Behold the GLORY of the Paladins & More!



The massive two-handed wielding Paladins, and new GW terrain is here in awesome in-the round detail.  Check it out!


Th Paladins are actually fairly nice models and their scale and size of weapons really impasses.  these are the types of imposing poses that really take up space that Age of Sigmar’s round bases allow.  You just couldn’t easily do these types of visually dynamic models with the need to rank up.  I especially like the long elegant glaives.

On the terrain side, it’s not as interesting.  The Occullum is the more distinctive of the pair, while the Dais very much looks like it has one foot set in Age of Sigmar and one still in 8th edition.

Looking good, what is your opinion on the new terrain kits?




  • Agent OfBolas

    The glory of 58 bucks for 5 medicore models.

    No, thank you.

    • Aezeal

      Big models though.. I’d like to see a pic of these next to the other sigmar models and a 40K term just to check if they are really bigger (which would explain the higher price).

      • They have about the height of Terminators, albeit not as thick armour.

      • Kenneth Portner

        They are Terminator size on Terminator size bases.

      • Agent OfBolas

        Meanwhile in GW HQ:
        “10% taller, let’s price them at 58 bucks per model”


    • nicklinc

      But for the bargain basement price of 170$ you can get three boxes of them to make 3 completely distinct, different units of those paladins…

      Thats only $11.33 per model( or like 6pounds in funny money), what a steal!

      • Agent OfBolas

        They all looks the same for me… Fantasy Space Mehreenz

        • Xodis

          I know right!! Its almost as if Space Marine armor was designed to look like medieval armor when they were originally designed HAHA…… oh yeah, they were.

          • maybe, but you have a design problem when a fantasy design is so close to a sci-fi one (even one with medieval inspirations) that the minis could be converted with minimum (and I insist on minimum) effort in Terminators, especially Blood Angels, Pre-Heresy Emperors Children or Custodes termies. Hell, the whole sigmarite line looks like adeptus custodes to me.

          • Xodis

            Design problem? or Design solution!

            First Space Marines were far more than just “inspired” by medieval armor, thats like saying Supergirls design was “inspired” by Superman’s. It was flat out designed to look the exact same with small variations of uniqueness for uniques’ sake.

            Secondly, players who convert models have been stealing bitz and parts from WHFB for as long as I have been a part of this hobby, so making them compatible is a major step in the right direction. Was it clearly obvious that not everyone would jump on the AoS skirmish bandwagon? Of course, but if you and others see great conversion ideas for your primary game (40K) then they still have you as a customer even though you may despise AoS, its a business win/win.

            Finally, I had the same thought (wow a Custodes army) with these models too, but thats not really a bad thing IMO. Plus they look much more different than regular SM’s than CSM’s look, so they have that going for them at least.

          • euansmith

            If Space Marines are to Knights, what Super Girl is to Superman… where are the Space Marine’s micro skirts? 😉

          • Xodis

            The SoB’s stole them….. 😀

          • vlad78

            I second that.

          • I never said it is a bad thing, just that they look a bit too much like Termies for a fantasy setting. I should have put it this way: they look far too different design-wise from the rest of the models (even from the new chaos ones). when I look at them, I feel like a bunch of Space Marines fell in the fantasy setting and are going all “For the Emprah !!”.

  • kwhale

    How many variations of slightly different guys in gold armor are they going to release?

    • Aezeal

      You know you can paint them in any color you like right?

    • zeno666

      Good question 🙂
      They got old really fast

    • Mikey_V

      Well there’s 3 unit boxes (once this one is released) and 2 blisters (so far). We still have the prosecutors box left. It just seems like a lot because a) each box has multiple unit and/or weapon options and most importantly/annoyingly b) they’re releasing all of this one kit per week.

      • TweetleBeetle

        The Duardin have stuff coming after Khorne. I suppose we can then complain that they look all like Dwarves.

