Battlegroups of Legend: Earthbreaker and General Awesome



I want to change it up and talk about making a 35 point list today – Rhulic Mercenaries style!

Mercenaries are usually looked down in other games as shabby makeshift groups.  However, in Warmachine Mercenaries are a very strong stand alone faction.  Especially since the Cephalyx additions.  Today I want to look at one of the more feared combinations that the mercs have access to.  That is the Earthbreaker.  By itself it is just a slow colossal with some medium ranged threats.  However, when combined with some solo’s and a caster that can buff , it becomes a killing machine.

35 Points

General Ossrum(To run an Earthbreaker you have to be Rhulic.  The general also has Snipe which will really up the threat level of the Earthbreaker.  His feat also gives a movement buff and some extra durability. )

-Earthbreaker !!!

– Thor Steinhammer( Thor has arguably one of the best jack buffs in the game in Tune Up. Tune Up lets the Earthbreaker damage get notched up to a 10!)

– Master Gunner Dougal (Artillerist helps out the Earthbreakers big gun accuracy.  The mini feat helps all mercs ranged weapons reach out a bit more)


This is the core of the list.  The general is going to apply ‘Snipe’ to the Earthbreaker or upkeep it. Thor is going to ‘Tune Up’.  Master Dougal is going to give the Earthbreaker ‘Artillerist’. Now your Earthbreaker is prepared to apply the PAIN!!!




Rest of the list:


I think it is a good idea to get some bodies out there.  Maybe we can get some more ranged support as well.

-Lady Aiyana and Master Holt( Good for magic guns and more pain with ‘Harm’)

-Devils Mutineers(More guns! and something to combat stealth)

-2 units of Press Gangers( Bunch of tough bodies to get in the way)

-Lord Rockbottom(He can buff the Devil’s Mutineers and the press gangers)


While the Earthbreaker is dropping bombs from the back line you have a bunch of pirates mucking up the front line.  What do you think BoLS?  Have you fought General Awesome and the Earthbreaker before?  Do you have a better idea? Please tell us in the comments below. 

  • JN7

    I’ve played against similar lists. It’s surprisingly effective.

  • mikethefish

    The General’s Earthbreaker is by far the best Earthbreaker

    • euansmith

      Its his special sauce made with 37 herbs and spices…

      • Damistar

        Isn’t that the Colonel’s? 🙂

        • euansmith

          He’s finally had a richly deserved promotion!

  • zeno666

    I just looove my Earthbreaker with Ossrum. And Durgen as well.
    But yes, Ossrum really makes that ol’ clanker shine 🙂

  • zeno666

    Btw do you guys who run Ossrum with the Earthbreaker pop the feat first turn and just run the it forward if you get first turn?

  • petrow84

    Thanks for the list, however, it could be even better is you could give some more data about the units’ stats and strengths for noobs like me.