Wyrd Weekly Tease: Insidious Madness Edition!

Madnesscloseup Wyrd pulls the covers off of some VERY WEIRD models this week.  Come see!


“This time it’s the Insidious Madness!

In the last of an unsustainable trend of ever-increasing preview numbers, below I offer you not one, not two, but three renders of the Insidious Madness… As you can see, each of these models is very distinct. While they all fall within the same general idea, each also has its own shape and freaky look. We hope you enjoy!”


Ewww – creepy!  You can do amazing things with plastic these days.

  • crevab

    40k sez: Thanks for the new Chaos Spawn, they look fantastic 🙂

    • Shawn Pero

      Wyrd sez: thanks for the boost in sales, GW!

  • TB0N3

    Straight from Nope-town

  • Ebsolom

    I don’t need these but I want them.

  • spacemonk

    Those face-mask props look a bit Kingdom Death, but I can replace them with chaos marine helmets easy enough.

  • Not really digging the direction they’re going with these Malifaux sculpts… hopefully they add more western- and steampunk-themed models soon. They’re really overemphasizing the horror factor.

    • Elinore Rönning

      Umm they are neverborn models. They were never very steampunk or western.

    • McSwervy

      Look at the other factions, specifically Arcanists & Guild. Those are the more steampunk-y things.