GW Retro Corner: Codex Space Wolves – 2nd Edition

Space Wolves 2nd


The Sons of Russ are here! Come take a look at the Space Wolves 2nd Edition army book from 1994.

Welcome to the BoLS Retro Corner, where each week, we take you on a time machine to the era of early tabletop awesomeness.  This week, we take you back to the heady days of Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition! Time to let the those lovable Space Vikings out of the kennel – The Space Wolves were a force to be reckoned with and if you’ve forgotten just how mean they were hopefully this trip through the mists of time will help clear your memory.

Codex Space Wolves(2nd Edition)

If you thought Wolf Guard were bad in 5th, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • How come whenever there’s an interesting looking article on BOLS its a bloody video that won’t play on my tablet

    • James Squyres

      Because Rob hacked the system so only his would play

    • Secundum

      Because BOLS is a terrible site?

  • Ben

    This brings back memories..memories of my friend making a Congo line with Stormcaller walking up the the field and my khorne force getting slaughtered in combat, while his long fans shot me left and right… Good times

    • IndigoJack

      Ah yes, the dreaded long fans

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Take a drink every time he says ‘all that fun stuff’! 😛

  • moonshadow101

    Man, old-style flamers are the goofiest looking guns.

  • Hendrik Booraem VI

    As I recall, this was the moment when GW decided to make a huge amount of cash off the game. Prior to this (2nd Edition), Rogue Trader was the rulebook, and Space Marines could be had at 30 for $30. Same was true for Imperial Guard, Squats, Eldar, and Orks, I guess, though. Don’t think Chaos was the same way, though…

    Oh, and back then, Space Marines had 3 str and toughness for a while. People just kept remembering them as being strong and tough as Orks, so GW finally made the change. Craziness!

  • treadhead2

    I remember trying this unit out once in an agreed list friendly bout way back when i was a short beard learning the ropes of 2nd edition.

    5 wolf guard termies with assault cannons, storm shields and cyclone missile launchers 155 2nd ed pts each.

    Against 3000 pts of Nids, turn one volley fired all twelve missiles from each of the five wolf guard terminators.
    Volley fire worked out at five 5 & a 1/2″ templates with a krak missiles strength and save modifier.
    Turns 2 to 5 hunting down the five survivors

    A little chuckle escapes me to this day when ever i see a nid horde across the table though.

    • Ebsolom

      Yeah, the old SW cyclones could clear entire tabletops. I always ran with a suicide vortex carrying chaplain with jump pack. Fun times : )

      • Daniel Sundblad

        A lot of the horror stories about the 2nd ed Cyklone Missile Launcher stems from the easy to make mistake of missing that it called for 1/2″ diameter effect per missile, where every other blast effect in the game where stated as a radius….

        So a full rack “only” should have used the largest template (3″ radius), rather than the all out 6″ radius circle people assumed it was…

      • Kako

        yeah martyr chap with the vgrenade 😀

  • pseudonym

    This is the book that forever made me hate Space Puppies and think of them as the kings of cheese. No sir, I did not like.

  • This is one of the last two 2nd ed books I need to pick up (the othe being Sisters of Battle); is there much to it that’s not already repeated in the later books?