Age of Sigmar: Ophidian Archway – Unboxed


One copy of the Ophidian Archway made it’s way into the hands of a lucky retailer.  Come see this week’s upcoming terrain!

Here are some screencaps from YouTube of the new kit:

archway-03 archway-05 archway-04



And the image doing the rounds yesterday:  ophidiansprues


Skip to timeline: 5:00 for the Opidian Archway

Pretty Cool, and Dragon’s Den is the luckiest retailor in the world – getting an Archway 2 weeks before it’s official GW rollout!


Here is another shot of both of this week’s upcoming terrain kits from InHuman-BiTZ-BoX (Facebook)


~More on these kits as it comes in.

  • D. B.

    The “Baleful Realmgates” could already be seen in the background in some Oldhammer books… Was it Triumph and Treachery or Sigmar’s Blood? One of the last pre-End Times volumes.

    • DrWilhelm

      Yeah pretty sure I saw them in a white dwarf from before the End Times began. I wanna say it was around Triumph and Treachery.

    • Jeff Daniels

      Oldhammer and 8th Edition Warhammer are two very, very different things.

      The “Oldhammer” movement focuses on late 80s Citadel miniatures and the 3rd Edition rules and expansions (Warhammer Armies, Warhammer Siege, Slaves to Darkness, The Lost and the Damned).

      For more information on Oldhammer, check out the very excellent “Realm of Chaos 80s” blog.

  • francois grothe

    I don’t see any Skulls. Just saying.

  • SYSTem050

    What do you mean lucky. local store here has that archway the two floating ones and the battle tile all out on display

    • SwervinNinja

      It’s just Rob Baer was trying to stir up hate and discontent. On his other site, he was insinuating that there is a double standard of treatment because the Dragon’s Den got this set a few weeks before its official pre-release. to quote a paragraph-(and to save you a click)

      “If I was a GW retailer (who signed the same contract with GW as Dragon’s Den Games), I’d be scratching my head right now wondering why this store, that’s managed by an Ex-Games Workshop staffer (Phil Grau), got such special treatment! In fact, I would call up my GW rep and ask them that very question”

  • Sander Posthouwer

    Saw it @ our local store too, guess a lot of retailers got them. But they are cool!

  • kevinharoun

    Where are the skulls?

  • zeno666

    Stores doing unboxings are just silly. Everything is awsome and great. And the sculpts are always “Their best release”.
    But then again, this is BoLS, and its just another advertise 🙂

  • ColonelFazackerley

    No Skulls?

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    looks very flat, two dimensional somehow, like a cardboard cut-out.

    • SYSTem050

      Yeah the back doesnt really match the front. IF its a portal it should be a portal on both sides not a random ruined building on the back. Looks really peculiar

  • doughouseman

    Anyone else want to put eyes in the top two windows?

    It looks like one of those spooky halloween pieces that should have eyes and a tongue.