Outside the Box 07-03-15

Hello, this week we have new relases for Infinity as well as plenty of previews for X-Wing, Bushido, Malifaux and much more!

The next wave of Infinity releases is out now:
articulo_20150630120631 articulo_20150630120644 articulo_20150630120645 articulo_20150630120649 articulo_20150630130607–> More Infinity News

Otherworld Miniatures
Otherworld Miniatures announced their own set o rules:
11053087_1803805189845924_7149828137037990666_n–> More Otherworld Miniatures News

Puppetswar offers new shoulder pads:
11667362_972905749407744_4155822566922206394_n–> More Puppetswar News

GCT Studios
Plenty of new pictures of the Tengu Descension this week:
–> More GCT Studios News

ClearHorizon Miniatures
The 28mm Nemesis Light STrike Vehicle has been released:
11665705_823974581025410_2868282184169550226_n–> More ClearHorizon Miniatures News

Deep Cut Studio
Deep Cut Studio released a new gaming mat for aerial combat:
11403252_1022216074457277_31073035096786443_n–> More Deep Cut Studio News

Wyrd Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures announced more GenCon releases:
ShiftingLoyaltiesCoverStarterBoxCover–> More WyrdMiniatures News

Fantasy Flight Games
The K-Wing is coming to X-Wing:
swx33-k-wing-layout–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Warlord Games
A new range of US Army in winter gear has been announced:
11539568_10152536608553039_4890094197486611707_nThe British get a new tank destroyer:
WGB-BI-165-Archer-b-600x600And Warlord Games presented the Ghar Outcast Disruptor Cannon for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
Ghar-600x402–> More Warlord Games News

Zen Terrain
Zen Terrain presents their new Command Center:
11402964_889889594390878_2888615270222248671_n–> More Zen Terrain News

Onslaught Miniatures
More 15mm sets have been announced:
11231906_482860615214172_4186170597015975262_n11666038_484665485033685_3486344914018592912_n–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

Perry Miniatures
The Napoleonic British Light Dragoons are available:
bbf07ce9-7c88-41cc-bba5-941f141b8fcb–> More Perry Miniatures News

Anvil Industry
The Republic’s ‘Instigator’ Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle is ready for action:
11027455_838117342936253_7362562123408325994_n–> More Anvil Industry News

Titan Forge
The Metal Beards are back!
big_673–> More Titan Forge News

Outlaw Miniatures
Outlaw Miniatures presents the Mercenary Hellraiser:
11659286_708297155966263_7025834918126490785_n–> More Outlaw Miniatures News

The Digger Corps gets reinforcements:
11222354_555120004626055_9068550479944662558_n–> More Macrocosm News

Gamecraft Miniatures
Gamecraft Miniatures released a new 28mm range:
11210499_1072568782772856_1721881004466320490_n–> More Gamecraft Miniatures News

Rubidon Models
Last week’s preview is not the only expansion kit fo rthe Sd Kfz 251:
11403351_1612761215643907_5147781618850548215_n–> More Rubicon Models News

And Plasmablast Games released new 6mm Scifi Miniatures:
Marhaf Darhan Infantry–> More Plasmablast Games News

And of course the newest Kickstarter campaigns:
Dead Earth Games – Shattered Crown
Atlantis Miniatures – 28mm Goblins, Orcs and Trolls
Epix Haven – Miniature Terrain for RPG and Miniature Games
Fallout Hobbies – Custom Decals
Bradley Miniatures – 6mm Star Legion
Mierce Miniatures – Darklands Metal Age

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Both the Instigator and the Nemesis look very cool!
  • yorknecromancer

    That Outlaw Miniatures bike…


    Does the designer even understand the difference between guns and ammunition?!

    • zeno666

      Thats one of the problems I have with that game.
      First I was thinking they made a nice Deadland’ish kind of game, but then they went all GW’ish silly design on stuff.
      Too bad.

    • Majere613

      I was just thinking it probably flies faster backwards when that little lot fires than it does forwards. Maybe they’re some sort of ‘gatling laser’.

      • Luciferiel

        Maybe the barrels get hot from firing super heated light?

  • Porky_Poster

    Another one of those weeks where it just keeps coming. Not too much in the way of weird, but those metal beards and friends could be a good base for an unusual take on modern squats, as if they’ve rebuilt themselves through a form of transabhumanism. Also, I like the look of the vegetation on that Obsidon’s base, if it is vegetation.

  • euansmith

    The Digger has a great snooty face and the Puppetwars’ shoulder pads are really cool. My favourite though are the 15mm Onslaught minis; I’m just hoping that they go the whole hog and scale them up to 28mm without changing any of the proportions.

    Another great up date from the ever vigilant Tabletop Fix.

    • Dave

      I really like the Onslaught stuff, but not sure what game to play with the figs. Any suggestions?

      • dinodoc

        Epic 40k