Ten Age of Sigmar Fluff Shockers!


The new Age of Sigmar book is making the rounds on the internet.  Here’s the latest info you need to know!


1) The Dark Prince Has Left the Building. Yup, Slaanesh is now being referred at “The Lost Prince”.  He was captured and his throne is missing thanks to Tyrion, Malerion and some scheming by Tzeentch. You can’t ever trust the Changer of Ways.

2) Skavenblight Made It! In events hinted at in End Times Thanquol, Skavenblight was successfully moved from the Old World into the Realm of Chaos. From there, the nefarious Ratmen began to extend tunnels into the other Mortal Realms. RATS!

3) GorkaMorka – Siamese twins – then RIIIIP! It looks like Gork and Mork were fused into the combined two-headed Gorkamorka for a time, then later split apart and went thier seperate ways as Gork (ferocity) and Mork (cunning).  Like those brothers could ever get along for long…

4) Khorne will be Khorne – As the Mortal Realms were on the verge of total destruction, Khorne grew impatient and unleashed his hordes on his fellow Ruinous Powers throwing the Realm of Chaos into total disarray. When Khorne alone tried to break apart the Gates of Azyr – Sigmar struck unleashing the Stormclad Eterals into his tired forces.

5) Dwarfs are ALL about the Money! The Duardim fight alongside Sigmar and the mortal forces of order, yet among them are the redhaired Fyreslayers who will only pick up arms if paid – and if paid enough will even fight for Chaos.

6) Nagash < Archaon In the War of Bones, Archaon killed Nagash at the Battle of the Black Skies, overrunning almost all of the Realm of Death. Yet deathless, Nagash reformed on his throne and is waging war again.

7) Archaon is Back – He has gone through the trials of the three remaining Chaos gods (again) and anointed a Demi-god of Chaos.  He plants banners for all his masters save the Skaven who he despises.

8) Malekith and Morathi live. Malekith was reborn as a being of malevolent shadow incarnate – Malerion.  His mother and himself are sworn to aid Sigmar  but still distrust each other.

9) Alarielle lives! Queen of the radiant Woods, she rules over the Sylvantes (wood elves) in Ghyran, the Realm of Live – locked in bitter war with Nurgle.

10) Sigmar lost his Hammer – Ghal Maraz has gone missing.  That’s gotta be embarrasing.  Maybe Captain Lysander found it 🙂

~Look for TONS more lore to be revealed this weekend!


  • petrow84

    “throwing the Realm of Chaos into total disarray”
    so, you mean, everything is in order now?

    • David Leimbach

      Slaanesh’s bed is made, and his room is tidy. What the hell is going on??! Panic in the realm of Chaos.

  • vlad78

    Did someone get paid at GW to write those stories? Must be an intern.

    • Most likely GW’s super sikkrit Ingen-like underground labs (you know, under that awful bling’d statue) have managed to combine the DNAs of C.S.GOTO and Ward to create a super-fluff-destroyer…

      It’ll come back and bite them in the fundament!

      • petrow84

        “managed to combine the DNAs of C.S.GOTO and Ward”


        • Perfect gif. You deserve an internet!

      • Secundum

        Not to bring out the tinfoil hats…but Ward DID write end-times…

        • Benderisgreat

          That explains all the stupid in it.

          • Adam Murray

            Just as stupid as anything else

          • Secundum

            Plus Keldor Draigo-never forget. He’s so ‘awesome’ he gatecrashes Fantasy.

    • Phil

      They’re not stories, they’re plot hooks to be expanded on, setting the scene for the Age of Sigmar and letting people think of their own campaigns to fight.

      • izmerul

        I was fine with Thorkinson island type campains … and destroyed cities ‘a la Mordheim’ can be anywhere too. who needs realm gates and sygmarites. Gah

      • vlad78

        So no finished rules and no finished stories? lol

        Whatever, those “plots” are just awful, just like this new realm, world, reality, whatever…

        • crevab

          They may have lit Warhammer on fire and put it out with pis, but I think they’re to create a story instead of a setting
          Something I’ve seen a few people ask for. It’s just been… GWified

        • Phil

          The rules are finished, you just don’t like them.

          All game settings have plot points to expand on. Fantasy had them, 40k has them.

