Privateer: Sinister New Cephalyx, Kromac, & More!


Come close Warmachine/Hordes players – Privateer just unveiled a bunch of awesome upcoming kits! Come see:

Cognifex Cyphon (Mercenaries) $27.99

Cyphon is the premier cognifex of the Thornwood cephalyx hive, devoted to the systematic dismantling of intractable minds. Risen from the chthonic tunnels beneath the forest, Cyphon floats silently through the trees, a telepathic predator seeking its quarry. Subjects forced to endure Cyphon’s art are reduced to hollow-eyed shells, their minds destroyed by unrelenting waves of suffering. Cognifexes typically operate within the cloistered and antiseptic cells of a cephalyx hive, but Cyphon’s work does not afford him such luxury. Commanding a force of drudges and monstrosities, Cyphon sweeps through the ranks of potential subjects, constantly probing for anyone who might hold secrets useful either to his hive or to his own work.



Kromac, Champion of the Wurm (Circle) $34.99

Kromac’s howl is the first and final note in a chorus of a thousand untamed beasts. Now in possession of the axe Rathrok, the World Ender, he has achieved mastery over his bestial form and no longer feels the need to return to a human guise. Through Kromac’s bond with the Beast of All Shapes, the nations of man are sure to fall.



Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight x2 (Legion) $24.99

The twins Saeryn and Rhyas are two of Everblight’s most deadly warlocks, and their bond has grown such that they are far more dangerous together than apart. The very being of the twins and their athancs are now entwined. Their living vitality is shared, so that destroying one is impossible without eliminating the other. As long as one twin still draws breath, the other can endure even the most severe wounds. Injuries not shunted to warbeasts can also be shared between the sisters, each shielding the other from lasting harm.



Soul Trapper x2 (Cryx) $19.99

Drawn to the dying, the soul trapper stalks the front lines with both eagerness and desperation. Its arms continually wrest souls of the recently departed from the air, limbs darting here and there like the workings of a manic threshing machine. It crams its stolen harvest into prepared chambers akin to soul cages within its body, where they await transference to other, mightier entities. It is said the screams of the souls transferred through the creation’s chest can be heard echoing from its ribcage long after they have gone, though few mortals have ever gotten close enough to hear.



Farrow Brigand Warlord (Minions) $14.99

In farrow society, might makes right, and only the strongest and most willful climb the ranks over the battered bodies of those left below them. Through bloody battles against both friend and foe, farrow warlords are those rare few who have scraped together enough clout to hold their positions through
a lifetime of unbridled violence and cunning. No warlord’s position is secure, requiring demonstrations of sheer brutality to keep the ambitions of their subordinates in
line. The slightest hint of weakness can topple any of them. To the farrow, this represents the natural order.



Swamp Gobber River Raiders x3 (Mercenary-Minions) $15.99

Although many gobbers have gained acceptance at the fringes of society, swamp gobbers have always held a particularly unsavory reputation, and those who serve as river raiders among the pirate crews that prey on western Immoren are no exception. With rusted hooks, axes, and swords, they hack into their enemies with a savagery common only to the wilds.


Ok, that’s a pretty broad spread, ranging from the super creepy Cephalyx warcaster to the kind of cute Gobbers.


Who’s your favorite?

  • mikethefish

    Absolutely cannot wait for Cyphon to come out. Thexus is great and all, but Cyphon is a far more viable tournament caster, just because he doesn’t have nearly as many bad match ups.

    Plus he looks completely creepy and awesome, so that always helps 😉

  • BonesoftheDesert

    I don’t play, but could consider it. The previous models were good, these look GREAT!

  • Gridloc

    Man Rathrok in Kromac’s hand… Can’t wait to hear the story behind it… who is leading the Trolls? Will we see a mandrak 3??? Cant wait for next book.

    • zeno666

      Not sure, but they have Doomshaper 3 on the cover of the next book 🙂

    • ChubToad

      Saddly, the rules for eKromac are not that interesting.

      • crimzzen

        BWAAAA?! Hes got some awesome rules.

  • hauskrebs

    Is it me, or did Privateer Press step up their game regarding models? I liked what they have done before, but this looks much better than anything I have ever seen from them.

    • Damon Sherman

      I’m noticing they’re doing more digital sculpting. Which might make it easier for the creative team to critique and give feedback.

    • kremmet

      As they’ve actually hired a few sculptors and stopped with their turn-and-burn external policy, yes the models have really kicked off. That said they are hemorrhaging employees lately so who knows if it’ll keep up.

  • Agent OfBolas

    oh my god what a beauties!!!!