Las Vegas Open 2016 Hotel Booking Information!


Vegas is coming, Vegas is coming! Get pumped everyone, because the LVO 2016 is going to be absolutely amazing, and now we’ve got the rooms available for you to book, just follow this link!


We will be staying at the beautiful Ballys Casino on the strip in Vegas. The hotel is nice, affordable and centrally located. Staying at the event hotel makes your experience at the LVO infinitely more enjoyable as you don’t have to walk long distances with all of your gaming goodies to get to the event! Plus, you will be right in the middle of the action with all of your gamer comrades for the gaming and nighttime social events! We’ve got a plethora, yay, a cornucopia of gaming awesomeness planned for the convention across a spectrum of games from 40k to Warmachine and everything in between. The full schedule of events will be coming very soon along with ticket sales for individual events.

The event is Feburary 5th-7th, a Friday through Sunday. The core staff actually arrives on Wednesday to make sure everything is in order, so you may see us at the Blackjack tables Wednesday night! Come and say hi, if so.

Book Your Room, Here!

Please be aware, we will not be extending the room block this year. When it is full, it’s full. Last year the first block filled up in a matter of weeks! It is too much financial risk at this point in time to reserve more rooms after the initial block is full, so don’t wait to book your rooms. Last year the hotel was fully booked the weekend of the event, so wait to book at your own risk. You have been warned, muahaha! In the event you do not get a room and it does fill up, there are plenty of accommodations in Vegas, but it may be a bit of a walk to get to the venue each day for you.

We are just so excited for Vegas this year, it is going to be the biggest and best year, yet! See you all there.

  • Iron First!

    So stoked to go and see the armies.

    • Reece Robbins

      See you there! It is going to be so much fun, we’re mega pumped!

      • I gotta say and I know u have heard it already, but Vegas is the best place u vould have had it for out of country people like meself.

        • Reece Robbins

          Thanks! Yeah, easy to get to, cheap, fun, and appealing for non-gamers. We’re happy to have pulled it together and can’t wait to see our out-of-country gamer friends!

  • Joseph Boyd

    Oh wow! Let me go face off against Eldar, Eldar and more Eldar, Space marines with a little bit of Necrons, Tau and Grey Knights sprinkled on top. Just let us know the percentage of people who use invisibility. Oh and I bet at least 50% of the meta will run Eldar. How does anyone consider this fun anymore besides the Eldar player. Screw you BLOWS.

    • Here is some dip for that giant chip on yer shoulder bub

    • Reece Robbins

      Hi Joseph Boyd, thanks for expressing some of your concerns. If you go and look at ITC event results, you will see an encouraging amount of diversity in the field. We implement a reasonable set of restrictions aimed at encouraging diversity in armies and lists. Oh, and it’s spelled BoLS, not BLOWS, just FYI. Perhaps a Freudian slip? Anyway, see you in Vegas!

    • julien del rosario

      According to the list representation of the BAO (run by the same peeps), you’re actually quite wrong:

      • Hmm, 13 players with an Eldar Primary Detachmen, and 5 with an Eldar Secondary (one of whom was Double Eldar). And yet 12 with an outdated CSM primary detachment and even 3 with a harlequin primary. And 135 players. I see how it can be hard to see diversity in that…

  • Shane Bankard

    Does anyone know where I would find more information on this event? Like how to sign up and the rules and so on? I’m just getting back into this hobby and this sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Hmm. Should I stay or should I go?

    • Reece Robbins

      Go! =P