MODEL SHOWCASE: Age of Sigmar – Forces of Khorne

Age of Sigmar Unboxing


It’s a box of Khorne in this Model Showcase. Join us as we take a look at the Chaos forces from the New Age of Sigmar Starter set!

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Much like war… At least some things never change. AdamHarry here with more Age of Sigmar goodness. Today I’m looking at the new Forces of Khorne included in the Age of Sigmar Starter:


From a technical and assembly standpoint these models echo the same great quality from the Stormcast Eternals. Games Workshop KILLED IT with these kits. As far as injection molded plastics go these kits just did things to the “bar” that go beyond “raising and setting.”

I did have two screw-ups when assembling these models. The first was that the Blood Warrior I built for the video has a seam on the boot – that’s because I didn’t check to see if it was setting properly when I glued. I should have applied a dab of plastic glue to the lower seam and made sure to apply a bit of pressure. The seam would have sealed up nice & neat. But then a I wouldn’t be typing this to help everyone learn from my mistake.

The second screw-up was not building one of the Bloodreavers! It’s one of the “Shirtless Khorne Marauder” guys. In my Christmas-like excitement of having new plastic dudesmen to build… I just plain forgot. My apologies. Since then I have built a handful of them and can assure you they go together super easy and the poses are just as dynamic as the Blood Warriors. There are 20 of them in the box so some of the poses do repeat so it’s easy to look past the cool factor the second time around.

And that’s really the only negative thing I can say about this entire starter box – some of the sculpts repeat. But this is a STARTER BOX designed to be mass produced and used by anyone over the age of 12 – So I can totally understand why out of the 47 models a handful of them have the same sculpts.

My assembly notes remain the same:

  • Use Plastic Glue – this will help fuse the model and make it fit a lot tighter that regular super glue. I use this stuff and it works great – and I’m not getting paid to say that.
  • Dry fit EVERYTHING – because of the way the seams are cut things may not line up quite the way you think… until you dry fit the model. Once you see how everything lines up and you’re confident then add glue. Measure twice, cut once and all.
  • Be careful when clipping – some of the connections are a little tricky to get a clean “clip” from. I suggest clipping closer to the sprue “ribs” and cleaning up with an modeling knife.
  • Take your time – the more care you take assembling these models the better they will look once the paint starts flying.

Good luck and Happy Modeling!


Age of Sigmar will be in stores this weekend – and some boxes have already arrived early world wide. Are you ready for the Dawn of the New Age?

  • am1t

    Popped into my local GW store … have to say I love the new Khorne models in the AoS boxed set; the Sigmate models are really good too … IMO the pics on the inter web do not really do them justice

    • Tigirus

      That was my first impression too, when I saw the leaked pics I hated how they looked once I got to see the models they look sooo much better. I think the low camera angle on the website pics makes the scale look off.

      • Talos2

        I’ve no idea how the guy that takes the pics keeps his job. Absolutely destroys some models with the awful angles, backgrounds a lighting he/she uses. Been terrible for years

  • AircoolUK

    I’m certainly more inclined to paint the Bloodreavers in this more than I was the Cultists in DV.

    • Autumnlotus

      Eh I love the cultist models, and if they make more varients I would buy 15 or more of each. These guys? I hate Khorne, so I’m biased xD

      • moonshadow101

        Agreed. I would be more interested in these guys if they were a bit more undivided.

      • AircoolUK

        Oh, I loved the cultists as well, and I would have preferred less Khorne myself.

  • AKOF

    Both sets of models are really excellent. I am very excited to get the full kits.

  • Robert Duke Newnham

    any advice to what parts should be attached and what parts should not I hear the shield guys you should attach everything but the shield and glue when painted.

  • spacemonk

    The one model I’ve been wanting to see scale comparisons for (Daemonkin!) and he decides it’s not worth showing, yay…

  • Jake Nolan

    Those names though… The Bloodsecrator… ROFL! GW needs to stop with these 12-year-old-ish names…

    Blood Reavers, Blood Warriors… yeah, they really need “Blood” in the name, right?

    I like the models, despite their being OBVIOUSLY 40K compatible… but they have a lot to answer for with NON human armies. Especially Lizardmen. I’m really against the whole idea of these lumped together armies. Half of every army’s units are certainly going to be removed, hence, no more models of that kind and a big F.U. from GW for those who bought them during that End Times scam.