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We are launching the new website with an exclusive battle report. It is an epic battle of Eldar and Harlequins against a Genestealer heavy Tyranid horde!

Here at SN Battle Reports we’re very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website which went live this week and is located at the new web address www.snbattlereports.com This website is the result of a lot of work by the entire team over the past months.
A few of our goals with the new website were to make it faster and easier for our fans to find and enjoy our battle reports and to ensure that they may be accessed in full outside of Facebook.
We are launching the new website with an exclusive battle report that you will only be able to see in full there. It is an epic battle of Eldar and Harlequins against a Genestealer heavy Tyranid horde! Not only is it an awesome battle on a beautiful table with wonderful fluff but it is also our first reported Maelstrom battle! One surely not to be missed!
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Here is a Sneak Peak of the web exclusive report….


Mission: Cleanse and Control

Deployment: Dawn of War

Points: 1700pts

Her world was coloured by emotion, a narrow spectrum confined to twilight hues. Lifeless, dead purple to the urgent anger of blood red. Smell, touch and taste had been lost to her for what seemed an eternity, sight and particularly sound were akin to a ghost of memory, the living reality around her as vivid and immediate has a half forgotten dream upon awakening. It was a world she was a stranger to. Never again would she feel the gentle caress of zephyrs upon the bridge of Lost Sorrows, nor would the crystalline notes that haunted the Seer Groves pluck at her heart strings. She would miss those memories if she would only realise that they were hers and they were slipping through her mental grasp like fine sand through outstretched fingers. Such was the depth of her disconnection from the realms of the living, though she could not yet be counted amongst the dead.

She inhabited the gossamer-thin skein that separated the two, the veil of infinity. The only place where Eldar souls could find some kind of repose, confined within spirit stones or melding with a million other ghosts in the infinity circuit. Her fate was neither, her violent heart and warrior’s pride had made her one of the few who could inhabit the cold shells of a wraith construct.It would have horrified her to realise how she remembered how to fight but yet forgotten her own name, if she had the ability to dwell on such things. A chorus of voices floated through her myopic conscious, whispered from a great distance it seemed, carried on the wind and distorted by many other voices which repeated the words but with a different pitch and cadence. “Beware wraith kin, the great devourer grows close.” She had already seen them, her wraith-sight piercing through gloom and construct to see the very souls of their foes.

A profusion of claws and needle teeth-rimmed maws in constant motion, in a frenzied need for death and feeding, infused with the brightest crimson hue. Hundreds of them. Thousands. She felt the presence of others of her kind around her, they lacked voices of their own but they were there, silent, stalwart companions in their twilight realm.The bright souls of her living kin darted in and out of the lifeless ruins, their voices melodic and urgent though to her they sounded like meaningless susurrations, lost as she was in her wraith-shell. She hefted her wraithcannon in her graceful yet powerful arms and sundered reality in a salvo that plucked those angry red devourer’s souls and cast them into the realm of unending nightmares… The realm of she… NO! Even here, even lost one’s spirits must never mention, never contemplate. There were worse fates than this undeath. Worse fates indeed.”




Boom! What a view! The perfect setting for the perfect battle. We couldn’t wait to start and try out the very talked about Eldar codex and were very excited to see how this Genestealer list would do. Lets do this!


6 piles of barrels scattered across the battlefield act as objectives some of these easily visible in this photo and one was place in each of the six 2×2 square tiles. A special mention to the guys at Wargame Terrain Factory for the great looking terrain they have supplied us! Thanks guys! Check out their Facebook page.


…..And here it is our first Maelstrom mission battle report! Cleanse and Control!


After rolling a 4+ for night fighting (Julian was happy) both players roll off to see who would go first. Ethan wins the roll with a 6 and opts to deploy first. He deploys most of his army in the centre of the dawn of war deployment with some of his bikes covering part of the flanks.


Ethan deploys his Warlord Maugan Ra the Harvester of Souls at the top of one of the ruined buildings and attaches him to the 20 man guardian squad (passing the Fearless rule on to all of them).


With Julian having all his army either in reserve or infiltrating they again roll off to see who starts infiltrating first. Ethan luckily again wins the roll off and starts by infiltrating his Death Jester at the top of one of the ruins in the corner of Julian’s deployment zone making good use of the height of the building for great view of the board.


Julian finally starts deploying his 8 units of genestealers. First he deploys one of the units as close to the enemy as possible but still making good use of the cover. They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many – so, so many voices. They are coming for us – flesh, body and soul!


Next is Ethan’s Shadowseer which is placed just below the Death Jester.


Again Julian places more genestealers this time on the other side of the board but still using the same tactic close as possible but using as much cover as possible. Each of the three Genestealer formations chose a separate Jetbike unit as their preferred enemy using the Broodlord Hunting pack formation.


…and lastly the Solitaire the most dangerous of all the Eldar Harlequins hides behind the ruins.


Turn 1 (Eldar) Ethan picks his first three Maelstrom cards….


Turn 1 (Eldar) The Eldar army starts its movement phase, Ethan moves his jetbikes up into firing range. His wave serpent also moves up to find a target.


Turn 1 (Eldar) The Psychic phase begins and Ethan opts to fire a large blast Eldritch Storm towards the centred units of nids. The blast scatters a bit and hits one. Julian manages to make the cover save roll. The Farseer then casts guide on his unit.


Turn 1 (Eldar) A volley fire from the Jetbikes removes the first 4 Genestealers with ease even with their 4+ cover save due to the barricade and stealth from night fighting.


Turn 1 (Eldar) The Jetbikes on the left flank also move up and fire at the Genestealers on the roof killing one instantly with a great shot to its head


Turn 1 (Eldar) The Wave Serpent fires its Scatter lasers at the Genstealers in the ruins in front of them and kills one of them.


Turn 1 (Eldar) Great view of the Eldar firing line. “They shall come, expecting the obvious, the simple, the artless. They shall stab at the shadows with confused minds and troubled hearts. Meanwhile, we shall appear unseen from ten directions, and from every one strike a fatal blow”


Turn 1 (Eldar) Maugan Ra fires at the other Genestealer squad using his special Shuriken Cannon and guide to make him reroll his all ready good to hit rolls.


Turn 1 (Eldar) View from behind the tyranids horde line if you look closely you can see the Death Jester and Solitaire.


Turn 1 (Tyranids) Julian picks his first 3 Maelstrom cards.


Turn 1 (Tyranids) The Hive mind orders his creatures to start moving forward. Julian risks it in open ground as he moves his forces into a deadly area hoping for some poor shooting in Ethan’s next turn


Turn 1 (Tyranids) Julian scatters his genestealers into a conga line to get one of the maelstrom card objectives. These Genestealers are clever things!




See the full Battle Report Here for the exciting conclusion!



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  • Commissar Molotov

    Nice! Thanks for the non-video format – makes it easier to read. And thanks for showing us a genestealer-heavy ‘Nid force!

  • Looks cool. Honestly I prefer non-video if its written well. Cuts the fat and small talk out.

  • Ebsolom

    Brilliant. Love these written reports. Consider me subscribed : )

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    Great report as always lads! Love the Genestealer Horde, looks like great fun was had! I have subscribed!