GEEKERY: GIANT Rockem Sockem Robots!


They’re pulling more than punches this time… these giant robots are packing heat!

When Suidobashi Heavy Industry showed of their Kuratas prototype at the Wonder Festival in 2012 some made comparisons to the bots in Ghost in the Shell, others noticed its similarities to the Tau, and others… well… they got busy building!

Megabots – whose aim is to take the RobotWars of your childhood into new, bigger arenas – issued their challenege and it was quickly accepted…

Next year we’ll get to see 10.5 tons of robot – one with a canon that can fire 3-pound paint cannonballs at speeds of over 100 miles per hour – duke it out in all out battle…


  • am1t

    oooh … I would like tickets to see this …
    scratch that, I would love to pilot one of these robots … I have watched Pacific Rim like 3 or 4 times, so I am clearly over-qualified

    • Ben

      And you stayed at a Holiday Inn last night to!

    • JamesD


  • CoffeeGrunt

    I want the British to make a mech.

    It would be called, “Danny Boy,” or possibly the, “Lancaster.” Assembled in a garage in Sheffield at the last minute and held together by duct tape and hope, we’d get an intrepid and plucky pilot to give those ol’ Yanks a bloody nose.

    • Kyraxis

      Well sure, we’ll take the bloody nose as our robot does what we do best and turns your pile of duct tape and hope into a pile of scrap.

      • CoffeeGrunt

        You won’t beat the British Bulldog, old boy! We’ll take our licks and keep on coming. 😛

        • Spacefrisian

          Who cares about a British Bulldog, watch as you all get blown away by the Dutch WIndmill mech (obviously inspired by Gundams Neo Holland Gundam…yeah Holland, stupid name not even correct)

    • euansmith

      “Broadsword to Danny Boy… come in Danny Boy…”

      • CoffeeGrunt

        “Let’s give them what-for, old bean! Bit of the ol’ Dunkirk spirit, eh?”

        Oooh, that could be the name for the MkII, “Dunkirk Spirit.”

        • euansmith

          MkII implies the failure of MkI… that sound like the kind of optimism we Brits can really get behind!

          • CoffeeGrunt


  • Martin Cann

    Well, what else can anyone say to either of these plucky contenders except… Crash and Burn!

  • greenskin


  • V10_Rob

    Much like SpaceX, if you want to see real development in the cool sciences, you’re pretty much going to have to rely on private sector enthusiasts.

    Governments are too busy throwing money at researchers to prove that everyone needs to shut up and go live in a tar paper shack (except for the enlightened progressive nobility, of course, who will continue to jet around to fabulous locales to remind us how much more they care about the world than us peasants).

    • An_Enemy

      Oh hey whats up bitter partisan bias man. I’m sorry Big Robots fighting has somehow made you remember that you’re crazy.

      • Ben

        He’s got a point though… The elites (regardless of politician affiliation) are a bunch of hypocritical, control freaks. I say that as a long time conservative who voted Republican his entire voting history.

        PS big robots are awesome!

        • euansmith

          As the “democratic” voting system has been reduced to a hollow sham, where the main parties flood the airwaves with expensive adverts… how about changing the election system to revolve around bouts of giant robot fighting?

          • Spacefrisian

            Sorry but i cant resist..


          • euansmith

            “Gundam Red… Are you ready? Gundam Blue… Are you ready?”

          • V10_Rob

            “Whoever wins… we win.”

          • Ben

            maybe it would knock some sense into the politicians then…

      • V10_Rob

        I know, right?

        BOLS needs to step it up and start putting trigger warnings on articles like this.

      • CoffeeGrunt

        I don’t fully understand your irate response to his comment.

  • Japan: Lets give it hands and a couple of guns, mebbe some sensors and ergonomic controls

    Murica: Moar GUNZZZ

    • Alienerd

      Tau vs Orks it is!

      • CoffeeGrunt

        “U wat u runty git? Dat aint no mek job, asnt got a proppa killy gun nor a kustom force field. U need da proppa bitz for an ork kan!”

        • euansmith

          It ain’t propa ‘less itz got burnaz!

  • Really Bols? You first hide the alliance feed at the bottom of the page so we loose all our traffic, and then you just posting rehashed content from those blogs?

    • HaakonSlash

      You run the BBC!? That’s awesome! Can we talk about your coverage of Wimbledon? I think you could have done better… Federer’s headband/hair situation really deserves its own article. I mean… look at this: ! It totally deserves more attention. Maybe a front page editorial? Hit me up… we should talk about these matters. They’re super serious.

  • Azrell

    This is not complete until i see the swords!!

  • euansmith

    I do with that people would stop calling these things “robots”; power suits or waldos, sure, but robots need electronic brains.

    • Mud_Duck

      Buzzkill….. =)

      • euansmith

        I will only be happy when the streets are choked with autonomous killing machines hell-bent on mankind’s destruction… it that too much to ask?

  • Jordan Holt

    I’m only watching if Craig Charles is doing the intoductions.