Age of Sigmar: New Chaos Model Sighted!


The first visual confirmation of the upcoming Chaos Models has been spotted. Come take a look:

First take a look at the Chaos models that come with the Age of Sigmar Boxed set:


Now take a look at this guy snapped by German website Gamestrust:

image via


That looks like a new Bloodreaver to me, which lines up with what we have been hearing form other sources:

via Bird In the Trees 7-29-2015

Early August:Khorne Lord blister @$35

Plastic Khorne Blood Reavers, 10 w/ new weapon for @$55

Age of Sigmar Roundup

~ It looks like Khorne may be returning to us on 8-8 of this year (Get it!?) 


  • Davor Mackovic

    They look great. Only if my painting skills could do them justice. 😛

  • Andrew Thomas

    Just need laspistols and we’d be set.

    • NinjamanFire

      that was my first thought too! Badass looking cultists for the win!

      • dubhgilla

        Problem is they look tougher than the Chaos Marines. But who uses Chaos Marines anyway?

        • LordKrungharr

          I use Chaos Marines! But mainly because I don’t have Cultists yet 🙂

        • AKOF

          I think they would look really good next to the Crimson Slaughter models, or the new Chosen-coverted-into-Chaos Marines, or some of the newer stuff like Raptors (yes, no one uses raptors), or anything from FW. I think if you paint them a darker tone, the buffness won’t be as emphasized.

          • dubhgilla

            Chosen and Raptors are amazing and exactly what Chaos Marines should look like. Maybe this edition Chaos Marines will get some love. Sadly looking at Daemonkin I doubt it.

        • Spacefrisian

          Berserkers as they are intended to be, barechested taking anything shot at them all day, true Brezerker style…makes me wonder why they dont have feel no pain, going berserk seems a perfect excuse to ignore pain.

          • dubhgilla

            Gw should be a little bit more liberal with that rule. I think 6+ FNP on all Marines isn’t to game breaking. Necrons get an amazing version.

  • Autumnlotus

    I don’t like them, but that’s just my opinion. Way to buff looking for they’re stats, and can’t use them for anything in 40k that would make sense

    • anubisblade

      khorne cultists is what i use them for in my deamonkin lists.

      • Spheal With It

        I think I’d rather have my cultist looking a little less…fresh?….Like they’re so lost in their own zeal and madness that health and equipment aren’t concerns. But I can see how they would look cool with some pistols chucked in.

  • Phillip Bloodgod

    have I seen right?
    55$ for 10 shirtless models?

    srsly GW, wtf

    • cypher623

      Agreed about the prices. I don’t understand why a “new player” would buy those as opposed to models from another company?

      • AircoolUK

        Because they know nothing better? When you (not you specifically, I’m generalising) first bought 40K or Fantasy, you probably went back to GW to buy more models.

        • cypher623

          I agree to some extent that’s part of the mechanic, but what really got me involved with Warhammer Fantasy (24+ years ago) to start with was the fact that other players were promoting and playing the game at our LGS. I see no activity at our LGS on this now. So far only one boxed set has been sold in the two LGS’s I frequent now.

          • LordRao

            Well, that’s precisely the reason the guys at GW decided to give this game a complete overhaul…

      • rtheom

        I think whether or not a player likes the look of the models is going to determine whether they buy them or not. I know GW games tend to require more models than most others, but price-wise, model for model, GW really isn’t that far above anyone else. Additionally, I can say from recent experience (past year) trying to get into several other games (Dark Age, Warmachine, Deadzone, Relic Knights, Malifaux, general Reaper items), that GW models really are heads and shoulders superior to the competition. I’d say Malifaux has caught up on quality, but the aesthetic is completely different, so comparing them is fairly pointless. And we’re not going to count things that come pre-made like Attack Wing or whatnot.

    • AircoolUK

      I wouldn’t trust those prices until you’ve seen real evidence. I’ve only seen the price in Euros…

      Looks to me like £30 for the Paladins/Occulus Thing, £20 for the Dryads and £25 for the Dragon Dias.

    • Lawrence Phillips

      A PS4 game is £55 + £350 for the console.

      For the equivalent cost, a kid could buy about 8 box sets + a load of characters.

      I think the pricing is set right were it should be. Yes, they used to be cheeper – but that’s inflation/cost of living/etc. However you’re looking at $ so I guess you may be suffering the negatives of the crazy high living costs here in the UK (particularly on luxury goods).

      • MPSwift

        I used to use hobbies like Paintball as a comparison for cost. Assuming you own no equipment and just fancy a jolly for the day you’re looking at about a minimum of £40 just for kit rental and a few hundred extra paintballs. If you want a gun that can actually shoot straight +£10, pyrotechnics +£5-20, additional kit rental like gloves +£5, another 100 paintballs cause you went a bit trigger happy +£10. All of a sudden it’s nearly £100 for 6-8 hours of your life. That’s a lot of plastic crack!

        Do that twice a month and suddenly you realise that in about 3-4 sessions you could have a massive army that you can use again and again.

        • life of adept brian

          Or going to movie at a theatre, with snacks – for 2 hours it’s a pretty costly evening… Other than the “experience”, you leave with nothing to show for it. And sometimes the movie sucks.

