Battle Report: Millennium Falcon vs The Imperial Aces!

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Pew Pew, never tell him the odds of battling the Empire’s finest. Come see THE Millennium Falcon go up against the Imperial Aces!

Fantasy Flight Games has a hit on it’s hands with their X-wing Miniatures game. It’s super fast and FUN to play to boot. Let Juice from the Long War teach you how to play today!


Injured Pilot Damage Card is bad for pilots!


Can Tie Interceptors Fly Casual?

If you looking for a new game to play, don’t miss this!  Here’s a brief rundown of the core set we used in our X-wing Miniatures game demo.

swx01_sampleControl the most advanced starfighters and outstanding pilots in the galaxy! In X-Wing Miniatures Game, you take the role of squad leader and command a group of merciless Imperial or daring Rebel pilots in furious ship-to-ship space combat.

Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates exciting Star Wars space battles from small engagements of only a couple of crafts, to large conflicts where multiple squadrons clash. Select and equip your ships, pick your crew, plan your attack, and complete your mission.


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  • Mandragola

    It’s kind of cute to watch people learn a new game, but it’s not particularly informative to anyone who has actually played x-wing. And it’s actually unhelpful to watch them get basic rules wrong (claiming you have to set up facing forwards, not realising tie interceptors can boost etc.) because now other people might think those are actually the rules. There are far better battle reports than this out there.