Signals from the Frontline #354

signals from the Frontline

Reecius is back with more tournaments, news, rumors, and 40L lists and tactics.  Tune in today!


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40K List Review

  • Primary detachment
  • The Great Waagh
  • HQ
  • Mega Armored Warboss
  • Big mek with mega force field
  • Troops
  • 10 Grots
  • 10 Grots
  • Elites
  • 10 tank bustas in truck w/ rokkit
  • 10 tank bustas
  • 10 tank bustas
  • 10 tank bustas
  • 15 burna boys
  • Heavy
  • Battlewagon w/ big shoota
  • Battlwagon w/ big shoota
  • ​Tracktor kannon with extra crew x3
  • Allied Detachment
  • Warboss with mega armor
  • 10 Grots
  • 12 Burna boys
  • Gun wagons w/ kannons x3
  • Fortification:
  • Promethium Pipes

Oh and the mek goes with the traktor guns, not the gretchen like I said in the first email.

~ See you all next week!


  • LordKrungharr

    No Lucky Stikk or Finkin Cap?!?! That looks like a really fun army to play with though, I hope the Burna Boyz get to roast many things from afar behind those Promethium Pipes 🙂 Great backfield guard I think.

  • petrow84

    I just can’t help it, but to my eyes the “O” in the Bay Area Open logo just looks like a “D”, making the whole reminiscent to “BAD”. Perhaps considering a bit of revising on its layout?

  • James Mcclennan

    Orks cant allie with orks, although you could just use a CAD ork detachement

    • Chaosmaster

      They can in BAO format…

  • life of adept brian

    Another cool thing about the tankbustas is that they give 2 VPs for First Blood if the first kill is an enemy vehicle (destroyed by them)