GenCon 2015: Corvus Belli Booth Showcase

Infinity 4

The BoLS Crew stops by the Corvus Belli Booth at GenCon 2015 to get the low-down on all the great Infinity stuff coming to a tabletop near you!

Hi again BoLS Readers! AdamHarry back with more exciting news from GenCon 2015. We got to check in with Corvus Belli – the creators of Infinity – we chatted them up about the new USAriadna Army Box coming soon:

USAriadna Army Pack

They had a lots to say about the USAriadna pack and even some info about upcoming things in their GenCon Panel. Doremicom got the full details and he shares a bit with us on the camera. We also got our hands on the USAriadna Army Pack so keep an eye out on our Youtube Channel for that unboxing coming soon! Here’s a few sneak peaks:

Infinity USAriadna Infinity USAriadna Army Pack Live


Infinity Bases warsenal GenCon

On top of that we got a look at some sweet Infinity licensed terrain by the guys over at warsenal – and there stuff is AWESOME. Jay from warsenal was kind enough to go over some of the terrain in the video (he was wiped-out from 3 days of GenCon). Check it out around the 6:27 mark.

pics via

Comanche-pillbox-bunker-Infinity Warsenal


Comanche-pillbox-bunker- Infinity Warsenal


It’s modular laser-cut MDF board and it’s officially licensed from Covus Belli – so if you were wondering what Infinity tables look like check them out for inspiration! I’m really glad we as gamers are alive during this laser-cut terrain renaissance. It really does take the boards to another level.

If you’re interested in getting started with Infinity we have our demo from last year you can check out and also Corvus Belli has some awesome “Getting Started” items on their page as well. Oh and did I mention an entire section for ALL THE RULES FOR FREE? And if that wasn’t enough, they have an official ONLINE LIST BUILDER. Seriously, what are you waiting for?


GenCon 2015 – It’s a GREAT time to be a Gamer!

  • Emprah

    I’m afraid both sides look like taumarines. Star wars and warhammer has me spoiled for unique looking factions.

    • Maine

      Then you’re not really looking, you’re barely glancing.

      If you judge a game based on a single piece of artwork, that says more about you than it does about the game.

      • Emprah

        It is perfectly legal to want different looking armies.

        Star Wars, 40k, Starcraft, Warcraft 2, and a whole ton of other games could do it.

        Its really easy on the eyes for friend and foe recognition.

        The only real difference these guys got beyond armor colour is one side having Mass Effect-y guns, the other eldar like ones.

        Of course, some historical stuff like Age of Empire or Company of heroes can’t do that, but for most sci-fi or fantasy its just a matter of creativity.

        • Maine

          Nomads and PanO (the two depicted in the top image) definitely have some similar style overlap, but that’s just two factions, and that is from the Icestorm starter set. Not much different than a Space Marines vs Chaos Marines starter from 40K.

          There are 8 factions, and even within a faction there are notably different styles. If you only look for similarities, of course you only see the similarities.

          Take these 5 factions, which are pretty distinct from each other in general.

          – Pan Oceania
          – Aleph
          – Haqqislam
          – Ariadna
          – Combined Army

          There are so many different units within each faction (except Tohaa, which is fairly new), even a large army will use less than 1/4 of the available units. For example, a Nomads/Bakunin sectorial force will look very different from a PanO force of any sectorial.

          • Andrew

            Dude, he’s either just trolling or having a contrary opinion. Anybody with a set of eyes can see that this model range has a ton of diverse looking great looking models and subfactions. I’m painting up some Bakunin right now and they look entirely different from the Qapu Khalqi box sitting on my table right now.

        • Gavin Bateman

          The majority are humans.make sense they look similar. But if you are interested take a proper look at the different factions and you will see how different they are.

      • euansmith

        The new USAriadna look totally spiffing to me.

        • Maine

          Have mine on pre-order, can’t wait… getting 2 “Hard-cases” and a 1-1-2 Emergency Service to flesh them out early on.

    • Mr_Pickles

      Adriana has some cool stuff, like Scotish Highlanders wielding claymores and chain rifles (flamethrowers) charging forward while being lead by a screaming robotic William Wallace.

      • V10_Rob

        I stab and chop and punch at will
        I wear a skirt that’s called a kilt
        Don’t have a beard but I’m Scottish still
        Cause I’m the William Wallace.

        • Mr_Pickles

          Yea, and his background is pretty funny too, he was created to infiltrate and sabotage Adriana forces, but he lost his memory and thinks he really is William Wallace and actually leads/ helps Adriana forces faithfully.

  • Seb

    Terrain aplenty – great stuff. So busy trying to paint these models to exceedingly high aspirational standards; you barely get time to do some scenery! 😀

    • euansmith

      The paint jobs Corvus Belli get are insane. Airbrushed shading on such tiny bits of tiny minis; yikes!

  • pskontz

    if I did it right the points are about 150-170 depending on what options you use and if you choose to use the foot maverick as a separate model or to represent dismounting still a amazing deal