          • euansmith

            40k has plot points to expand upon and, maybe, one distant day, they will do some expanding… 😉

          • Xodis

            Well it took about 30 years for Fantasy to move forward so what do we have left for 40K……10 more years still?

          • Alvin Adorno

            just hope the 40k community will keep it alive. 40k could get the same treatment.

          • euansmith

            I was just thinking this morning how the current set up requires lots of different kits for the various Chapters , and how a CivilWarHammer campaign, with Calgar crushing the various divergent groups and re-absorbing them into a more uniform organisation, could be attractive from a production, distribution and sales point of view…

          • euansmith

            All people have got to do to keep 40k “safe” is to buy stuff from GW 😉 It seems AoS might be a move in a campaign to hold 40k to ransom. Anyway, I must be off to assemble my new AoS boxed set.

          • vlad78

            Do the rule answer to most situations happening before and during a game?

            No. Therefore it’s an unfinished business born out of the practical application of GW new motto, game doesn’t matter, just the miniatures do.

            Basically it seems to be buy miniatures, put them on a table and roll dices. The End. This is not wargaming, even fantasy wargaming.

            “All game have plot points to expand on. ”
            And? does that make silly plotpoints and the lack of stories acceptable?

            Furthermore, 40k and WFB have tons of STORIES, well written and finished. See the horus heresy, the great war against chaos, the war of the beard, the great crusade, the long night, the creation the empire, the independance of Marienburg and so on …

            Thousands of great stories which make both setting interesting.
            What does AOS have? vague and stupid concepts half finished because GW didn’t want to hire competent writers or spend precious time doing something they don’t need to do because they think their customers are just as brainless than GW HQ.

          • deris87

            I’ve said it elsewhere, this is Unbound and “We’re not a game company” taken to the Nth degree. You don’t eve play with armies anymore, you play with your whole model collection.

      • Erik Setzer

        You’re not really helping sell the game here. Saying GW replaced 30 years of story and rules development with “Here, just make up your own rules and fluff” sounds pretty bad. If people have to make up their own rules and story, why even pick the AoS setting or rules? Why not just do it all entirely from scratch, and use models from any manufacturer they want?

        • Phil

          Why don’t you just play something else then?

          • euansmith

            That’s kind of the joy of fluff isn’t it; you could play any number of games (Saga, KoW, LoTR, etc) and just give your fights a Warhammer backstory. Having said that, I’m getting my AoS box of Sigmarines and Chaosbunnies tomorrow! Yipee!

          • vlad78

            If he does, if the majority does, you’ll end up alone with your box of AOS. Is it really what you want or does GW need to improve things, if they can?

          • Phil

            No, the fewer idiots the better

          • vlad78


          • Could you stop being the obnoxious fanboy for a moment and consider the idiocy of what you’re saying? The fewer ‘idiots’ as you call us, the fewer GW cashes in, the more expensive your hobby for clever lapdogs it becomes, the fewer new ‘non-idiots’ it attracts.
            Good luck trying to keep a hobby company afloat in that future…

            You’ve got an axe to grind, we get it, just don’t turn to an underbridge dweller.

            What you apparently fail to understand in the whole ‘grumpy past edition(s) players keep complaining’ is that we love the game, love the company (in its game-maker aspect… heh, you don’t get to call yourself Games Workshop when you only make overly priced minis), love the settings it’s taken 30 years to establish in a unique-yet-immediately-immersible-for-any-fantasy-afficionado but that as discerning customers (for that’s what we all are when all’s said and done GW-side) we’re in our right to claim a system and its settings are garbage when we’ve tried and explored it. We have the hindsight to establish a comparison with, and what GW now offers us is lacklustre to say the least and a dumbed down tabletop wargame that borders on insulting the established idea of what it was to ‘push toy soldiers around’ in an intelligent set of rules.

        • BrianDavion

          in fairness though he’s right. every gameing setting does this kind of thing.

        • izmerul

          that’s exactly where i’m going …

      • BrianDavion

        too abd without any sort of balancing rules or points system producing fair and balanced campaigns is gonna be such a pain

    • Manwiththedogs

      It’s all sounding pretty silly and a little like trying to ram a square peg into a round hole. Bring back Slaanesh!
      Also, Malekith is a way cooler name than Malaria, I mean Malerion.

