15mm HALO: Master Chief Arrives!



The EPIC Master Chief 15mm figure was revealed today on Spartan’s site by none other than Master Chief himself.  You have to see this one!




Via Spartan Games

Spartan Games had quite the show at last weekend’s GENCON:


And here it is their BIG reveal…


Master Chief showing off his smaller counterpart, that’s sure to be coming soon to a table top near YOU!GenCon_report_5


If you love the prospect of a tabletop Halo wargame, you have 2 choices, fleet action and 15mm ground combat! Checkout the rest of the preview pics from last weekend!

halospartan4 halospartan3 Halo Fleet Battles


Checkout these awesome extras that Firebase Delta brought us from GENCON;

halo28-104 halo28-103 halo28-102 halo28-101


UPDATED: product range is 15mm.


So just how HOT do you think the HALO license will be for Spartan?


  • Interrogator_Chaplain

    (With a Southern accent) My goodness, I do believe I have the vapours…

  • Vladium NZL

    The vehicles would be good alternates for imperial drop troops in 40k

    • OrkiePancakes

      Only problem is they are significantly too small.

      • false-emperor

        So close, GW is lucky they are only 15mm, not GW scale 28-32mm 40k or the gajillion mm AoS.

  • Haemonculus

    Good on Spartan Games. Absolutely love their games and model designs. Happy to see them have a hit on their hands.

  • Dioramas. Dioramas galore

  • Retconned Legion

    Gonna get me a warthog.

    • James Squyres

      Looks like a puma

      • Paul Applebaum

        Sarge: What other kind of animal has tusks?
        Griff: A walrus.
        Sarge: Didn’t I just tell you to stop making up animals?!

  • euansmith

    I’m going to need a pot of red paint and a pot of blue paint…

  • false-emperor

    They look great.

  • JonnyRocket

    Looks like they’ll be about the same size as those Micro Ops figures and vehicles McFarlane toys produced a few years ago. Might as well stock up on their terrain piece right now.

    • Ryan Sullivan

      those were closer to 1:72 (20mm) but in terms of terrain that wont matter much

  • Sad that it’s 15mm but may still give it a go.

    • Porty1119

      Other than the lack of size compatability with WH40K, why is that sad? 15mm is a far better scale for storage, painting, cost, and more accurate figure scale vs ground scale. 28/32mm is entirely too large to manage.

    • MClay01

      15mm will be awesome. I had hoped someone would get into the 12-15mm scale instead of having yet another 28mm scale game. The size should be perfect to allow for characters and weapon variations on infantry to be seen and simultaneously allowing larger vehicles and scale opportunities most 28mm games don’t represent well.

  • Finally we get some shots of the cool halo game, so tired of seeing their bland starship designs 🙂

  • georgelabour

    Fingers crossed for army lists that let me do all grunts, and all mantis’s. Especially grunts with energy swords!

    Also here’s hoping they do a version of the Yggdrasil suit at some point.

  • MClay01

    I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Spartan Games Firestorm Planetfall and Armada. My LGS is already looking at jumping head first into Halo and I am super stoked that such interest is being shown towards a none GW product line. I am also very excited in the 15mm scale; It’s big enough for details of different weapons on infantry models, but small enough to allow for larger vehicles and the space on a 6×4 table for ample flanking movement and hopefully better movement ratios between what infantry are capable vs that of vehicles. Here is to hoping and positive outlooks!