GENCON: New X-Wing Wave 7 Pics & Info


GENCON has begun.  The first FFG shots have begun to come out from the floor.

pics via Team Covenent (facebook)



X-Wing Pilot Cards (Wave 7)


kihraxz-pilots wave7-cards-06 kwing-pilots tie-punisher-pilots

X-Wing Cards (Wave 7)

Most of these have been shown by FFG, but there are a few gems in here.  Look sharp!


The Twin Ion Engine Mk.II is going to be popular!



Conner Nets are going to drive people crazy!

wave7-cards-03 wave7-cards-04 wave7-cards-05

Go check out Team Covenants’s Facebook page for more FFG coverage.  We will have lots more shortly from the floor.

GENCON 2015 BEGINS – Much more from the show will be coming soon!




  • skoby

    There are pics of wave 8 all over the internet now, good old BoLS is still on wave 7 😀

    • Ross Allan

      Not in the Lounge we’re not! Joins us!

    • Sean

      Link please?

    • V10_Rob

      Looks like you maybe embarrassed them into stepping up their game…

      Now if it were AOS, we’d have a dozen posts a day speculating and rumor-mongering about Wave 8.

    • big_fletch

      Chaddap man, this is all still new :p

      FFG are good at trickling info to us…. announce Wave 7, show us bugger all. Announce Wave 8, show us Wave 7 cards :p