      • ” like trying to ram a square peg into a round hole. Bring back Slaanesh!”
        I see what you did there…

      • Scott B. Smith

        I wonder if the name change was to avoid butting heads with Marvel, now that their Malekith is so well known thanks to “Thor: The Dark World.”

        • Manwiththedogs

          Now that sounds entirely plausible.

        • BrianDavion

          more like to protect their ability to copyright things, as I imagine the name Malekith comes from norse mythology. thus GW couldn’t go after anyone else making a mini called Malekith

          • Scott B. Smith

            I’ve looked into the name “Malekith” to see if there were antecedents before the Marvel character, presumably in Norse mythology or Tolkien. I couldn’t find anything, but I’d be glad if someone did. Please post it here!

      • deris87

        Except Marvel’s Malekith came out almost a decade before GW’s, so they had to change it in order to not be IP-infringing sue-happy hypocrites. I have to say though, I do love the idea of Maleri-kith and Tyrion going out together to take down Slaanesh, as bro-carnates of Shadow and Light. I like to imagine they’ve got matching tattoos that say “Deal with it.”

    • Herod

      Seriously. It is embarrassingly bad.

  • So what about the Lizards? Did all the Slann die or not?

    • Michał Ciećko

      they hopped into their pyramids and flew into space. they’ll surely be back at some point

      • Master Avoghai

        Codex Xenos : Lizardmen with the famous “Slaans conclave” formation.

      • nurglespuss

        Slaan…. Slaanesh… Dun Dun Duuuuunnnn!

        Lol. But lizardmen are mentioned in WD75.

        • euansmith

          “Are you Slaanesh?”

          “Well… um.. I’m a bit Slaanish…”

          • Cergorach

            Maybe if you kiss the frog it will turn into the dark prince… 😉

    • Alexander Lucard

      Some did, but a lot didn’t. Plus this is thousands/Millions of years after End Times so there are new ones.

    • Graham Bartram

      It’s all part of the Slann master plan. The end times didn’t happen, they just made you think it did. All hail the Hypnotoads!

  • Emprah

    Slaanesh stole SIgmar’s hammer, they got married, and are now on honeymoon.

    • Rhaen

      Yup, Slaanesh actually did steal Sigmars hammer.
      Then tzeench tricked Sigmar into believing the best way to get it back would be to dress up as a girl and go about marrying Slaanesh to steal the hammer back…

      • euansmith

        That is no more bizarre than a lot of stuff in the tales of the Norse Gods 😀

        • Rhaen

          I was actually paraphrasing a story of Mjölnir being stolen by a giant and Loke convincing Thor to dress up as a girl to get it as a marriage gift / steal it

          • euansmith

            I thought it sounded familiar 😀

            I like the one where Loki turns himself in to a mare to exhaust the stallion assisting the giant building contractor putting up the wall around Asgard… Beat that, Slaanexh 😀

          • Haemonculus

            Which Thor Comic was that in? 😜

          • Xodis

            I think the real Norse legends are a bit too X rated for Marvel.

      • Ben

        So basically a single episode of the Bachelor?

    • Anything’s a dild0 if you’re brave enough… (although, knowing the Prince it’s more a matter of boredom)

      (and stop removing that comment, dild0 isn’t an offensive word, silly)

  • Once again: Skaven master race. 😀

    • izmerul

      yeah except what’s the point of a damn under-empire when everyone is “appearing out of nowhere” “riding to battle upon lightning” and traveling between realms through warpgates …

      meanwhile the rats are just ‘making tunnels’ … which realm is Skaven Blight in anyway? or dfid they split it up between all the realms so we now have 8 under-empires … anyway it blows

      • Duuuuh, fool! Can’t you see the evidence? Skaven are the Old Ones, they managed to create the wehrbway, not ‘just tunnels’.
        *tinfoilhat tiem*

      • Phil

        The Stormcast only rode the lightning to the Realm of Fire, a small force of them to open up the Realmgates that Sigmar sealed and allow the rest to come through, it took a lot of magic to do and was extremely painful for the Eternals who were transported. Its not something that can be done lightly, Sigmar was preparing for this invasion for a millenia.

