Warzone: Resurrection Games and Theory – Gauntlet Run


Looking for a new and interesting scenario for Warzone: Resurrection? How about a desperate fight to get your VIP to the safe area (or the hunt them down)?

Gauntlet Run

Corporate types. We all have no illusions of who we work for, and who makes the money that pays our salaries. However, suits just don’t belong on the battlefield. That is, of course, unless you get assigned to a protection detail.

Any number of people within a corporation will need protection- dignitaries, key talents, commanders and figurehead leaders. Some of these are combatant leaders like high-ranking generals, but most are not. Many are complete civilians who wilt at the mere sound of gunfire.

This scenario is any commander’s worst nightmare- a VIP with their security detail fall in with your combat team. They have lost their transport and are being hunted. As you are seconded to protect them, you’re not sure if you’re rapidly escaping a dangerous situation or placing your head into the noose…

The Forces

The sides should be split into the ‘Defenders’, who are guarding the VIP, and the ‘Attackers’ who are trying to kill or capture them. If there are more than two players, the third player becomes a second attacker, but this scenario won’t work with more than three players.


Both forces should be built as per the standard OOC, to the same points value. However, the Defenders will also receive the special squad of the VIP and their protection detail. These guys have the following stats:

5 14 14 9 10 14 15 1 12 0

Type: support, small bases

Squad Composition: 1 Protection team leader and 4 Protection team members

Armour: Discrete personal protective armour (no additional weapon type modifiers taken)

Equipment: Basic pistol

Special Rules: Fearless, Gunslinger, Heal (4), Pathfinder, Stay Frosty, Escort, Punch a Hole

*Escort: the VIP cannot be picked out as a target while there is a member of the Protection squad within 3”. Any member of the squad that starts their activation within 3” of the VIP can perform a basic move action and move the VIP at the same rate, taking up all the VIP’s APs as well as their own. They ignore any stun effect that the VIP has suffered when doing this.

*Punch a hole: the squad can take a special action to Punch a Hole. All squad members except for the squad commander (or acting squad commander) perform an engage action. When they have completed that engage action, they can move both themselves and one enemy model in BTB up to 3” in any direction. Any members that cannot participate in the action perform a run action instead for the normal AP cost.

Ranged weapons:

Basic Pistol
12 12 1 0 Piercing (P)


They are accompanied by the VIP, with the following stats:

4 8 6 6 6 10 10 1 8 0

Type: support, small base

Squad Composition: 1 VIP

Armour: Discrete personal protective armour (no modifiers taken)

Equipment: None

Special Rules: Advisor, Shielded, Non-combatant, Untempered

*Non-Combatant: the VIP isn’t used to combat and has no idea what to do. They must remain within 3” of the Protection squad commander (or acting commander) at all times, and if they begin their activation outside of that they must immediately run or move until they are within 3” again. If the Protection squad is killed, they will join the nearest friendly squad and act in the same manner once there.

*Untempered: any time the VIP receives a wound effect, they also receive a stun effect. This includes when a wound is transferred to another member of the squad. They may not have more than one stun effect at any point in time.


The Setup




Gauntlet run Setup

The Defenders can deploy any number of squads to either the Defenders Deployment Zone or the Defenders Objective Zone. However, the VIP and protection squad must be deployed in the Deployment zone. Rapid Deployment or Infiltrate units (or anyone else with special deployment rules) can deploy according to their normal rules.

The Attackers may deploy their Warlord, any troop-type squads and any Lords into either Deployment Zone A or B. Support or Vehicles units are not deployed at the start of the game, and any RD or infiltrating units can deploy using their usual rules. Support and Vehicle units should be divided into Zone A and Zone B.

If there are multiple attackers, one will get Zone A and the other Zone B- roll for initiative between these two players.


Playing the Game

The Attackers will have the initiative for the first and second turns, and players roll for it after that. Remember that the attackers roll for initiative between themselves if there are multiple attackers.

The objective is for the VIP to make it off the table within the Defenders Objective Zone. The game ends immediately once the VIP is dead or leaves the board.

Attacker units that are off the table can attempt to enter the battle after Turn 2. They must roll under ½ their leadership, and if successful they will arrive on the table edge within the deployment zone that they were set aside for.

The attackers can capture the VIP for a major victory or they can kill them for a minor one. To capture them, they need to get at least one model into BTB and complete a successful CC attack while there are no friendly models within 3” of the VIP. The VIP will then remain in BTB with that enemy model and it is treated as though they are carrying a resource token from the Supply Run mission.

Onward and upwards!

If you’ve played this scenario out and like it, consider adding some extra challenges to each side- maybe this is taking place in an area patrolled by security forces of another corporation (or maybe the Legion?) Perhaps there are traps laid out for the attackers or defenders? Maybe there is time pressure, and the game will end on a particular turn.

As always, have fun!


This article first appeared in Cartel Tactical Centre magazine, issue #2. Have a look at the CTC Magazine archives here, or get a hold of their latest issue here. Also check out their Facebook Page.

Have you played this scenario? How did it turn out? Have you got any other wild and fun scenarios to play?

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