Arena Rex: Webstore Open for Business

Arena Rex

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!


After several of those unfortunate but inevitable delays that plague all kickstarters, the Arena Rex store is now open for business. If you’re a collector looking to buy some excellent Gladiator models then there’s plenty for you here. But there’s also a game attached to the minis that’s fun and easy to learn, but tricky to master.


If you visit BoLS frequently, you may remember some of my painting articles for this line of miniatures. It’s somewhat surreal now to see all the minis up in the store knowing I painted all of them. And I still have quite a few to go. While all the sculpts are great, I picked three of my favorites to show off below.


Gaius Pallidus the Green Knight.


Proximo: Questing Beast.


Tiet Khebi: Gladiator Priestess.

~So be sure to go check out the store, and bring honor and glory to your Ludus!

  • Sythica

    These models are freaking awesome. One of the best kickstarters I have backed.

  • Porky_Poster

    The painting is pretty much stunning as well. It’s a kind of subtle, slightly eldritch naturalistic, and that fits the miniatures very well.

  • James Hall

    Stunning miniatures – and yeah, those paint jobs are awesome.

  • BlueRonin

    Does anyone have experience with the game?

    • gwailo

      I sure do! It’s deceptively simple, and kind of seems like it would just end up as a giant scrum in the middle of the table.. But pushing, positioning and fatigue management make it surprisingly dynamic. Nothing is better than bashing your opponent into a pit. Points values don’t really exist, every model is generally worth 1, whilst a few of the bigger, scarier titans are worth 2. Build a side equal to the other, go at it. With the way the mechanics are structured, it scales well to more players as well, causing no issues. There are scenarios in the book which make for some interesting ways to play. All in all, I’m really happy with the game. Lots of fun, awesome models.

    • Gentle_Ben
  • Agent OfBolas

    This is something I call “perfect sculpt” and “pro painted”

    Well done!

  • Gentle_Ben

    Thanks everyone! Glad to see so many of you like it!