        The Realmgates are set points that can be controlled and defended, so not everyone is just going there they please when ever they want.

        • izmerul

          somehow that just fails to make me feel any better …

          man its gonna be a long wait for the next game of thrones

        • Erik Setzer

          If people can’t just go where they want unless you control the gates, then how do they explain why everyone is fighting everyone else? That would make it a lot *harder* to explain the fighting than it was in the Warhammer world.

          • Phil

            Because they managed to secure a gate. Christ you’re dim.

          • ElaborateLove

            Ogres are mercenaries hired by every nation in the warhammer world including the Lizardmen’s noisy neighbors to the north. It gets even easier if you remember that the Lizardmen’s oldest city is in the jungles of the south lands which is definitely connected to the old world. The South Land Lizardmen actually struck a blow to Nagash at one point.

            Really the Warhammer world was already set up to have any faction fight any other faction. believing otherwise just shows either a disinterest or a lack of knowledge on the setting.

      • Cergorach

        Something went wrong with SkavenBlight and it almost fell out of the Realm of Chaos, from it’s current position the Skaven are burrowing into the mortal realms. So It’s even a bit surreal for the Skaven, burrowing through reality like a piece of cheese…

        • Erik Setzer

          That… doesn’t make any sense. I’m trying to picture how that works and it’s hurting my brain…

          • Matthew

            I agree… a lot of the fluff has been short-cutted to the point where if you were trying to play a fluffy game, it would be hard to understand exactly whats going on.

            I am guessing (speculation) that they are doing things like this as place holders until they release a book focused on that section of fluff with scenarios.

        • Seb

          “People assume that realmspace is a strict progression of cause to effect, but
          *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a
          big ball of wibbly wobbly… cheesy wheesy… stuff.” – Skaven Warpseer

        • euansmith

          I was working on some fluff for Inquisitor-28 Skaven that involved ratmen stowing away on ships to carry weird warpstone configurations between worlds.

          Once in place, they would use their device to open a Gnawhole through Gnawspace (the membrane separating the Materium from the Immaterium) back to their home burrow. Creating a spreading route of unstable tunnels between worlds.

          The idea being that Gnawholes would be typically Skaven and would leak chaos energy around their entry points and interfere with the Webway wherever they crossed. A suitable source for conflict.

      • Retconned Legion

        If I’m reading the fluff right, Skavenblight is in the Realm of Chaos and those tunnels go through all the realms. Think less under-empire, more dank horrid webway.

        • ^^^

          This. Thank you for that analogy – it’s perfect. 😀

      • Benderisgreat

        It’s dirt. Dirt’s the universal uniter. You can’t have a realm without dirt, after all.

        • izmerul

          guess dirt would be the first thing to get yeah

  • Spacefrisian

    You know what, what if we pulled a 13th black crusade move and state end times hasnt happened yet, no end times, no Age of Sigmar….marvelous idea right?

    • vlad78

      And Karl Franz never rode that griffin, it was a stunt all along.

      And most things written by GW during the last 15 years never really happened.

      It was all a bad dream.

      But GW board got fired anyway.

  • Sloordrigg Metselverk

    Wait… nobody’s going to moan about Larry’s atrocious spelling? ‘Stormclad Eterals’ indeed… and are you sure Slaanesh’s throne was abducted along with the Dark Prince? I guess it would make it easier to carry her/him/it after s/he/it ate all those souls, though.

    • nurglespuss

      The quest for the chair!

    • Jonathan Lowbridge

      Did they kill the proof reader and editor?
      That article has an atrocious number of errors…

      • They’re too busy hunting Slaanesh-induced innuendoes and too clear metaphors…

    • vlad78

      Larry got his mouth full? ok I leave

  • euansmith

    I misread that as “Teenage of Sigmar Fluff Shockers…” I was expecting embarrassing tales of drug abuse and general naughtiness.

    • What the Hell

      Load up on dice, bring your friends
      It’s fun to lose and to pretend
      He’s over bored and self assured
      Oh no, I know a dirty word

      Hello, hello, hello, how low?
      Hello, hello, hello, how low?
      Hello, hello, hello, how low?
      Hello, hello, hello!

