed kit from the finely detailed (and protected) wiring tubes, to the highly detailed gauges within.

This weapon arm is much more detailed than it’s predecessors’ arms for both the Reaver and Warhound Titans, as it was designed digitally.

But don’t let that stop you from purchasing a Reaver titan, as it makes for an amazing hobby project!

Plus if you even have any problems with your pieces, Forge World is only a phone call away for replacement parts. They are quite friendly too actually, so don’t hesitate to call them for help with miscast or missing parts!

Need more super-heavy power? Get the Volcano Cannon today!

Get close enough to touch the new God Weapon in my first look video reviews below.

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  • JP

    Let that gnawing, empty hunger in your digestive tract stop you.

  • JohnnyTurbo

    From about 9 minutes on he gets into the quality of the mold. THIS is my problem with FW and GW they say that this is a collectible.. they ask a premium yet they deliver poor results. When i look at what i pay for Gundam Models or Tamiya/Dragon historical kits and the quality of them, i wonder, i can’t play games with these yet they are infinitely better.

    • Damistar

      To be fair, the Tamiya/Dragon historical models are made to be displayed and not touched. The fine details on them would be wrecked if you used them as a game piece. The Gundam kits are clearly designed to be played with, but are little more than toys that you assemble yourself.

      • JohnnyTurbo

        “Gundam kits are clearly designed to be played with, but are little more than toys that you assemble yourself.” And these are not? it is the quality vs. the price.

        • Scharfinator


        • JP

          When you stop and think about it, GW is selling you an incomplete product, yet they are charging you premium prices. Hasbro’s transformers are made with an injection mold, come assembled, are fairly detailed, and reconfigure into multiple forms. Depending on size they can be $20 and less each. GW makes you pay more for a single character model the size of your thumb!
          That’s actually evil genius.

  • Damistar

    I would prefer that Forgeworld have a more robust quality assurance department than friendly customer service. While it’s true that they’ll seldom hassle you about miscasts and broken/missing parts, for the price they shouldn’t ship with such issues in the first place!