        In all seriousness, I’m so glad GW doesn’t get wildly varied within each faction. One of the aesthetic fails of the smaller/startup minis companies is that you can’t tell what you’re looking at. One faction will have a cowboy, a super future robot, a squid person, and a naked demon lady as their heroes; while the next faction will have a slightly darker cowboy, an abomination, a half robot, and a pig person. No coherency whatsoever.

        What GW is doing with AoS is creating (ultimately) 8 distinctly different, but cohesive factions.

        If sameness bothers you, play Empire, Bretonnia, or Elves with the Sigmarites. Use them like elite support to the other armies. It’s literally the cheapest game on the market to start new armies in. Especially for those with half a brain who know how to play games of the proper size and balance.

        • zeno666

          It should be cheap indeed since people are dumping their poor WHFB-armies.

          Too bad the whole game had cheap rules and design 🙂

        • Curtis Baldwin

          I agree with you, especially on using the storm cast alongside other factions. I like the new chaos models as well and am looking forward to combining the starter set moss with som other daemons and beasts to make the chaos force I have always wanted to make.

          I get the complaints about the variation though. I like the look but would have also like the protectors with the staff weapons to have been female storm cast or something. There is still lots of stuff coming out and I look forward to adding to my existing forces and creating all new armies for my collection.

          • AKOF

            They are basically mighty manufactured lightning warriors of Sigmar. Why would they have gender? What advantage would boobs and slender limbs provide for what is essentially a murder automaton.

          • Curtis Baldwin

            You are so right the gender would not matter. I was simply suggesting ways they could come out with stormcast models that varied in appearance.

          • AKOF

            I agree in the sense that I would have liked to see more than just gold dudes in identical poses, mostly looking slightly to the left. But once Sigmar came to his perfect design, there is no reason to not just stamp out the same looking thing over and over again. There would be no reason to vary their height or mass, etc.

            What’s dumb is why Sigmar created his “perfect” warriors in heroic humanoid shape, which is frankly an inefficient choice if you are trying to maximize murder potential. Public relations, I guess? He could have given them back-kneed legs to make them run faster, and give them four arms so they can wield more weapons, and give them fire breathing and laser eyes. But again, public relations and marketing.

        • vlad78

          Lol, as if all dwarven unit look all the same. Even GW ones.

    • Well I certainly don’t like to apologize samey miniatures by GW but Space Marines have like 10 Kits of slighly different guys in Servo Armor as well. This is building the basic line of models.
      But I’d very much like to see more of the other forcesin AOS because this really gets boring, could’ve been done better.

      • LaurenRFrantz

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    • kaptinscuzgob

      about as many times as there are slightly different space marine kits

    • Kenneth Portner

      This is an issue with starting a new game from scratch. You either release multiple models for one faction, which will bore those not interested in that faction. Or you release a few models for multiple factions, which will cause people to complain that you haven’t released enough models to make a viable force. Or you just dump it all at once, which makes GW unhappy because it has nothing to release down the line to keep excitement high. My opinion is that they should have released models from a wide-range of factions. That would have been more appealing to a wider audience and whet their appetite for more.

    • Benderisgreat

      Twelve. Ignore all releases beyond that.

  • John Felger

    They do seem depressingly bland.

  • Benjamin E

    Keep kissing GWs butt for mediocre products, PLEASE, I Love this kind of content!

    Seriously, literally all their new Sigmar models look Exactly the same. No variation at all. It was exciting for about two days, and now I don’t think anyone cares at all.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Like Space Marines, amirite

    • TweetleBeetle

      They aren’t supposed to have variance in this army. They are literally souls chucked into suits of magically forged armor. Sigmar has to be efficient with his Warriors, not concerned with fashion.

      I suppose we could complain about Roman Legions then too.