      With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
      Here we are now, entertain us
      I feel stupid and contagious
      Here we are now, entertain us

      • euansmith

        😀 😀 😀 That was rather a Kurt reply!

  • Spit-Burn

    My question is this – are the humans, halflings, ogres, orcs, elves, dwarves (or whatever the blinking heck they’re called now) in this setting descended from survivors of the Old World or were they created from scratch? I’d be very interested in hearing about what became of the La Maisontaal last stand and the peeps in Sylvania.

    • Seb

      Bit lost on this one myself too. I’ve even read the novella and still a bit head scratching.. anyone got some background source to point too?

      • Retconned Legion

        Yes they are. Last week’s WD was focused on Azyr, various small groups of souls reincarnated in the mortal realms, which then had a golden age under Sigmar for several thousand years.

        • Benderisgreat

          But golden ages are soooooo boring, so here’s some nonsensical dimension-gate hopping conflict! Wheeee!

        • Seb

          Thanks Retconned 🙂

  • AircoolUK

    I’m looking forward to all the new stuff/the sky is falling.

    • Let’s start a rumour: a little bird (*sighs heavily*) told me
      a warscroll would include a large green tiger mount with orange stripes with griffon-beak-like head-armour, with a muscular yet scantiliy clad bear of a warrior hero with a bowl-cut. And leather straps. With studs!
      Coming from a fortress known as Castle-Mechanicus Standard-Greyskull…

      • crevab

        I say hey! What’s going on?

  • Slaanesh_Devotee

    I always liked Mork, so I’m glad the orc gods are separable.

    But the Slaanesh thing is still left frustratingly incomplete.. which is of particular consternation to me.

    That new god symbol is definitely not the Horned Rat, but seems to have both a Slaanesh + Dark Elf feel to it… and is currently left unexplained >_<

    • Well, Malerion could have bee a possiblity given the horned-helm similarity in the symbol’s design, but clearly he serves (!!!) Alzheimer-stricken-hammer-losing Sigmar.

      • Slaanesh_Devotee

        Yeah Malerion was my guess too, until they apparently precluded that theory, as you point out…

        So tantalising…

        • deris87

          Though Maleri-kith is in part responsible for capturing Slaanesh in the first place, so you never know.

  • Whightwolf

    Does Malerion sound like a celebrity couple name for Malekith and Tyrion to anyone else? I figure as this already reads like fanfic there may as well be some deeply inappropriate shipping…

    The horned rat is the god of schemes and pestilance and also rats. But Chaos kind of has Schemes and Disease covered so… he’s just rats now?

    • Well, he’s got the furry moral threat covered. Is that not enough to belong the pantheon of chaos?

    • Scott B. Smith

      From some other leaks, it looks like they’re switching Nurgle to more decay and decomposition than just disease. WAAAY back when I first started WFB, the Horned Rat was secretly an aspect of Nurgle, but that story seems to have been droppe, for good or ill. (Khaine was also an aspect of Khorne then, too.)

      I was thinking Malerion might be a mash-up of Malekith and Orion, perhaps taking aspects of both characters and making this new one. As I said above, I also think “Malektih” was droped because of the last Thor movie.

      • deris87

        That’s a thought, though it’s hard to imagine Orion as a being of shadow. I’d much rather he just have come back instead of deus ex’ing it to say “Oh, because Ariel’s dead he totally can’t be ressurected– even though Alarielle is now the Queen and Avatar of Isha and literally absorbed her freaking essence!”

        • Scott B. Smith

          Orion was the embodiment of Kurnous, the Hunter, and Malektih was the Incarnate of Shadow. Perhaps the combination of the two is to create a “shadow hunter” character? That might be neat (if written properly). But it’s not a very supportable hypothesis right now as we don’t know a lot about the characters and setting yet. Again, I think the main reason “Malekith” was changed was due to the Marvel Comics character coming into the public eye through “Thor: The Dark World.”

          • deris87

            Almost certainly, especially as Marvel’s character is almost 10 years older than GW’s.

          • Scott B. Smith

            I’d thought the Marvel character was older, but couldn’t remember for sure. I know I looked to see if either was based on a real-world, mythological character, but couldn’t find any evidence of that.

