Classic Warhammer 40,000 Games RETURN!

main_art_final_liberation_warhammer_epic_40_000Your favorite Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 classics return. Available digitally for the first time: You know you want them:

In partnership with Games Workshop, three Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 classics have premiered digitally on retro gaming website Three titles return to modern Windows PCs as the DRM-free digital distributor breathes new life into classics from the bloodiest fantasy & science-fiction universes known to man.

Each showcasing a different flavor of Warhammer, the three titles are:

  main_art_warhammer_shadow_of_the_horned_rat 8c3126afb12ce8d63a22cc0431fe39423070ed7e

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat $5.99

 – The first Warhammer Fantasy title to ever go digital returns, relive Warhammer history in this hard-as-nails strategy classic.

As the first ever video-game adaption of the Warhammer world, Shadow of the Horned Rat not only brings the table-top adventure to life in this real-time strategy, but adds its own story to the wondrous mythos. With over 25 individual troops to choose from, you can create and lead your own army to battle across the many fields of the Old World. You can also forge your own story in this adventure, choosing to follow the main story and defeat the Skaven and Orc forces, or accept the work of the many patrons Paymaster Dietrich can procure. With increasing difficulty and expansive lore, this adaptation is a fine first-step for the franchise and a must-play for both RTS and Warhammer fans alike.


Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate $9.99

– Legendary soundtrack and atmosphere, to this day a Warhammer 40,000 experience unlike any other.

As a turn-based strategy with RPG elements, the game offers you the ability to fully customise your army between missions and augment your forces to ensure strategic superiority. With the might of a Space Marine company at your disposal, you can fully customise your squads down to the last marine, ensuring that only the Emperor’s finest are entering the fray. But be warned, for any suffered losses are not recovered between missions, so you must carefully decide which missions are worthy of your efforts.

main_art_final_liberation_warhammer_epic_40_000 687c3c0d361e997841e16b1c22ec61cbe0208f7d

Warhammer 40,000 Epic: Final Liberation $5.99

– Epic scale, grand tactics, true to the tabletop. The first video game set in the monumental Warhammer 40,000 Epic universe returns.

SSI, the masterminds behind the Five Star General Series’, bring their Midas touch to the Warhammer 40,000 world in the first ever video-game adaption of the EPIC table-top game. With over 85 unit types, this addition to the 40k franchise brings the vastness and depth of an EPIC-style battle to your PC, allowing you greater selection and customisation over your army. This, along with the multiple scenarios and battlefronts to fight from, will keep your strategic mind on edge for hours on end.

“These games have been next to impossible to find anywhere for years” says Oleg Klapovsky,’s VP of Business Development and Operations. “Reviving them meant that we had to dig a lot deeper, but we’re excited to have acquired the rights to re-release some of the most important entries in the Warhammer legacy.”

True to the spirit, the games have been meticulously tested, fixed, and prepared to run perfectly on modern Windows operating systems. Available today with their original soundtracks all three games are back – ready to take modern computers by storm once again.


SSU’s Final Liberation in particular was considered one of the best, most challenging and balanced Warhamemr 40,000 games EVER.

~Go check em out – they are CHEAP!



  • uberbeast

    I loved all these titles, and it’s fantastic that they have been restored. The content in these three games alone is deeper and more involved than any of the modern games that have been released with the GW IP.

    • Porky_Poster

      I’m inclined to agree, but I played two of the three and I’m not sure that’s saying too much, especially so many years later.

      More useful I think would be for them to sell access to the code, for home and small-scale developers wanting to take the material in directions it might never otherwise go. Imagine Shadow with all the units before and/or since as preferred, and all the warhammer world, or Liberation with a scope ranging from the skirmish games up to starship battles.

      • Valeli

        There’s a decent chance that the Total War game(s) will be very easily moddable in terms of units, and possibly in terms of overall map as well. The fact it’s codependant on the GW IP throws that into question a touch, but enabling mods has been a huge feature of all their games and – I’m sure – a new modded Total War would look infinitely better than a version of Shadow with units modded in.

        That said, I have great memories of that game. I loved it, although I was never able to really handle it as a kid. Maybe I can now. I’ll definitely try picking it up for only five dollars.

        • Valeli

          Replying to my own post…

          So I did go out and buy shadow today. After my earlier positive stuff, I feel compelled to reply to myself. I would /NOT/ buy this, unless you were also dealing with a serious case of nostalgia.

          The UI is simply terrible. It’s really really poorly set up. Especially by comparisons to modern games. It might have held up as a kid in 1995, but that’s no longer the case.

          If you want to relive the past, or simply see a piece of it, by all means have at this. Five dollars is about the price of a large drink at Starbucks, and you probably won’t miss it. I really did enjoy it a ton as a child. But – setting graphics aside completely – it simply doesn’t hold up to other games. (If one includes graphics, obviously, it does even less well).

          • I own an original disc of Final Liberation and with a DOS emulator have played it a few times. Sometimes it seems unbalanced but if you ever played tabletop was not exactly a beacon of balanced gameplay. I think there’s some interesting strategy if you know what to do but yeah, it does get old. The cut scenes are classic though. You can find them on youtube without having to buy the game 😛

      • JPMcMillen

        The question is whether the original source code still exists. That’s one of the reasons when older games end up on Steam they never have achievements. Without the original source code there’s no way to integrate the Steamworks to make things like that work.

  • Bob

    The lack of multiplayer support is the only thing keeping me from purchasing these games.

    • Agent OfBolas

      You are missing a lot.

      Those games are from times where there was no multiplayer… outside LAN connection.

      They are brilliant.
      All of them.

      • Bob

        I have copies of them all, original ones, I even have the box and manual for Chaos gate still.

        Like I said all I want is some multiplayer support.