      • Benjamin E

        Oh, believe me, I do. Post-Marian reform Romans are boring as hell. Once they got rid of the difference between Hastati, Principes and Triarii and just made them all “Legionnaires,” most of the fun went out of it. To say nothing of the fact that all they did after that was fight Barbarians and each other. At least with Early/Mid Roman Republic era armies, you’ve still got some real enemies to fight. Carthage, Epirus, Macedonia, Seleucia, Egypt…

    • crusader284

      Space Marines look exactly the same too, yet they’re one of the best-selling factions GW has.

      • vlad78

        SM background is far cooler. and no they do not look all the same, th small customization of their armors and the lore about those power armors make it even cooler.

        What do stormcast eternals have. Silly names, looks and excuse used as fluff. ;p

        • crusader284

          I’m pretty sure that’s how the Space Marines started out as well. Think back – they weren’t even half as fleshed out when they were first introduced compared to how fleshed out they are now.

  • TweetleBeetle

    Decimators are what this army needed. They’re elite, yes, but in our extensive playtesting, Stormcast Eternals just weren’t able to kill as fast as some armies can replenish (Undead), or summon (Demons, Skaven). The Decimators obliterate swarms and help even things out. They’re Warscroll/formation helps too.

    • zeno666


      • euansmith

        There their…

    • Curtis Baldwin

      Agreed. Also the protectors have a neat ability to act as mobile missile cover. Ha sing them surround a spell faster or other important hero and then place them in some protective terrain and they provide a neat buff. Huge against wood elves and dwarves. Except for the flame cannon teamed with an engineer. There is no amount of twirling staves and broken walls that can save you from a potential 12 mortal wounds!

  • Marcus George

    Insert moaning comment that makes me feel cool

    • crusader284

      Funny thing is, the articles featuring games from other companies have hardly any comments. It’s almost like people go to BoLS just for the sole purpose of complaining about GW.

      I have no idea why people waste their spare time like that, but I guess that’s their right.

      • Xodis

        Internet anonymity, allows people to take out any rage/frustration they may feel on complete strangers and care little for it. Its a little sad.

        • euansmith

          … and the zoat you rode in on buddy!

      • vlad78

        Well people are busy buying other companies products.
        And they’re happy about it.

        Only GW managed to upset its customers on a regular basis.

        • crusader284

          Some positive feedback is always nice too, you know. Companies want to know the good things about their product is just as much as the bad. Focus entirely on the bad, and you’re going to lose the good stuff about something as well.

          • vlad78

            This is the most sensible post ever. Honest.

            Problem is GW has been heading in the wrong direction for so long (IMHO of course) that I and many others have just lost our faith in them.

            There’s not a single thing I like about AOS. (except some of their big kits) AOS is a concentrate of everything I came to dislike more heavily during each passing edition of WFB.
            The good stuff as you say has already left imho.

            What I liked in WFB is not part of GW vision for the game anymore.

            Some people are arguing GW is listening and every fan wants something different. This is not true. How many people wanted a 4 pages beta ruleset, how many people wanted the end of square bases and formations? How many people wanted the total destruction of the old world?

            GW started as an affordable wargame mixing pseudo historical units with classic fantasy. This made them incredibly successful. How much of that initial formula has been gradually lost during the last 3 wfb editions. How much has been kept in AOS?

            GW business strategy is now dictated by lawyers and accountants who do not seem to know the product they sell.

            The move to round bases and a higher fantasy setting has only been made to stop new customers from being tempted by historical games and minis or any system which still sticked to the old WFB principle and used square tactical formations.(see KOW or even that small conqueror: fields of victory game)
            Instead of competing GW is artificially trying to separate itself from its former main market.
            What’s even more ludicrous is that those customers who left will not be able to come back as GW is burning the bridges with other wargames by adopting round bases .

            Sadly I feel GW HQ is just trying to squeeze as much money as possible from the warhammer franchise without real consideration for gamers nor for the future of the company.

            Some people have commented GW knew very well AOS would come at the end of 8th and GW designed the latest WFB edition purely to milk as much money as possible from their staunchest customers with inflated numbers of minis needed to play. Today I’m convinced they are right.