            Given the number of references GW used to throw out in their products, I would be willing to bet a small sum that GW Malekith was probably named for Marvel Malektih. I imagine this was only in the interest of fun and not an attempted IP theft. (Remember when things weren’t so deadly serious all the time?)

            Marvel Comics, before the buy out, might not have sued over copyright infringement, but Disney would.

          • deris87

            Yeah, I’d looked into it in the past and can’t find any mention of an actual mythical character named Malekith. I think it’s just become ubiquitous for a king of the Dark Elves, possibly because of Marvel, because I know I’ve seen it in other games and stories.

  • Erik Setzer

    Some of these aren’t shocking. And some are just disappointing.

    Okay, so you blow up the old world and kill all these characters… but then bring back a bunch of characters, including some like Archaon who don’t make sense (given that he accomplished his mission). And yet even as some of the same gods and characters are back, suddenly the races are changing in big ways and renaming themselves? Why? How are people who were utterly destroyed suddenly back? Why is Nagash, who became pretty much a god, suddenly getting his butt kicked hard by Archaon?

    The more bits of background come out, the less sense it all makes. And when you consider it to be a continuation of WFB, not retconning WFB, it just makes that much less sense.

    • Phil

      What happens to mortals who fulfil the requests of the gods? They’re rewarded with Immortality as a Daemon, and Archaon is now a very powerful Daemon Prince, who is able to stand toe to toe with Nagash

      • Archaon ALWAYS refused Daemonhood entirely. Even in the text regarding him in the new book, he is STILL the mightiest mortal champion of Chaos. He’s described as mortal, still refusing the “gifts” of the gods, and still kicking butt.

        And here we thought his plan was to end everything, including the gods, not plant their banners all over the place.

        • Heh! A little character brainwash goes a long way.
          Mind you, goes for the GW fanboys too.

        • Heritor

          When did Archaon refuse the gifts of the Gods? He is mutated…. He was described as being a head taller than all the members of the swords of chaos. That would be impossible if he weren’t because he is a man from the old world where people are much smaller than the chaos tainted northmen.

          . Not to mention in the Lord of End Times, Archaon says he would do whatever it takes to destroy the world.

          You are thinking Crom The Conqueror. Crom the Conqueror had no gifts and refused to use magical or daemonic weapons. He was just a normal northern man in a suit of heavy plate mail and defeated people because of his skill.

          Archaon would become a daemon princes in a heartbeat if it meant it would give him the power to destroy the old world.

          • Read Archaon: Everchosen & Archaon: Lord of Chaos, his origin story. “Destroying the world” is one thing on his agenda, but he adamantly refused to turn daemon. It’d have made him weak and bound to the Gods’ will. And his plan was not just to end the world – it was to end ALL, including the Gods themselves.

        • Wulfen73

          He is supposed to be Lord of the End Times

    • Know who else is apparently alive? Teclis. Apparently MELTING and getting a funny artwork of it wasn’t enough to kill him for good.

      • ElaborateLove

        The elf with the plan, guy manipulated events better than tzeentch, if anyone had plans to survive the ending of a universe it was probably teclis.

  • euansmith

    It is a shame if they have changed Gork and Mork from being the totally unsimilar gods of “cunning ferocity” and “ferocious cunning”, in to the gods of “ferocity” and “cunning”.

  • MoriSlaan

    Slaanesh is not gone, Morathi had an entire cult to worship, and Morathi was supposed to be dead snatched up by slaanesh, remember hmmmmm…. besides this is like the D&D Lolth case where the spider goddess moved her entire realm out of the abyss and made an entire new realm for herself, really with the power Slaanesh has she does not need to share with the other 3 lesser chaos gods, i know this is the start and im sure when we see Slaanesh she/he will be a force to smack Sigmar stupid!

    • euansmith

      Slaanesh has finally got to move out of the Dread Apartment of Chaos? Like the last episode of “Friends”… maybe “Ruinous Powers”, instead?

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    The Slayers went from a heroically suicidal death cult to paid mercenaries? That’s a weird change. Still, I’m gonna love seeing their new models.