        • BrianDavion

          Honestly I’m of the opinion that multiplayer isn’t all that, some times I feel adding in multiplayer actually resulted in the main game feeling… lesser

          • Bob

            I’ve always wanted to play Chaos gate multiplayer for a long time so personally I want to have multi

  • Another Biased Opinion

    I’m fairly sure that with a bit of Googling you can DL these for free, I certainly got Final Liberation off one of the retro games sites for free, played it once then remembered that I found it so unbalanced when playing a large game that I stopped playing it the first time…

    • Alienerd

      You can download everything for free if you look in the right places, what’s your point?

      • IndigoJack

        I think that was the point

    • georgelabour

      You can also get candy bars for free at any store by using the same mind set.

      Oh , and free miniatures from your local gaming store or even the homes of acquaintances.

      • Vomkrieg

        Not to mention how useful a crowbar is at a multi-day tournament for getting new models in your collection.

    • Cergorach

      You can also get Warhammer armies for free, just need a baseball stick and pantyhose… *facepalm*

      Abandonware isn’t a legal status or term!

      • Emprah

        That’s called Looting,and it confers a victory point for your ork army.

        • Cergorach

          Ah! And how Slaanesh it does is called Hooking… 😉

    • Matthew Smyth

      Even beyond the legality of things, most of these game do not play well (if at all) on newer systems. Let me give you an example from my personal experiences:

      (tl/dr: I’m willing to pay 5-6 dollars for massive amounts of convenience. I’ll go eat a PB&J sandwich instead of going out to eat one night)

      I was going through my disk collection one day and came across QFGV: Dragon Fire. Nostalgia hits me like a freight train and I immediately try and install it. Well, after some patching and fiddling, I can’t get it to work, so I go get a program to run an instance of Windows 95 inside my Windows XP computer and, after a week of fiddling on-and-off, I can now play one of my favorite games! It was a blast, I had fun, I even tried my hand at doing a “Let’s Play!” with it. However, it took two weeks for me to figure everything out and I still had the occasional crash.

      Fast-forward a year or two and I’m cleaning out my room, only to find an old copy of the first Land of Lore. Score! But you know what? I’m not gonna mess around with this thing, I’m gonna go pay 5 bucks to have someone adapt this game to run on my Windows 8 laptop and then I don’t have to worry about it.

      I’m not a computer whiz. In fact, I’m not very good at all with anything beyond the top crust of fixing electronic issues. Value vs time, 5 hours of my time saved from hunting down all the patches and settings that needs to be tweaked to play a game is well worth me paying 5-6 dollars to have a professional do it.

  • Wellp, looks like I’m playing Final Liberation tonight.

  • Neal Laxman

    Cool, Shadow of the Horned Rat was excellent! Although, I did prefer Dark Omens

  • Ve Ly Pè

    Why don`t they just give them away for free?
    Those are decades old, come on! I thought GW was taking a step towards being more userfriendly (see the price of the new AoS-Starter Pack), but maybe I`m wrong….

    • Spacefrisian

      Cause nostalgians wont notice it anyway, and claim its da best evar…While its actually not, just dont tell them, they burn you for such thoughts.

    • GW doesn’t own those games, the studio that developed them, or the publisher, or whoever inherited them from acquiring the developer or publisher or whoever retained the rights etc. That entity made the deal with GOG, likely GW was not involved at all.

    • carlisimo

      There are some costs in making them work with modern versions of Windows and in releasing them. GOG makes money doing this… they never made anything off the original releases.

    • TweetleBeetle

      GW doesn’t own the games, and doesn’t make anything off of these.

    • BrianDavion

      because GOG isn’t a charity?

  • Matt


  • swoods

    Please disable all pop – up ads. Sick of trying to read this on my phone and then come face to face with all kinds of unnecessary advertising.

    • ZeeLobby


  • georgelabour

    I do beleive there is only one proper and mature reaction to the news of FInal Liberation returning and being useable on modern PCS.


    • Commissar Molotov

      Just downloaded it – graphics are pretty bad compared to modern stuff, but damn if it ain’t fun!

      • TweetleBeetle

        That’s because it’s from the 90’s.

  • I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that the Warhammer 40k game Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion was released yesterday, it is a top down turn based tactical game, and it is actually really excellent so far. Very Xcom-ish, although there aren’t levels of terrain and the maps are more space-hulk than Xcom. You get to fight all kinds of nids though, which is a huge improvement over SH. I’m pretty excited about it, I hope the developer adds further content or does sequels, as I’d love to play deathwatch vs Tau or Orks etc.

    • Commissar Molotov

      Thanks – just looked it up. Unfortunately it’s an app for phones or tablets, and it’s only available on Apple products, so that’s two reasons I won’t be playing it.

      • Yeah the developer is an iOS dev so I’m not sure if they will do an Android version, they did port Warhammer Quest to Android and Steam though, so I’d keep my eyes peeled for updates on that.

        • Commissar Molotov

          Will do. Sure looks pretty!

    • BrianDavion

      proably cause no one cares about iphone games

  • Sloordrigg Metselverk

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’ve been waiting for this to happen for far too long! Must have, must have, must buy… *heads over immediately*

  • euansmith

    Final Liberation features some of the most wonderfully cheesy full motion video scenes (I’m especially looking at you Talaarn Tank Commander) and the greatest ever Commissar in 40k…

  • Agent OfBolas

    This mean we can play Chaos Gate on modern Windows?
    My old copy crashes at anything that is not Win98…

    • BrianDavion


  • Three of my most favorite games. I’m so happy I could cry.

  • Ahriman

    Shadow of the Horned Rat has some of the best sound bites in gaming history.
    Same too for the sequel – I played both all the way through to completion – really fun games

  • BrianDavion

    gotta love GOG.