I AM ALPHARIUS! New Alpha Legion Upgrades Unveiled!


Shhh, the 20th Legion has some awseome new upgrade bits on the way – but don’t tell those ignorant loyalists.  Come this way operative…

via Forgeworld:

Here’s the weekly shot of what’s coming soon for the XXth Legion.


That will go very nicely with their Current Alpha Legion Upgrade Kits.

Learn even more:

Alpha Legion Secrets 


~”For the Emperor”

  • John Grammaticus

    First and the Last! Much better than the shoulder pads IMO, will be getting a few of these, shame the old metal shoulder pads are now sold out on the GW webstore.

    • saresti

      I would like to have XX shoulder pad !

    • am1t

      Hey John … shouldn’t you be dead? (HH is doing my head in with this character)

  • hauskrebs

    Whenever I try to sculpt something with green stuff, it looks like the thing on the breast plate of that marine 🙁

    • am1t

      Same thing here, except for me it’s after I eat Kimchi

      • hauskrebs

        After eating Kimchi I most often have other thing on my mind/troubling me than sculpting 🙂 (but damn, I still eat it a couple of times a year…strange stuff 🙂 )

  • Adam Murray

    No such legion exists…

    • am1t

      This article is vile anti-imperial propaganda nothing more…

  • Crablezworth

    Why is its face so terrible?

    • benn grimm

      Something to do with the scream-esque face grille and the added rivets maybe?

    • Joshua Boyle

      Are you referring to the marine helmet? I think it looks awesome for the Alpha Legion. Very blank, which I think is the point.

      • LordRao

        Good point about the blankness, hadn’t realised that.

  • Tynskel

    That’s not an upgrade! The link should be something like Ultramarines, or Dark Angels, etc.

  • ImAlpharius

    I’m Alpharius.

    • benn grimm

      I’m Alpharius and so’s my wife…

    • JP

      No you’re not, I AM ALPHARIUS!

    • am1t

      I named my pet lizards Alpharius … they are Alpharius

      I am Omegon … when we combine we form Megatron

      • James Squyres

        I am Lure from the planet omicron persei eight

  • JP

    You did not see any giant men in power armor. You did not see any aliens with techno-organic weapons. You will have a nice dinner and have some delicious pie for dessert, and leave a tip.

    • am1t

      What kind of pie? … I love pie

  • RexScarlet


  • JPMcMillen

    Personally, I’d love to have some with the original ‘Alpha’ symbol.

  • DaveTycho

    Hail Hydra!!

  • Brother_Alpharius

    Loving the breastplate which references Omegon/them being the last legion and is an inverted form of their arch rivals’ Ultra symbol.

    • Muninwing

      and the face, you can see the arched “A” without a cross-piece outlining the ventilator grill… almost like the assassin’s creed symbol…

  • Spit-Burn

    “…but don’t tell those ignorant loyalists”

    Because, of course, the Alpha Legion sided with Horus, didn’t they? Nudge-nudge, conspiratorial wink, etc.

    • Muninwing

      by now, i dont think it matters who they sided with… they’re not coming back to the imperium.

      if GW wanted to advance the plot, having whichever of their rimarch-twins infiltrating the Emperor’s Palace, and replacing the blown fuse on the Golden Throne, and taking out the monkeywrench he had left 10,000 years ago while nobody was paying attention, to see the Emperor re-surge with life would be an interesting twist moment…