  • Talos2

    What’s this about gork being ferocious and mork being cunning? One is cunning but ferocious, the other is ferocious but cunning, you can’t change that

    • Shardak

      It’s like they don’t even understand their own jokes.

      I thought it was Brutally Cunning vs. Cunningly Brutal anyway.

      • Talos2

        You’re right it is, I will have to let that mysterious bloated god I have tied up in the basement punish me for this error

  • deris87

    I like how we had the End Times of the Old World where everything we knew and loved was destroyed in a horribly anti-climactic fashion, and now we’ve jumped ahead thousands of years to ANOTHER End Times, skipping over the thousands of years of story that came in between.

    • Benderisgreat

      Right, because why wouldn’t you?

    • Aahhhhh but no, you see..*taps nose knowingly*… that’s the beauty of it: there’s mention of a great treason that broke apart the alliance of the forces of Good.
      Having such a time lapse will allow for epic plots and subplots to be unfurled à la GC/HH, generating a huge cashflo-, er…wave of interest for GW who, in their great wisdom and benevolence, will take toil to lay out cleverly written campaigns, fluffbooks, warscrormybooks compendia (woah, latin!), and will take great care to nurture their cashba-… sorry, I mean faithful followers with events, tournament organisation and worldwide seasonal campaigns…

      Wait, I’m telling utter crap, disregard everything… except mebbe the cashflow bit.

  • AKOF

    So I saw the bit about Fyreslayers in the comments section of the last article on the subject and I dismissed because I was sure they were joking because it sounded so dumb. Fyre? Really? And now its a real thing? that sums up my reaction to most the developments with this game. Initial disbelief, followed by wide-eyed incredulity, followed by dejected resignation.

    • Oh, but that’s so much cooooool and… *squeals a bit*… exciting that way. *wrings panties*
      Pretty much like vampire/vampyre, it adds a certain exotic flavour to it, doesn’t it, that is, if you’re a ten years old. /:

  • Billy_mx

    I think the main reason why ppl are leaving the hobby of GW are the amount of whiny bitchy gamers. Everything else is just toppings that can still be enjoyed.

  • Ira Clements

    I kind of like the way the setting has changed and advanced into something new. But I grew up on Dragonlance and Forgotten realms so I am used to settings getting nuked and re nuked and nuked again while still maintaining characters and overall story arc. Believe it or not I have been into Warhammer Fantasy since the 80s but have not played for 4 or 5 years and this have actually rekindled my interest. That and giving me an excuse to buy some of those sweet new models like Nagash and Putrid Blightknights and Vermin lord and such. Im sick.

    • ElaborateLove

      DragonLance was always great because they knew to kill a character and keep it mostly dead, maybe having them pop up for a cameo or two. Except tasslehoff, guys got more lives than the rest of the setting combined. Forgotten Realms is pretty good too but may Elemenster and Drizzt just keep kicking of through the edition changes.

  • Luc Voyer

    seriously can just AoS die so we get the real Warhammer back, those fantasy space marines need to go away

    • terranraida

      oh yeah?

  • Michael Snyder

    Yeah, I love the new rules and the fluff stuff is kind of cool, I like the concept of cahos winning, and then angelic sigmarites descending from the heavens on bolts of lightening to exact revenge and make cahos shake on their boots for once. However, the old world was such a fantastic and imaginative place, and to see it and all the novels and stories and settings get canned is dissappointing. I think it would have been cooler to not blow up the world and just have it ravaged, then introduce the new storm cast army which shows up to help out the pockets of remaining resistance in the world. They could run with this post-apocalyptic theme for a while, then old world could be rebuilt. almost makes me want to just play Ral Partha’s cahos wars and make up my own world, but I do like the new AoS rules and models.

  • Ross Gustafson

    But how can it be warhammer without Sigmar’s… war hammer?

  • Al

    Anyone get bored of characters dying, then they come back to life only to die again? I am bored of the same characters. Can’t Nagash, Tyrion, Malekith just die and stay dead. BORED of them. Even Sigmar annoys me now.

    • ieyke

      Nagash needs to just not EVER die. Since he IS Death.
      It’s stupid to kill death unless it’s a hugely massive crazy plotline.

  • ieyke

    This is Warhammer:”Eh, Screw It, Do Whatever” Edition.