            I’m still involved in 40k, well at least I’m keeping by beloved SM but I’m pretty sure the AOS treatment will follow on 40k as even space marines are more or less stalling.

            GW now aims at making profit and paying dividends to the shareholders even at the cost of letting the revenu fall.

            Game development is reduced to the minimum. Every production costs will keep decreasing while GW is creating a closed IP which can (in their eyes) be protected but needs talented people to make it worthwhile whereas GW won’t invest enough to attract those people.

            With the exception of the molding tech they have, distribution network , my opinion is every aspect of GW releases has known a severe decrease of quality during the 4 last years.

            Having the best product maybe their CEO motto but it is not reflected by what they release. GW is not aimed at earning money by being the best at what they do and giving quality back to their customers in exchange for what we pay.

            What positive feedback could I give to a company which does not want to contradict its CEO and former CEO strategy, business plan, ideas, ego and philosophy?

            AOS is Kirby’s child. It’s his vision for the game. Criticizing it means criticizing everything Kirby did during the last 15 years. Praises are due but everything else is ignored.

            But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe AOS will become the new best seller of the decade. Maybe the AOS treatment over 40k will make the sales increase exponentially.

            But what I think will happen will be a small increase in AOS sales compared to wfb to be analysed in a context of overall decreasing GW sales, end of story, for now.

            And giving positive or negative feedbacks will not change what GW does.

            Only the wallet will matter. You seem to like AOS. Buy it as much as you can and I hope you’ll have fun.

            I don’t. AOS shows everything which went wrong with GW according to me. My money belongs already to FFG, Mantic, Hawk wargaming and others for the time being.

            And it’s even more than just people arguing about the worth of GW products.

            GW CEO’s ambition is to dictate how fantasy will be played. Until the fall of wfb, they have been successful. GW was almost the only provider of a game with a fantasy setting. If you wanted to play fantasy, you had to use the wfb system or you wouldn’t find opponents.

            But at that time GW was recycling fantasy stereotypes which everyone knew and liked. There was a market and GW seized it.

            With AOS, GW is just trying to use its massive customer base to force people to play within THE setting they designed with THE rules they want you to use which are exclusive of anything else.

            Upholding KOW is showing support for another kind of game, not a loose skirmishe but a real fantasy wargame.
            Upholding FFG is showing support for another kind of relationship with the customers and another understanding of the world quality.

            Upholding other miniatures company is showing support for other kinds of miniatures than just GW CAD designed bland ones.

            You want me to say something positive? One word, Forgeworld, but without their insane prices .
            The forgeworld division has everything the main company lost. And now GW is forcing FW to decrease its standards of quality and to increase its prices above the bearable.

            That’s all for now. Please forgive the rambling monologue of a bitter former GW player.

            I hope AOS will fullfill all you’re gaming needs. GW as a whole doesn’t fullfill mine anymore and it hurts.

    • euansmith
      • Marcus George

        Comedy gold right there !

  • Matthew

    (turn on sarcasm) Hey guys.. These dudes are so boring, I mean gold.

    Unlike these space guys:

    Or these Russian robots:

    Or these elf robots:

    • vlad78

      Sky is blue, grass is green, space marines are cool (or at least were) and AOS sucks. That’s life. ;p

  • chip6793

    Why do I want to put Angelus Boltguns on their wrist?

    • zeno666

      Because then they might be usable in some other game?

  • Pablo Antonio Martinez Pacheco

    All models from AoS look amazing so far dunno of all this cry babys out there

  • Gabriel De-Vere

    Yes please for £35 a little head plumage smoothing of the banners/cod piece drape. A little bolt action to the spear or wrist mount bolter and hey presto!!! Custodial Guard!!!!

  • vlad78

    Their hammers are too small. It is not ridiculous enough and therefore does not fit into the AOS aesthetic and underlying philosophy.