New Korean trailer has new wide angle shots of Imperial forces – and a remodeled AT-AT!

We get a glimpse of Captain Phasma aka that dude in the chrome helmet…. or rather lady in the chrome helmet. She is super shiny!


The character is being played by Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones fame. Not a lot beyond that is known, as the character isn’t in current cannon. Is she a Dark side antagonist? Rumours have Phasma as an agent of The General, a soldier loyal to the First Order, that’s been sent on a hunting expedition.

We’ve got 127 days to ponder….

What do you think the Captain’s story is?

  • Dave

    This movie looks epic. Can’t wait.

    • deuce1984

      i feel something between cautious optimism and pessimism.

      • Zack Seiders

        My hope is that it is at least as good as 4,5 and 6 or least better than the prequel stuff. Seems promising but I am giving it the same treatment I gave Jurassic World. Wait till it initially releases then wait for reviews to see if it is worth my time.

        • Syra

          Was Jurassic World worth your time? Reviews were pretty mixed for that. I expected to hate it and didn’t even see it in cinemas for a couple weeks after release, but when I did see it I was pleasantly surprised that it was a decently fun movie not a train wreck.

          Anyway on topic I’m cautiously optimistic for this!

  • AfroCelt

    I may be dense but wheres the remodeled AT-AT?

    • Joyous_Oblivion

      I didn’t see anything either.

      • TFU_Condor

        Opening scene when it has the panorama of the parade. If you pause it and look to the edges you can see them.

    • LordRao

      There isn’t one. The only walkers in this trailer are right at the beginning, and they are the well-known four-legged precursor of the AT-AT, as seen in the prequels.

      • There’s no confirmation on whether they’re AT-TEs or AT-ATs… I’m hoping for the latter because First Order AT-ATs would be awesome 🙂

        • generalchaos34

          I am noticing some sort of new troop transport there on the left hand side, maybe a new shuttle? I would also assume its the same one from the storm trooper scene later on. Also if you note the left hand side person in black has a chrome helmet, so it must be our Captain Phasma!

      • The AT-TE was the predecessor, and it had 6 legs, not 4. 😛

    • Right side. They blend in with the mountain side in the trailer, but if you take it frame by frame…

      • Mach13

        It’s like Nazi’s with tie fighters.

        • Syra

          Wasn’t that the whole point of the empire

      • euansmith

        Those look rather like Cam Kennedy’s designs from Dark Empire to my untutored eye.

    • euansmith

      Not just me then? 😀

  • plasmaspam

    there was nothing new in this video

    • Kevin Maloney

      Nothing except that money shot of the new Imperial Army.

  • bruciespoon

    I do like the internet. It gets around all sorts of silly people.

    The AT AT looks lovely. I do wonder though – why put a giant top heavy, slow moving walker up so high?

    • euansmith

      Maybe they never expected to use them in battle and so built them to look intimidating for crowd control?

  • JP

    GASP. No boob plate! Realistic plastron FTW!!!!

    • Syra

      Can’t be all that comfy though. She has large ones so maybe they should have had a slightly bulked out cuirass and not a flat male style one.

      I’m with you though, thank god for no shape molded plate

    • Benderisgreat

      Then it CAN’T be authentic. The Interwebz says women in armor need boobs molded out of that armor. Otherwise, where would the boobs go? Their helmets? Thats crazy!

  • Andrew Thomas

    I just can’t care about this franchise anymore.

    • izmerul

      why not? I mean many people thought the last 3 movies were pretty bad including myself (or first 3 depending on how you see it?) but the kids licked …erm… liked it. And I quite like these trailers, what is it that disgruntled you?

      i’m never sad about star wars cause I don’t spend a dime on it except the movie ticket … and even when it’s disappointing it was worth it for the resulting conversations with friends.

      • Andrew Thomas

        The last 3 were inevitable but overproduced messes, but my fatigue has more to do with the flood of new material, the ham-fisted attempt they made to tie the Clone Wars CG series in with the EU, the series itself going from endearing to needlessly self-contained, and that the franchise has been handed off (I could go on).

        • izmerul

          fair enough, I think i’m a lot more of a ‘casual’ star wars person … the old ones came out before I was born (83) and the new ones came out after I grew up so I’m not as invested in it as you 😛

          • Azrell

            83? try 1977.

          • izmerul

            yeah i meant 83 is the year i was born. and actually after checking return of the Jedi came out after I was born …

          • jeff white

            there has been an awakening. have you felt it.

            this does locate those of us set in a longer narrative span than you are, natively. see, we always knew that the evil empire was ‘our father’ (State) but now we are understanding this fact en masse… Occupy this, young’en.

          • izmerul

            I don’t mind being called young’en :-D, tell me more 😛

          • jeff white

            when we were young, we wanted to be luke skywalkers. all that was missing were the stormtroopers. well, the empire (father) has those now. so… on with the show.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            I wanted to be a jawa.

          • jeff white

            when we were young, we wanted to be luke skywalkers. all that was missing were the stormtroopers. well, the empire (father) has those now. so… on with the show.

    • Syra

      I went through a long period of ‘I don’t really like star wars all that much’ after the prequels. I remember being obsessed with it as a child though (I saw the 90s cinematic re-releases).

      I’m starting to warm up to it again after these trailers 🙂 Worth staying optimistic I say.

  • euansmith

    Is that Batman at the controls of the TIE Fighter?

    • Emprah

      I wonder why there were no more advenced TIE models shown. At least a few interceptors should have made it in there.

      • euansmith

        I guess Tatooine is still a backwater world, so the local Imperial Forces might not be up to date with their product improvements.

        • Syra

          It’s not set on Tatooine. Some other sand planet. Guess they didn’t want to rehash old territory.

  • Jonathan B.

    Well, it’s not like we haven’t seen all these snippets before in the first trailer. Just in a different order with less Luke and more creepy voice dude.