        • Lawrence Phillips

          A better comparison since we’re talking about targeting teens is lego. I stopped playing with lego when I was about 12 and started 40k instead. Even back then, 40k was cheeper. Look at the price of lego now: smallest kits are £12 – not far of the price of the heroes and the big kits can be over £100. Again, compare to air fix – anywhere from £15-40.

          I don’t thing GW has this out of proportion.

  • Derpasaurus

    1. clip off daggers
    2. add stubbers
    3. ???

    • anubisblade

      laspistols not bolts for cultists bolts would make them into poorly armored zerkers

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Armor is for babies. Stay Angry and Blood for the Blood God.

  • cypher623

    These models as well as the other AOS models have been high quality, but I am still wondering who is going to buy them? Mostly I hear 40k players talking about using them as conversion materials, but isn’t that just redistributing money from 40k to AOS? Why would one of GW’s semi fictitious “new players” choose these models and this system over say Warmahordes or Malifeaux? If the fluff is gone, I don’t understand the incentive to buy these models?

    • AircoolUK

      ‘cos they like it? I’ve not bought any of the Stormcasts beyond what was in the box. However, I’m loving the Bloodreavers even though I’m not a Khorne type of person.

      I’m painting mine with dark skin and tribal designs (as in the classic, borderline racist, Hollywood movies of old where cannibals are highly stereotyped) and they look great, really scary.

      • Stan

        “where cannibals are highly stereotyped”?
        What over the top PC BS! lol

        • daonemdt

          Lol. Hey if anything ,from the box paint scheme,GW is being progressive by showing that white people can be cannibals too.

        • AircoolUK

          This is a public forum, you never know what idiot will take offence at the slightest whiff of something to do with race. There’s a lot of hypersensitivity around these day so I’d rather stay on the safe side of things in public.

    • Jason McFarland

      I haven’t played GW in years, I’m buying in brand new. Warmahordes is nearly as expensive and a horrible game in my opinion, Malifaux I liked when it started, not really anymore. I love the models so far, and AoS has been great so far

    • So looks like two people from the fantasy world is buying them lol. You nailed it though GW is just taking advantage of the 40k crowd mainly.
      I would be surprised if the 30k never comes with custodes since you can just conveniently convert them from stormblahs.

      • Dylan Pond

        make that three. AoS brought me back to fantasy after 10 years. Love the new models and the new game.

        • crugglesworth

          yep already half way through painting a Stormcast eternal army because i think they look amazing

          • AircoolUK

            I’ve dug out 12 plastic Chaos Warriors, several really old metal ones from the 80’s. I’ve glued, based and undercoated some Bloodletters and Plaguebearers that I’d bought for 40K along with two Daemon Princes. I’ve got one painted Dragon Ogre and two waiting to be based and undercoated.

            My Liberators are all done, but they were a bit of a slog due to their similarity with Marines, but I’ll be ordering some Paladins tomorrow.

            It’s a long time since I’ve done so much mass painting. I am enthused.

    • Who buys these models? People who want them.

      Does it matter why?

    • Brian Griffith

      I consistently bought WHFB models for kitbashing into 40k.

      Age of Sigmar hasn’t changed this for me.

      • spacemonk

        Same here. I’m only worried the scale has changed and regular dudes are going to be bigger than Space Marines across all races. If so it’s a mistake to have broken cross compatibility like that.

    • Xlightscreen

      The customers that have been buying AoS up have been lots of old 40k vets. Not the guys still playing 40k, but the ones who stopped on 3rd edition, or stopped playing fantasy. It’s not even a casual aspect they are looking for, it is the ability to simply creating narrative battles.

      I’m pretty big on both games, but I like the fact that in AoS has offered me something that I really don’t do in 40k. That is decorate and kit out my models how I want them. In 40k you never see one of my tempestus HQs with a banner. It’s a waist of points and I like to keep my army as what you see is what you get. In AoS, I can add banners, two handers, shields, dual wielding, ect. Even at a metagame level, most of the weapons options you can do in AoS either have pre-limits, or such minor implications that you can truly just model stuff the way you wan’t.

    • Aezeal

      Well.. there is new fluff with more coming in? In a year AoS will probably have more fluff than Warma and Mali combined.

  • Charles Rink

    Theyre way too ripped for cultists, but would be GREAT marauders for a Renegades and Heretics army.

    • Brian Griffith

      Just say they’re Khorne cultists that are ‘slaught junkies.

    • Mordrot

      Fantasy chaos has always been more hardcore than 40k chaos as far as the breed of person who worships chaos so I guess this reflects that.

  • Oza

    At least we have a musician. The sigmarines didn’t get one of those or a rank or file standard bearer.

  • Agent OfBolas

    who cares, anything will die to Fantasy Space Sigm… Mehreens

  • Luc Voyer

    Im really not impressed by GW with new minis since beginning 2015, all seem very bland to me.

  • AircoolUK

    A quick look in the Age of Sigmar book reveals the weapons for these guys.

    The Blood Warriors can have:

    – Goreaxe & Gorefists as per starter set.
    – A huge two-handed axe thing that’s somewhere between a Dark Eldar Klaive and a sort of double ended Orc Choppa.
    – Two axes.

    The Bloodreavers on the other hand can have:

    – Reaver Blades as per starter set (an axe and short sword).
    – An axe and a double bladed sword thing.
    – A large two-handed axe (like the tiny picture above).