GEEKERY: Check out the Stunts in this Mad Max B-Roll!


Since Geekery is on the topic of awesome practical effects… let’s take a behind the scenes look at Fury Road!

We’ve got a month till the blu-ray – and its bonus black/white version featuring just the Junkie XL score – hits the market. Need something to feed your need for chrome while you wait? Check out this raw footage with real flame throwers, car chases, huge camera rigs, and very tiny amounts of green screen…

Speaking of the B/W version, here’s a fan trailer to whet your appetite…

Are you ready to WITNESS!?

  • euansmith

    You can’t beat physical stunts. I liked the way that the Star Wars teaser released recently concentrated on how they are using actual locations, real sets and physical effects in the new movies. A pleasant return to form after the totally mad CGI of the prequels.

    • ShirleyRManley


      • euansmith

        Wow! ShirleyRManley was able to purchase a new Land Rover Range Rover from on;y $4151! With saving skills like that, I doubt she has to put in many hours. Of course, she’ll have trouble driving it as spambot’s currently lack any physical form… when they finally manage to afford their own bodies, we’re going to be in real trouble.

        • Snord

          I think some of them have, and post regularly about wargaming on internet sites.

  • Haemonculus

    Some cunning stunts were used during the filming.